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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2008
    @ Leandro Damasceno and Greasemonkey

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    My contribution:

    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    @D Edward Sauve: Thnx :)
    And now for something completely different from my first. jut fun to draw.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008 edited

    Wasn't fast enough to get my idea posted before others hit on some of the same ideas I had, but what the hell...

    "Irma is a gangly girl at her high school; she reads horror manga in the back of the library during lunch hour, gets gum and candy bar wrappers thrown at her in the hallways between classes. She is powerless to affect change in the social circles of school, but Irma has a secret; at night, she reclaims her power by keying SUVs, pickpocketing cel phones from purses slung over the chair backs in the local Starbucks, and using her fake Facebook page to get other alterna-nerd punk boys to carry out her wishes of revenge for her, luring them along with the promises of pictures and naked webcam videos that she has no intention of ever making. Irma reclaims her power from the popular, the affluent and the shallow, but her real secret; all she wants is her first kiss from the girl who checks out the books in the library."

    EDIT: Detail shot of IRMA VEP drawing to show some equipment/details.
    I figured as a thief, she would have (on her backpack strap) a multi-tool, little canisters for matches, glue, tape, string, magnets, all the utility belt junk, but more accessible. A backpack, for transporting all the junk she steals. I also wanted to give her a more complex look than just a general "goth" look, so I gave her the Japanese single stripe lipstick, and freckles, because freckles make it hard to look gothy.
    She's also a fan of the FREAKANGELS strip. Go figure.
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    Paul Sizer:

    As brilliant as she is lovely. Thanks for sharing!
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    @rob g
    Sweet drawing! I love the old style look, and the nice clean line

    @Chip Zdarsky
    Nice alternative take on the look. BBW is unexpected, but really well realized.

    Thanks for beating me to the punch! You did exactly what I was thinking, just simpler and faster! Bravo!
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008 edited
    I didn't really come up with anything too original this time - for some reason I had a hard time unwrapping and repackaging this concept except for trying to put a modern edge on it...all the elements I was coming up with were story, and not visual.

    I do like the logo on her belt, though.

    irma vep

    (She's got a weakness for old film, thus her choice for names - a nod to the original "Les Vampires" obvious anagram of 'vampire'. All the members have code names taken from literary vampires.)

    Their suits are state of the art ( funded by the ransom they collected for Irma herself! ) and include retractable 'wings', gekko-like nano-adhesive on the gloves, boots, elbows, knees, etcetera, and built in telecomm with HUD and variable optics, and light refracting stealth tech. Probably kevlar weave and thermal baffling, too.

    They are sexy, top-notch bad people.
      CommentAuthorDapper Dan
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008 edited
    Daniel Heard's Irma Vep

    So I decided that to stray from the original is to lose the original's iconic look. So I elaborated on the catsuit's silhouette. The body stocking is a stretch knit styled after a commando sweater with the epulat shoulder pads. The Leggings are of course vinyl and the utility garter belt hopefully adds a touch of french sexuality while serving function. She has a clear plastic faceplate which provides a heads up display for her decrypting super computer.

    This was damn good fun. Thanks for bringing this back Warren.

    Daniel Heard
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    @dapper dan

    wooooow! that is amazing! you and i had the same idea, not straying too much from the original design. beautiful work.
    • CommentAuthorArsnof
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    also @dapper dan

    Oh, but that is wonderful. I'd really like to have a poster of that.
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    My favorites are mostly on this page! I'm loving pink-haired lesbian Irma, I love Chip's fat Irma (one of the absent ones), and I love the similarities and differences between Dapper Dan's and Misha's.

    I'm having such ideas of who'd be on Misha's Irma's team...
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008

    This was a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to more of these in the future.

    @ Paul Sizer I really like the clean look and color scheme.
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    Love the wires, her expression, and her gadgets.


    Love the composition! That shading still blows me away, and I love the Patricia Hearst element. The henchmen look like the Greys. Heh.

    Dapper Dan:

    LOVE the colour! And she's very slinky and clearly up to no good.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2008
    rm/rm irma vep

    just a rough sketch to add my little contribution to the awesomeness that's already transpired here. I wanted to pay homage the the Les Vampires in a subtle way, so I went with the brooch for the short cape. I kept thinking of Warren's last line in the original post, "Who wants to make a burglar queen for the 21C" so I tried to make her with a splash of regal poise.

    Thanks for giving me something to do instead of thinking how I'll be back to work at my department store job having more "pleasant" conversations with customers tomorrow.
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    Irma Vep

    I love these threads, but I had a really hard time even coming up with a concept for this one. My problem with Irma Vep, as far as I can tell, is the same reason that she's so interesting and iconic. "Latex catsuited female burgler" is such an established trope now it's hard to keep to her core imagry without straying into something that already exists. Lots of people have done it so far, but I just couldn't get away from it.

    So I thought I'd effectively ditch most of the imagery and approach her from how I understood her as an idea. I imagined her as the little voice in the back of your head whispering that if you do bad things you'll be rewarded. If you look very hard sometimes, you can see her faint outline or her shadow on the wall. Or maybe it's just guilt.
      CommentAuthorDapper Dan
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008 edited
    Thank you Arsnof, Glossolalia and shining_lion!

    @ Rob G High praise. I am a huge fan of the Couriers.

    Daniel Heard
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    Getting this in before Warren gets the next one running...

    Irma Vep

    I went with kind of a gothic raver vibe, I guess. Telescoping billy club that she can pull from her back, along with other cat-burglar goods. Telescoping spines for the parachute material. Retractable claws - maybe hydraulic powered - for scaling buildings up high. Removable dreadlock wig a la King Mob to help conceal her identity. Same for the black contacts that probably help her vision adjust according to the right situations.

    I probably spent way too much time on this this morning, but it was a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe I can use the design and ideas for something else. And, yeah, I realize the scan is awful.

    There's some really wonderful stuff in this thread, by the way.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008
    I almost feel ashamed trying to associate my work with the rest here, but here it goes:

    Irma Vep

    What I was going with was for her to be the leader of the criminal underworld, while still inkling for the thrill of the steal. So her catsuit would be covered by her business suit, but when the night calls for her, she can just take off the jacket, put on the gear, replace her heels for some practical boots and steal whatever the hell she wants. Basically, I combined Marvel's Kingpin, Dagny Taggert from Atlas Shruged, and Catwoman into what you see here.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    That's awesome, rob. And I just visited your web comic, the brushwork on that is fantastic.
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    "Who wants to make a burglar queen for the 21C?"

    I'm really hoping I'm not breaking any of the rules by using a robust avatar-creator system for my "digital art." But my art skillz are non-existent, but I got all of the pieces in my head for my inspiration on the drive home today. While I've wanted to add something to each one of these re-makes, this is the first time I've been satisfied enough with an idea to share.

    Again, apologies if this doesn't fit. Delete if necessary.

    The three faces of Irma Vep 2012

    edit: Irma Vep circa May 2012.

    Left: This is Irma as she is at home. Comfortable clothes, as she does a lot of sitting around while she's jacked into the 'net. Those gloves of hers not only contain a duo-quad processor with a terrabyte of ram, it has more storage and encryption than you can shake a stick at. The interface is controlled via the fingers, tongue and eye movement (that's what the goggles are for). The life expectancy of someone who subjects their body to such punishment is not very long. Who wants to live forever, anyway? The world sucks. As you can tell by her eyes, she doesn't sleep much. When she's jacked in, she's modified her rig to send a worm out to the 'net siphoning all of the standby power on the grid--the call it vampire power. In December, when the world goes black, she'll still be up and running.

    In the middle: I decided to limit her catsuit to her 'net avatar. Very simple solid black with the white circuitry.

    On the right, is her running gear. When she's not stealing your credit info and identity on-line, she's stealing your uppers, adrenochrome and smart drugs. Not your money, because the real money is just 1's and 0's, but gold and diamonds still fetch a good price if you know the right people. As another nod to the vampire theme, her head scarf ends in red-on-the-inside pointed tail you can't quite see. She wears sneakers for practicality, and her belt carries a variety of tools and gadgets (and pills). Nice, sturdy gloves, too. Here, the goggles act as a proxy to her rig at home, hacking into floor plans and CCTV systems.

    A couple of notes: when she got outfitted with her cybernetics, she also got dental implants giving her enhanced canines. Because of the crashes from her drug use, she tends to sleep through the day. She still has her gang that she manipulates to her whim. They're called Anonymous.