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    We've got this picture: Supermensch?

    Inspiring stories like this: brief yet hopeful obituary of Earth.

    And this: amazing pitch for the new Justice League.

    We're trying to get the community more interactive, and after November, there's going to be a major rehaul of the site designed to really spotlight and encourage the creativity of our readers. In the meantime, we want to see your pieces in the forum! Post to the forum board of the current image by clicking here! Don't be shy, I know Whitechapel is boiling over with smart creative types, and we'd love for you to get involved!

    See you soon,


    PS - I've been posting Image and Story Roundups in Facebook Notes and it's been getting lots of people interested, so here's last week's roundup:

    Image - The Golem chosen by yours truly

    How To Make A Golem by David Baillie (recently of 2000 A.D.!)

    Jacob's Garden by Andrew "I Stole Your Heart With A Scalpel" Cheverton

    My Father Jack by site founder and veteran of several romantic wars, Nicolas Papaconstantinou

    The Absence of Something by the Dan Lester your mother warned you about

    Paying Attention by Budgie (yes, THAT Budgie)

    By Way of an Apology by me, Matt Hartwell, who cleans up surprisingly well when the situation demands