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    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008 edited
    Still not entirly convinced its Mark. He'd be the one that the finger would immeadiatly point at. He's too easy of a target. Not to say that its not possible, but I still have my eye on Luke. They are getting all worked up about Mark, go looking for him, and if they happen to stumble on Luke, he can just shrug it off and make some lame excuse they'll except because its Luke.

    Not to mention he IS the most brillant of them, the 'angels already accept this, they figure thats why e's the way he is What was the line... "He spends so much time in his head that we must all look like ants to him"? It was along those lines. And he knew where the Freakcave is. And knew they would all be there. If it is him, I bet he's terribly upset about Arkady not being there.

    Also very likly a trap, as mentioned in previous threads, and by Kait. Somewhere out there, there are people who want the "Angels dead.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008
    "He spends so much time in his head that we must all look like ants to him"

    I think that's ego. He THINKS he's better/smarter than everyone else. If I had to make a "smartest" judgment, it would probably be Miki or Caz. Maybe KK, but she shags boys from Lambeth. (Not that I know what that even implies to smartness... I don't even know what part of town Lambeth is.)
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008
    Mark? obs.

    Great art though, Paul. I love that Page 6.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2008
    I think that's ego. He THINKS he's better/smarter than everyone else. If I had to make a "smartest" judgment, it would probably be Miki or Caz. Maybe KK, but she shags boys from Lambeth.

    Luke is "big-picture" smart. He's the guy who can hear details and put them together to understand the implication. In Episode 36, he'd probably have been the Freakangel to have figured out Mark's probable involvement instead of Alice. Miki, Caz and KK are certainly intelligent, but they're probably more application-focused. They'd know all about medicine, engineering or steam mechanics, but probably wouldn't have much to say about history or philosophy. My father, who's a minister, can't count the number of times he's had conversations with doctors, lawyers and accoutants who are brilliant people who excel in their professions but who also believe that the "Left Behind" series is an accurate reflection of the teachings of Jesus.
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    Page 4.


    New wallpaper for phone. Gracias.

    This story continues to surprise.
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    I also enjoyed the 8 circuit reference!

    It's kind of hard to imagine Mr. Ellis reading either Leary or Wilson, not that I know him that well (or at all!) but he doesn't seem to entertain quite that much optimism?!?
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    Beautiful interlacing of language and images here.

    I usually log on asap Friday to get this but have spent the last couple of days tending to a sick teen - yesterday's Buffy-athon was interrupted by a massive nosebleed (caused by dry air and excessive mucus removal) that left the bathroom looking like a CSI crimescene. Ah, the simple joys of parenthood ...
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    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I have had an ex-pat Thanksgiving in the country of our old oppressors and I see Warren gave us a special treat this week... OMG, the pace is really starting to pick up, can't wait for a Mark vs freakangel showdown!

    ~Jack (with his "proud(-ish) to be American" hat on)
    • CommentAuthorcjstevens
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    Another top notch episode Warren and Paul.
    RE: panel 4....Holy shit, I now have a new desktop background. Oh yeah.
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    <em>"Page 4.


    New wallpaper for phone. Gracias."</em>

    Seconds. Freakin' Awesome.

    Alice fooking rocks innit!! Heh, those evil Mossiders, I remember them well :)

    This chapter is what made me join the community. Couldn't hold myself off any longer! You guys rock like whoa.
    • CommentAuthorRazorSmile
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    As the ancient Greeks would say, "Shit be going DOWN!"

    The Angels have been living the peacenik life so long it's easy to forget what actually happened to put things where they are.
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    Question for Warren?

    Page 3, Panel 2. Mark and Kait have a moment. I got a vibe that there is a definite connection with these two,perhaps moreso than the others. Is that true, or am I reading too much into it?

    It could be just that they were the only ones with guns, but I would guess there's a reason for that.
    • CommentAuthorRoss
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    That's Jack, not Mark.

    and possibly a vibe, but it's already been established that Jack loves Sirkka, so I expect if anything, it's more along the lines of them having met up face to face early on, and relied on each other quite a bit.
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    They were all very close as kids, remember? Some of them were just closer than others.
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    Whoops, You're right. It is Jack.

    I wasn't thinking it was romantic, but it feels a little to deliberate to be just a throwaway moment.
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    I read it as the 'angels being comfortable touching each other as well as being emotionally close. Which only makes sense. From what I've seen they can only use the really high levels of power while either near or in actual physical contact with one another. Sirkka and KK wear in the same room when flushed out Alice's mind in Episode 6. Kirk and Conner were standing next to each other when they exploded the boat in Episode 23. And eight of the 'angels were holding hads in Episode 35 when they raised the Freakfield to protect themselves and Alice.
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    I think those who are theorizing Luke is behind this latest attack are onto something... I completely forgot about him for a moment.
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    See! Ive been saying that for weeks! Now I want to see who they flush out.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2008
    I think it's been building up in Luke's direction. I'll wager Warren won't let us meet Mark for a while... just to play with us.
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    I've been following FA since episode 8, which was a friday spent on reading all previous episodes. And since then I've been here every friday "Past noon, UK time" - which is stil friday morning here. FA is great, Mr.Paul Duffield drawings and colors get better on every episode and the script is fantastic. Though I must say my poor grasp of mathematics make it hard for me to know how many angels have showed up already, and if there's any Angel we haven't been introduced to (besides Mark, of course).

    This last episode was great, colors are fantastic, page 4 etc. Congratulations! Hope the trade paperbacks get published here someday...

    I'm from Brazil, we had a native-american genocide here too, but unfortunately we do not have a date to celebrate that, so no Thanksgiving day to talk about. Sorry.