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    I'm not sure which of those last two comments upsets me more.

    I'm pretty sure that ultimately, it IS Mark, but we're not going to see him yet. I think we're all thinking too episodically- this is just the beginning of a long series of ugliness that slowly wears down Whitechapel as a community- think about it. All mark is doing from behind the curtain is throwing little grunts at them- the mudlarks, new cross, alice, etc, just trying to unbalance them. i'll bet you the attacks are going to get worse and worse until they're finally overwhelmed.
    • CommentAuthorkierano
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2008
    @diello: Indeed, and I'd almost be willing to bet that we're all wrong, and Warren has something more devious than any of us can conceive of up his sleeve ;)
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    Who says New Cross or Mudlarks are with Mark? They've been a thorn in Whitechapel's side anyway. Mark probably has nothing to do with them, or if he does, all he's really doing is adding fuel to the fire. They wouldn't listen to him, or take him as a makeshift leader. He's an 'Angel. Renegade, but still.
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    funny thing about being an 'angel- you can make them listen- we've already learned that mark isn't above that. its in fact the reason he was exiled.