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    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008 edited
    Looks like I have a bunch of books dropping today. I'll set up discussion threads for them later, if anyone's interested. Let me know.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008
    I wouldn't know which thread to reply to first- good thing you started with just one.

    New books! NEW BOOKS! Hurrah!

    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008
    Oh, yes!!! I know where I'm headed this evening! Doktor Sleepless #4...I think I might cry but I'm not sure if that will be before or after I pass out from hyperventilation. And I hope Duncan picked up Gravel #0. I'm really looking forward to reading that, too.
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    i hope dok sleepless came out today- its not on the diamond list, but thats not always 100%
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008
    @joe.distort, et al

    Doktor Sleepless was at my store today. I, of course, purchase it, along with the three other Ellis floppies that landed today.
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    awesome! thats what i was hoping. diamond is soooo unreliable, which sucks for me. the timing of my weekly column forces me to rely on them being correct. fucking balls.
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    Diamond shorted us our Doktor Sleepless wrap covers. Those that normally get the wrap around cover and not the regular edition bought the regular cover, just so they could read it today.

    Threads on every title would be nice. :)

    @joe.distort - I'm going to send you an email.
    • CommentAuthorcjstevens
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008
    How the hell do you keep this quantity and calibre of work up?!
    Black Summer, Dok Sleepless, Gravel, UH, Thunderbolts, Astonishing Xmen?! Emma Mercury?! New Universal?Casltevania anime?!!?!Freakangels and counterpart webcomic? Know there's loads more..
    You know I'll be buying them all dammit.
    • CommentAuthorwillreaves
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2008 edited
    Ultimate Human was a wonderful read. I love that sort of take on Stark's character.
    I'm looking forward to the remainder of the issues.
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    Anyone else UK-based and seeing nothing of Sleepless and Gravel in their stores?