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    It is most likely a symptom of my chronic McLuhanism that it isn't Paul Duffield's beautiful artwork nor Warren Ellis' excellent writing that brings me here for to give praise, but rather the sublime web design of Ariana Osborne! (I mean have you seen that stylesheet!?! I tried to get a look at the php files, but either they're encrypted or I'm not as clever as I thought...)

    IMHO this is the best online translation of the comic book medium I've ever seen.

    There are plenty of comics out there w/ content I enjoy, but I don't tend to make the time for any of them, yet FREAKANGELS managed to break through.

    By which I mean to say that the format itself facilitated my new readership. (I saw FREAKANGELS described somewhere as an "experiment", and so I figure to wish it continued success by way of FEEDBACK, however inane.)

    I doubt I'm the type of reader from which you will see such tangible gains as in cash monies, but having been so inspired by the format, I have decided to join the fray. I intend to update every Sunday that I possibly can, my format does of course echo that of FREAKANGELS, and I include an acknowledgment to that fact. I hope that this is agreeable?

    I've got 2 episodes up already,
    please, perhaps enjoy reading @gnosis!
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2008
    Warren has said many, many times that there were several ways to go about creating a successful webcomic, and he just picked one and went with it. The same is true of the dressing -- to start with, I had Warren's basic purpose and the first six pages -- I just took one of many possible formats, ran the basics past him, and then went with it. It borrows a bit from every webcomic site out there, ever, with what (I hope) are a few adjustments that suit the specific comic it's displaying. Which is worth noting, if you're really interested in that sort of thing. God knows I didn't reinvent any wheels with FA. (Well, maybe one. But it's a very tiny flywheel, and I'll bet most folks haven't even noticed it.)
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    She's a genius.
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    Yes. The Mechanic may be modest, but she must accept genius-hood.
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    It's one of those funny kind of double binds that the further one tries to explain away their own genius, the more so it becomes authenticated!

    Point taken though, Ms. Ariana, about that there are many sustainable ways to present a webcomic, and FREAKANGELS being only just one.

    But I'll tell ya what a bit further (and I don't imagine that this will actually be helpful or illuminating in any manner, but I have it in my head that in an INFO economy FEEDBACK = CURRENCY, and am thus just putting in my 2 cents:)

    Since that supposedly the more invisible a medium is the more perfectly it functions, that the design seems to emerge so organically from the content (those few adjustments what suit the specific content) that it does effect a kind of transparency, and I see no form that is not function, and no function that is not form.

    And thence w/ a global online community networked into the works, the feedback actually streaming live into the content itself...well, shucks, "Whitechapel" is quite a neat place.

    Anyway, you get the idea!

    I like you'se folks' webcomic, keep up the good work.

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    Yeah Freakangels one of the few web-comics I've got bookmarked and look forward to, simply because it's a nice unfolding story line rather than a panel gag (more often than not about Computer games or geeks). I like the simplicity and tidiness of the navigation (something which seems lacking from many webcomics who tend to over-style their sites to make up for lack of content) and I'm always impressed by the whole layout and forum community which seems not to suffer much from the ad-hom pissing contests of most fora these days. So 22 Kudos to everybody!!!

    @ Bobby Campbell.

    I nipped in and had a look, two things, 1) It's in black and white, so for that alone I'll be hopping back on, I love B&W art and I like the crisp clean style. 2) You've kept the design simple and focused which is another good point. Thanks for the link, I'll be keeping an eye on this.
    • CommentAuthorredex
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    I felt a strange compulsion to click on this thread - one of my profs this semester was a student & friend of McLuhan and beat "The Medium is the Message" and "The Global Village" into us weekly.

    The only complaint I will ever have about the FreakAngels "medium" is a lack of a next button. It seems to me to be a purposeful choice, considering how much of a staple it is for most webcomics, but maybe I'm wrong. Any reason in particular?
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    the presentation is a huge plus. You see one full page, and it requires little to no scrolling. then click onto the next. This really keeps me coming back. and it has inspired me to one day present comics this way rather than crappy LJ
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    @ Audley Strange

    Very much obliged! and I even managed to keep my first deadline today.

    @ redex

    I kinda wondered about the next button too, though there's something about the horizontal page count that works for me, the next button just sends you blindly forward, without the kinda tactile pacing you can gleen from a print comic, which the page count recreates even more exactly. That's by way of my estimation anyways!
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2008
    @redex Invoking McLuhan in the subject title is the only reason I clicked through myself. Though it is nice, now that I know, that there is a space to give Ariana kudos all her own. I know far to little about Web design to give informed comment, but the structure is very useful and I haven't found anything really obviously missing or counter-intuitive. So good job!
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    Oh, cool! Some folk here enjoy McLuhan?