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    Obviously it depends on the person... but there aren't many I wouldn't either pick out a Global Frequency story for.

    For certain types I'd hand them Switchblade Honey.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    It is odd that DC won't release Two-Step as a paperback. Presumably it's because of the unwritten rule that paperbacks need to be 96 pages or more. Seems like DC's leaving money on the table, and how hard would it be to pad out with some additional material, pitches, scripts, character designs, or even some other Ellis creator-owned work, like a reformatted Superidol.

    If anyone hasn't read Superidol, here's a link to the story.
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    OCEAN is my all time favorite thus far. Skimming over the thread I seem to be in the minority with that choice, but I really love that book.

    Ocean is a good choice.
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    Wow, this is a hard thing to settle on, trying to refrain from listing out MULTIPLE titles to try and add significant boost for those most excellent titles I believe EVERYONE should read at least once.

    I'd say Transmet, definitely, hands down should be at the top of a must-read list if you haven't already. There is just SO MUCH SUBSTANCE and meaning there that it's amazingly impressive, with how effectively he weaves in all of his very heavy points amidst the social commentary and entertainment of the read.

    The other, though it's not a GN/TPB but an actual novel, people should definitely pick up Crooked Little Vein!

    I myself have absolutely loved what he's done in all of his other works, especially his own projects, but as for what he's done with already-established characters some of my personal favorites are his time writing for Excalibur (which makes me look incredibly forward to his taking over of Astonishing X-men) and, interestingly enough, Iron Man - Extremis. I say 'interestingly enough' because prior to Warren Ellis' writing of Iron Man, I not only felt no draw whatsoever to read any Iron Man at all, I actually felt averse to picking it up. Until Warren wrote that arc, and had such a bloody brilliant impact on the character that the effects are still VERY PRESENT even in current Marvelverse! Not only that, but it certainly seems to be the deciding inspiration for them to create the Iron Man movie! Granted, it's not after the Extremis plotline, but it was Warren's brilliant writing that drew so much attention, and in such a well-written way that I even see moments in use in the screenshots/trailer of the movie! The art was a big factor too, of course, so they say - to the point that the Crew Badges for the Iron Man movie crew are actually THE picture for Extremis that Adi created which depicted Iron Man punching the ground below his feet with the cement cracking up.

    Alright, initially a short post, expanded into a long one as I dive into detail, such is how it usually goes. (/geekery)
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    `i mentioned elsewhere that lazarus churchyard was my first exposure -- that was so unique it stuck in my head for years until it came out as a trade. the thing which hooked me so much that i would always be an acolyte was transmet -- i think that would convert many and i could be evangelical about it.