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    @odaelisabeth: Thanks I also have a similar one where I reproduced a Minoan fresco with dolphins. I have a similar mug to your Starbucks mug which I bought from a Starbucks in Charlotte, NC when I went there for Heroes Con one year. Big mug . . . good. . . large quantities of coffee :D

    My doctor told me at one point this year he wanted me to cut back on my coffee for my acid reflux, I almost laughed. That's why I take meds, so I can drink coffee.
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    • CommentTimeDec 24th 2008 edited
    @thewaltonsare: I say we have your design printed on my cups and get filthy rich. Okay, so they're really Starbucks cups and that leaves me doing nothing, but I deserve something for having the idea. :D

    This morning I was in a mood for camwhoring (and showing off my awesome stuff). So here is me in my absolutely awesome new pyjamas:


    I never thought I'd post pics of my behind on a forum, but with the nudity trend going on I don't really feel bad about it.
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    I got Magentafied for a photo shoot w/ comrade Nadya Lev. (Crappy phonecam image. The real thing will hopefully look like a German Expressionist horror flick movie poster.) Heeee.
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    Love the pajamas :)

    I can visualize a whole line of mugs from different historical eras . . . .
    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2008
    @odaelisabeth Nice cookies.
    @Theremina Cabinet of Dr. Yayanos?

    Last Chance Ice.

    The snow in Portland is making cracked, melting sounds.
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    @Theremina Cabinet of Dr. Yayanos?

    YUSS. Hope so, anyway.

    Be careful up there. Half the Portlanders I know are all bruised up from nasty spills on the ice.
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    Oh my, everyone is so neat. Makes my cold little trapped-in-Indiana toes wiggle. Don't worry, the rest of me is with them.

    Realized I had forgotten Vanessa's (the eyes and hair are vibrant and awesome) flexing pic. So here it is, in my childhood bathroom (which has a claw-foot bathtub).
    I have just woken up. Please forgive tousled hair and squinty eyes.
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    @ Pwoink: It's a statue of Cornelis Vreeswikj (a Swedish folk singer and poet) in Stockholm, Sweden.
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    @Theremina Thank you. The first night the storm hit, I walked 6 miles in it out of stubborn nocturnal habits.

    24 degrees.

    Managed to not fall but barely left the house since.
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    are you all standing by to recieve my christmas message?
    good, then we shall begin...
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    @remotepush - aren't you just the epitome of christmas spirit?

    edit - I suppose I should put a picture here...
    I am the one on the right.
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    'ello people, new here so I figure that I'll throw up a Self Portrait of myself.
    It was one of our assignments in drawing. Draw ourselves as we see ourselves. I'm a viking.
    Cheers! Normal pic to follow.
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    I took my December photo quite late in the month. And I never wear hats.
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    Me realising (in the words of the Apple Marketing Dept) This Is Going To Change Everything
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    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2008
    On the ride home from South Dakota, caught my reflection while trying to catch the afternoon sundog that was following us back:

    (pictures of the sundog later, upload sucks at the parents, too many pictures to post)
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    • CommentTimeDec 25th 2008
    Apple pancakes, cup of coffee, side of snowstorm.

    Apple Pancakes, Side of Snowstorm (1).
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    Okay. Today I went to Paris and attended exhibitions.
    I nevertheless did not forget whitechapellers and thought I should show you
    Van Dyck in a box.
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    Breanna <3

    Yay! Thanks! Wooooooo!