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    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    Me at 21...My first big adventure in hair dye...

    This was my next color choice the following year.

    Me being all demon bridey


    First step photos for a project my husband was the end i had a flame crown and sword and was standing in hell...
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    Good Night. Good Luck.

    Limiter, Delimiter. Good Night and Good Luck.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    @trini_naenae she was, as long as you don't over-stimulate her by rubbing the area just under her neck.

    this is what happens when you do:
    me & missy

    she goes straight for your eyes.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008

    Yes, well Carrie Kelly hasn't been born yet in current continuity and may never...

    plus I'll never dress up as a Frank Millar (drawn, not written) Character, he draws with his feet and she has a pompadour....
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    New Year smile. Expect another smile in December 31st 2009.

    Happy New Year, everyone.
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    Happy New Year, Andre!
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    Happy New Year Andre... we've got another 26 mins to go here...

    Late on the 'mini me' bandwagon, but this is me at 16... y'know that old hole in the ozone layer? CFCs? Eh, that was all my hairspray...

    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    Happy new year Andre, and everyone on Whitechapel and Avatar. 2009 will be a riot (whatever that means)
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    @Gekko: It generally means screaming, deaths, looting and firebombs.
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    no hero representing at the first show at phoenixs newest diy/"secret" show space while LIFE TRAP kills it
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    To add to the going theme, and because I'm bored by myself at home.....

    JonCarpenter, we could be twins! Me at 16:

    Dances? Well, here's me, off to an Junior High dance on my own, and a Junior Prom with my... uh... date, and my senior prom:

    (when you are a freshman and a Junior asks you to the prom, you GO, right?!?)

    And, for the celebration at hand, here are some New Years Eve pictures!!! From childhood and age 19:

    • CommentAuthornotsurewho
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    Final self portrait of the year...
    my has a dog on it, It is not my favourite, my favourite has Animal from the muppets on it...
    Mug.. sleepy

    And just to join in with the blast from the past... my contribution to the 'years ago' photo album
    Me, at 19...

    years ago
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    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    last one this year. Fuck you '08, thx for the parking ticket this morning -_-

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    My brother took this on the 24th, I find it sums up my year pretty well. I'm just really glad that makes me laugh.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    daughter at zoetrope
    instant friends
    dad and tot
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    Post new year festivities:

    Ha ha fucking ha.
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2008
    Look to the future
    To the future
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    Andre - Those glasses are

    BZedan - Nice photo!
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2009 edited
    Brycemidas - Age 16


    Aaaand 18