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    So I've decided to stop complaining about not having enough resources and reading material for actual DIY music and related events, especially (and oddly) in Brooklyn. I will contribute my own voice. I have started a blog for writing about DIY bands, releases, and shows, specifically those in and around NYC.

    So if you're a DIY musician (like, y'know NOT SIGNED) in the NYC area, hit me up with news of your newest tunes or your next show!

    Relevant Information:
    Electronic Mail:

    PR people are seriously discouraged from sending me anything.

    I'm hoping to write on a weekly basis, maybe a little more often than that.

    So, tell your friends with bands, subscribe in google reader, send me tips. Let's do this!

    I'd like to mention that like my friend Tris McCall, I intend to retire the term "indie" as being fairly meaningless these days and I entreat you to join us in doing so.
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    DONE. as of a this decade, i realized that indie describes a genre in most peoples minds anyways.

    this is great, and i encourage you from the other side of the country!
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008
    Totally with you guys. And that fron the old continent.
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    Awesome! it's great to hear someone doing something proactive about supporting the underground/D.I.Y. scene in my hometown instead of complaining about it. My band is unsigned and it's called Hate in the Box we are almost done with a new album which I'll be happy to send your way once it's wrapped up :) Are you looking for a specific type of DIY music or can it be any kind? Let me know and I'll let some of my friends in bands know to contact you!

    Rock on,
    Rainbow Blight
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008
    More things like this!

    (Old continent speaking here, too.)
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008
    I am 100% DIY and intransigent. I'll be heading up to the Northeast in April-ish, hanging out in NYC for a while. Love to rap with some NYCers about the music in that town.
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    PR people are seriously discouraged from sending me anything.
    (God, I wish it was that simple. I'm still unclear how all these music PR firms got my e-mail address. It's not like the alt-weekly I write for gives it out...)
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    good luck with your plans, and i be happy to will keep an eye on it on the links, because im always interested in new stuff

    bit dissapointed in the thread title though. i thought i might have a chance to pontificate on my new drill and other home improvement topics.

    seriously, if snake plissken had to drill a hole to escape new york, this is the drill he would use. its even got a lasersight. im actually tring to source a better holster for it now. the 6 gun side belt is ok, but an underarm/ cross chest harness ( a la gi joe) would be the only thing left to get.

    Rock on
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    @rainbowblight! woohoo! yes i can't stand listening to people complain about "how come we can't get shows in ___ scene," just start your own thing!

    I'm into all kinds of music, which is why I said DIY and didn't drop any genre, I generally like anything soulful or fun, or mournful, or aggressive or whatever.

    @Brandon: right? wtf with those losers.

    @Lazarus, self done home improvement is Most Manly and Righteous and you can never have enough of it on the internets.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2008
    PR people are seriously discouraged from sending me anything.

    Ask them to send you samples of stuff, then ebay them for funds.
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    Ask them to send you samples of stuff, then ebay them for funds.