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    • CommentAuthorforkfork
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2008
    Is this the first above shot, like way way way up in the fucking sky like above shot. i can spell goddammit, but really. what is with all the bubbles and shite the last two weeks, yes i understand that bubbles are the perfect resemblance of physic bull shit yadadadaadadad but really bubbles werent they invented in the 70's or what not. I WANT EXPLOSIONS. BRING THE EXPLOSINGS GERNADES ARE THERE I WANT BOOOM BOOOM BOOOM BOOM OMG BRITISH COMICS AND THERE CLIFF HANGERS MY BONGER WITLL GIVE YOU A CLIFF HANGER FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEA
    • CommentAuthorleech
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    • CommentAuthordeckard
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    Wow plus ten!
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    The more I think about it, the less concerned I am for Kait's safety. I really don't think Warren intends to kill her off so quickly, she's going to be too interesting and useful to the plot. (the only time I've seen killing off characters right after they're introduced work is in Jacqeline Carey's Banewreaker/Godslayer duology) So unless Warren is planning to do a lot more flashbacks, thus being able to keep her as a character, I don't think she's about to die. I still maintain that it's a great way to show us her awesome FreakAngel abilities.

    I think this is one of my favorite installments so far. I went to work and kept handing people the trade copy of FreakAngels, then muttering something about amazing cliffhangers to come and grenades... "There was a grenade in today's episode... a grenade!" with glee, of course.

    I am also convinced that, while you may be worthy of worship, Warren, it may be the evil overlord sort of worship. Something cleverly demonic that will consume our souls. Thank you for creating FreakAngels and WhiteChapel, it has further enriched my world, even if you will end up owning a piece of my soul.
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    I am also convinced that, while you may be worthy of worship, Warren, it may be the evil overlord sort of worship. Something cleverly demonic that will consume our souls.

    I try.
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    Got around to reading this last night, but I crashed before I could comment. This episode was visually amazing! Thank you for the freaking awesome art Paul! And Warren Why do you torture us with cliffhangers so??
    • CommentTimeDec 6th 2008
    Because *he* can.
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    Watch, something as simple as kicking the grenade will save her.
    Or another "angel will pop up. Arkady rambling in and having a lucid moment.
    Actually, I think Arkady is mostly Lucid and enjoys choosing not to be.
    I take that back....or do I? I'm really not sure. Annnyywayyy....
    • CommentAuthorCassius
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2008
    I have one question. Why the fuck would anyone wear a singlet like Jack's? IT SERVES NO PURPOSE!
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    Mark? I didn't see Mark in this ep. But I'm old and kind of stupid, so...

    Part of me wants to suspect Luke is involved with this somehow, but I rather think he's too involved with his own dick to plan out a complex attack such as this. Mark might be involved, but this is rather soon after his earlier attempt using Alice, so it could well be that there is another Major Player behind this.

    Regarding ammunition, at first I thought, well, manufacturing new cartridges isn't all that hard, if you save the brass casings, and gunpowder can be manufactured if you have access to charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter. The bullets can be had by melting lead (should be easy enough to scrounge in an old city like London) in the proper molds. But I forgot about the primers. Those would be really tough to replicate.

    Although if you're really clever, if you find intact cartridges that are the wrong size for your gun, you can disassemble them and use the powder and primers in new cartridges you make with the recycled brass and freshly-molded lead bullets.

    In modern times pretty much all civilian firearms are banned in Britain, even shotguns, and the .22 calibre target pistols used in Olympic sports, (so that the British team has to go practice in Belgium, I'm told). But of course, hashish is banned too, and look how well that's worked out. So there are an estimated 2 million illegal guns in Greater London. Probably quite a few illegal shotguns in the hinterlands.

    But the best source of guns and ammo would likely be the military armories. Which apparently someone has found. Uh-oh.
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2008
    <blockquote>...If you save the brass casings, and gunpowder can be manufactured if you have access to charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter. </blockquote>

    That would be fine for breechblock loaders or muzzle loaders, but automatic weapons like the one Jack has requires the smoke and gasses to be clean to prevent cobbering up the weapon in a few shots. This would mean a source of Nitric Acid which is met currently with byproducts of the meat/agriculture industry. A few strawberries from the rooftop? not gonna do it.

    I guess the amount of firearm supplies they can forage would depend on how many people were left alive to run when it all went boom, and how long ago it was. Also on how well someone can recognize that some chemicals that are simple and harmless alone can be quite deadly when mixed right.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2008
    I don't usually pop in to this thread, as I never have much to say besides 'wow, that was good as always' .

    Anyway, on the subject of guns I imagine that there might be safety reasons for not making your own bullets. Even considering the FA's technical abilities, handmade bullets might not be something they'd want to rely on - it could only take one jam or misfire to make a dangerous situation into a deadly one.
    • CommentAuthorSavantis
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2008 edited

    AHH!! That's my favorite panel of this episode too!!! *loves*

    Sirkka and Jack are so sweet together!!!

    I totally agree. He wants to show off his body maybe? "Everyone look - I've got no tummy fats."

    Grenade. Goodness.

    Hmmm I think that this is a great chance for Kait to show her powers - (which I've been waiting so long for!!! So maybe i'm biased >_< ) and since her eyes are glowing in the last panel I forsee Kait doing something absolutely amazing with her powers.. ^_^

    I guess she's sorta a loner, so I doubt someone will come to her rescue.. Couldn't Kait have sensed someone around before she got the grenade at her feet? OH MY I just realized that if you look really closely you can see the vague figure of the person who threw the grenade!!! in panel 2 of the last page! That is so cool! Paul Duffield's attention to detail is amazing!! Or did Warren Ellis specify that it should be included in the comic script? hmm... Still, it's great! ^_^

    Other than that, I echo the general sentiments - The enemy seem too well prepared w ammunition and advanced planning; Freakangels are weaker than expected.. Have they grown soft and complacent w their powers? Hm.

    Can't wait to see what part Alice has to play in all these madness.
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    Or her eyes are glowing to see in the dark???? Ha ha.
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2008
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    @TheCommissionerJ: I can think of two stockpiles of 5.56 ammunition mm within fifty miles of my location and I could make an educated guess at the location of a stockpile of 9 mm. Grenades might be more tricky as I can't remember the location of my nearest regular Army base (is there one in Northampton?). Just because we don't let our general public run around semi-automatic weaponry doesn't mean that there isn't any in the country

    Kait is wearing body armor so she might survive if she drops flat on it. There's this fantastic photo I found on of a Marine Master Sergeant being carried out of a building in the aftermath of firefight where (so the medal citation says) threw himself on not one, but two grenades. He can't walk, but he's still holding his sidearm, still scanning the roof-tops and still maintaining trigger discipline (how the fuck do you stop someone like that?) Of course in the six years since the world ended, the fabric might have begun to polymerise so all bets are off
    • CommentAuthorZJVavrek
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2008
    Not to mention Warren said Kait's wearing a stab vest, not a "jump on grenades" vest. I'm not very familiar with either, but I expect there would be reduced effectiveness due to the different design.
    • CommentAuthorSavantis
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2008
    Hahaha.. that's funny.. ^_^ maybe? ^-^
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    ZJVavrek: On further research, it appears that modern grenades are designed to penetrate body armor. However, it appears to be an M2 grenade (of WWII vintage) so the thrower will be lucky if it goes off at all, but I can't imagine Uncle Warren doing something lame like that. However, Paul may have decided that the modern grenades just don't look like the general public imagine hand grenades to look like and drawn an M2 instead

    Edit: to save people asking, this what a modern grenade looks like