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    Is everyone ready for Monday?

    You now have us at both ends. Of the week, I should clarify.
    • CommentAuthorAlienist
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2008 edited
    I decided to use this as my art school, so here is my late first attempt at drawing since my early 20s (after some designs and sketches)... Basically, she's inspired by Batman to use her money and the dots are where her father was shot. Supposed to be a bulletproof corset and the skirt she was wearing when her father was killed. And a mask, with all the skin covered.

    Domino Lady Inks
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    I kept trying to draw a teenaged girl with a big gun - then photocomposited this:

    I liked the nurse and her contribution scheme from the first page.