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    gah...i need more, damn freakangels is like a drug...must have mo0re...must.

    and yea i'm in love with 'Kady
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    Arkady/Dr. Manhattan comparison seems to be the right one.

    And count me among the fans who dearly love her. Because she's also a lot like Puck.
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    Lovely. Mad teleporters. Things that go Boom! Dramatic ending!
    --yeah, I'm likin' it.
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    "Deus Ex Arkadia, if you'll pardon my latin."

    That scene was set up many, many episodes ago, of course.
    • CommentAuthorseverian
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Warren is toying with us. He knows I'm hung over & spent most of last night eating the kind of food that makes a doctor cringe. Yet we come & beg for more.

    Within the next 10 episodes I think he's going to make me re-evaluate my assumption that Luke has a serious & terminal case of asshole-ism. I expect he's about to tell us some of the "big picture" that the other 10 are too narrow-minded to see. The prick will omit a good bit though.

    Also, serious furniture kicking towards the end and another flashback.
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    @warrenellis: More of a Chekhov's Arkady, then?

    I remember when Arkady first teleported there was a big argument about whether it was teleportation or just time passing. To all the people who thought it was time passing, WHERE IS YOUR PUNY GOD NOW?

    I love that Kait, while still shocked that Arkady can travel through space and time at will, still manages to identify the pop-culture references in Arkady's speech, that's my kind of person.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    First Kait appears to be the Freakangel Rorschach, now Arkady's been identified as the Freakangel Doc Manhattan. I wonder what the others will be?

    Also, another awesome episode and all that jazz.
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    So nice. I like Arkady quite a bit.

    I'm reading "World Made By Hand" today, by the fellow who wrote "The Long Emergency". It's about a post-broken world, not dissimilar to the one in "Freakangels", sans the psionic-types. All this reading is making me want to get a garden going again. Just in case.

    It's cold and bright and corrupt as hell here in Chicago.
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Why am I developing a crush on Kait as well as 'Kady?

    Because Warren hasn't given us enough of KK recently!
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    @warrenellis: More of a Chekhov's Arkady, then?


    The 'angels update was a ray of light in an otherwise grey and dismal day here in Velcro City. Paul and Warren, thanks again.
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    I really enjoyed 'Kady teleporting; really nice moment, given how I initially read the scene where the 'porting is established as simply time passing. Gave a nice "Oh! Well, that makes sense, then," moment -- a nice surprise.

    Really enjoying the series, Warren (which I may as well just put in my sig line, sigh).


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    I think my favorite thing about this update is Kait's reaction. I love that Arkady shook her up enough for her to be a normal person for a moment. We haven't gotten to see much of her yet, and what we have seen is her image and her "job" all the way, now we see a little of Kait (albeit confused Kait). Lovely character moment, thank you Warren.

    This week's been pretty good, frustrated a bit at coworkers, but I love them all and my job, so it's hard to complain. If I could just get them to understand some small important things that will help keep our store OPEN through this bad-economy fiasco. I guess the difference is that I've always wanted to own my own bookstore, the rest love the job, but it's just a job.

    Anyway, I can always count on FreakAngels to make me happy before a busy Friday.
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    Episode was a treat to read - thanks!

    Cold this morning, I had to defrost the car again. Now its nice and sunny outside.
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    Ahhh...I was having a terrible day until now. Let the weekend begin! I'm in love with Arkady.
    • CommentAuthorcjtremlett
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    If Freakangels wasn't already my favorite comic currently coming out, this episode took it up to that spot. I love humor in the midst of drama that doesn't seem forced and fits the characters. That's done so badly so often, it's a delight to see it done well.

    And oh my, it's Luke here at the end of this episode? He didn't strike me as the mastermind setting up multiple strikes type. And even if controlling minds is part of it, this had to have taken planning, just for the munitions. Then again, there's a lot about all of them we don't yet know. Expect the unexpected is such a silly phrase, when you think about it. Whee!
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Morning, Whitechapel. Or, er, afternoon. It's morning for me, consarn it. Chilly and overcast here in Southwest Florida. 68F inside the apartment according to the a/c thermostat, but I don't believe it because I'm sitting here in a tank top and pajama pants and am pretty comfortable.

    Hooray for Arkady face-time. She's so charming.
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Arkady plus Kait time is excellent. Plus a little Jack and Sirrka bum-time excellent episode.

    I am tired, and it is not as cold as it much be, all the snow melted again, it will return... it never truly dies!
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Oa, maestro. That's (more than) funny: with the surprise of the coup de théâtre comes the "but of course" feeling. This is not storytelling, it's meticulously weaving a tapestry. Enjoying every episode, you bet I am.
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Tibetan saint time! She can teleport! And she's bald! The Arkady Lama has boom! She teleported because she wanted the boom to happen? And she got her friend to help her? She knows things the others don't because they never died? Or something? Just guessing. Freakangels on a full moon are pretty cool.
      CommentAuthorAlan Tyson
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2008
    Because Warren hasn't given us enough of KK recently!

    Agreed! I'm fully expecting someone to have something dropped on their heads from a respectable altitude soon.

    Also, I think 'Kady's "Whoosh!" is the clearest I've "heard" dialogue in a comic all, I dunno, month probably. Something about the expression on her face. Wonderful job, W&P!