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    We will all be owned by 2008. Shaping up to be a great year.
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    HOLY TITTY-FUCKING JESUS IN DRAG, that cover looks fantastic. Warren, you got a shitload of work ahead of you if you plan to keep this book's orbit-high standards. It's a fantastic comic.
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2008
    So the "test" sketch by Bianchi turned out to, after all, be a future cover? Sweet.
    • CommentAuthorcjstevens
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2008
    This is the title I am looking forward to most this year...
    Now the coolest writer on the planet is taking over from Whedon....Since I first heard about this -think on CBR- I had a chronic geek attack... I used to love the X titles when I was a kid but as with most things Marvel churned out new spin offs of spin offs, the quality dropped and the X universe has since become, well , confusing is a f:@kin understatement...

    I think Mr. Ellis was born to write this title.
    Does anyone know a rough date for this release?
    And that cover is too freakin cool.....
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    Fuck some shit up for us Warren.

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    Can anyone tell me if Simone Bianchi can keep drawing this book in a monthly basis? That art looks too good, can she draw faster than Cassaday?
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    No idea on speed, but on another note Simone is a male name in Italy (and Bianchi himself is Italian). Not important to the conversation, just mentioning it.
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    Whoops. I thought he was a "she". Sorry. Thanks, JTraub
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    No, that's just a promotional piece, and doesn't reflect the book at all.
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    Simone is six-weekly, as I recall. However, we have a long lead time and I've already turned in two scripts, so we're in good shape.
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    I am looking forward to this book in a truly embarrassing way now.

    When it was announced I kinda went, oh that is neat, and figured I would buy it for Warren - like I did before because of Grant Morrison. However, in the last few months I have somehow gotten into a x-book nostalgia groove (largely because of Carey and Brubaker pulling me back in).

    I am rather enjoying Messiah Complex, so now its less "neat" then "ohhh cooool"

    I assume I am 13 again.
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    Simone is six-weekly, as I recall. However, we have a long lead time and I've already turned in two scripts, so we're in good shape.

    Oh, excellent. Warren, you rock.
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    Whether it's a promo piece or not, it's enough to get us salivating.
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    I hope we will get to see some cloak and dagger intricate storylines and real drama on this one. I also like the way Warren does the characters.
    Emma has a shot at being an interesting character. It may7 be a good time to dig out some of Warrens old work on the X Men for a refresher.

    What is everyones favourite of Warrens X-Men stories?
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    I was having a conversation with a friend about my oddly renewed interest in the X-Books and got to speculating a bit on this.

    Warning Geekery Ahead. But I think thoughfull Geek.

    It is hard to guess exactly what material Warren will use, but a couple of educated guesses are possible.

    It is fair to assume he is approaching it clinically in terms of ideas and characters to use.

    First, he is not prone to romanticize WFH characters (no I always wanted to write so and so from Ellis). As a result, there are two likely options. In some cases, Warren will pick characters that no-one cares about and he can revitalize (his mad science gun for hire angle) and make work: Nextwave and Newuniversal. In the alternate he tends towards characters emblematic of of the property (the professional do what is expected - in general - but with professionalism, skill and a touch of madness): Ultimate stuff, Thunderbolts.

    Second, as this is, I presume from Marvel's POV, a job to follow Joss Whedon on the high profile boiled down flag ship I suspect we can all but assume the later of the above options here. A few curve balls perhaps.

    I doubt we can expect a testosterone only list, Warren writes strong female leads and would be very surprised if we do not see several here. And despite the high profile nature of the X-Books there are less women to choose from then expected presuming other interviews are accurate and Marvel is trying to keep the books distinct. Emma Frost would seem very likely, or least someone who can fit that role. Kitty Pryde might be a corpse by the time Whedon is done (allot of people seem to think so), or she could be uninvolved in anything going on because she is being passed from Joss to Ellis (my guess). However Warren does tend to avoid revisiting characters, so that may complicate guesses, but he all but has to revisit a few here. A contrast, looking at the unrepresentative promo art, while I like Yost and Craig's work with X-23 as a "hey look its an anime girl" I cannot imagine Warren using that character.

    We can also expect some notion of futurism here. Not simply because it is a favorite theme of Ellis, but because the name "Second Stage" itself is evocative of it in speculative fiction. Again that leads to the subset of scientist smarty pants characters as likely to have some representation. Anyway, Beast or Kitty again seem likely. Maybe Forge (if not dead). I could not imagine Warren using Cable at gun point. I recall the short piece Warren wrote after GM left X-men which was more less as a one page futurist x-men angle. Pre-decimation of course.

    Finally, presuming Marvel still sees this as a flag ship event book, we can presume they requested or Ellis chose without request (see above WFH comments) characters that resent the property as a whole: Wolverine and/or Cyclops and such.

    Anyway. Geekery done.
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    What "short piece Warren wrote after GM left X-Men.../"??
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    Very short text piece, sent over Badsignal and posted on the Engine maybe?

    Just a "what I would do if I was writing the book next" from Warren that he knocked off, probably in response to someone's question or another.
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    Damn, I don't think I was signed up to Badsignal at that time.

    Though I'd be interested if it were posted??
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    Goddammit, I'd sworn I'd never buy another X-book again, and look what happens.

    If Warren starts writing GAMBIT stories I'm going to have to shoot myself.
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    Brubaker and Carey already got me a year ago. So I am at peace with it now.