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    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008 edited
    There was, way back in the mists of... 2007... a recurrent meme among several comics art blogs. Reclaiming characters from their owners, I guess it could be broadly described as... people were reimagining abused characters (chiefly Supergirl) as artistic call-and-response in various places, chiefly LiveJournal. In the aftermath of that, I did a similar thing on old messageboard The Engine, called REMAKE/REMODEL. They were embraced as technical exercises, bits of fun, ways to get the brain moving. I think most people's favourite was the dear late Mike Wieringo's wondrous retro-aristo Buck Rogers...

    I thought it might be an interesting thing to bring back here. So, once a week, I'll call a character, and you art types here can post images of your reinterpretation of that character.

    Photography and digital art is also fine, before anyone asks.

    The point is REinterpretation: remake/remodel.


    This week,it's grim pulp vengeance -- in space. Basil Wolverton's SPACEHAWK:

    "Spacehawk had no other name. He also had no fixed base of operations, other than his space ship, and no sidekicks, assistants, official contacts, love interests or other supporting characters. He had but one mission in life — to protect the innocent throughout the Solar System, and mete out the occasional gruesome fate to vanquished evildoers. Comics historian Mike Benton called him "A grim gunslinger — the dark side of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.""

    "Spacehawk was a grim, relentless avenger of the innocent, prowling the star-lanes and outer reaches, and the stark meticulous art served only to highlight the singular appearance of the alien monstrosities and landscapes crafted by Wolverton. Many kids had nightmares after reading Spacehawk, and many parents wrote complaining letters because of it…"

    "Aliens lived on strange worlds in dwellings that resembled nothing as much as a cross between medieval castles and Earthly observatories. The landscapes were dotted with flora that often resembled earthworms in muffs, yet the basic building blocks of alien technology were the rivet and the steel panel."

    "Inside the spaceships, Wolverton liked panels showing the Spacehawk staring out one of his large windows, looking at a spectacular outer space panorama. He also regularly showed the Spacehawk gripping the large, upright levers and control sticks of machinery."

    I have no shots of the spaceship. So, you know, feel free to fuck around with that.

    Your task is, therefore, to update Spacehawk for 2008 (2009?) and render the character into something you'd be interested in reading today. Grimness seems important. Grimness taken to comical levels would seem to be an obvious choice for some of you. Chip has probably already zeroed in on Spacehawk gripping the large, upright levers and control sticks.

    Obviously, there's a degree of tech fetishism to be had here, too -- guns, spacesuits, a spaceship he lives in (which is probably also appropriately grim).


    I look forward to seeing what you come up with, but bear in mind this is an ART thread, and pen-portraits and other texts will be deleted. (And if you don't know what a pen-portrait is, go back to your school and insist that they provide you with a proper education.)

    -- W
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    I had to miss the last two due to timing and whatnot, but I'll definitely have a think on this one..
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    Excellent. Really looking forward to this. Wolverton is a favorite.

    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    christ look it! it's like if jim woodring did pulp scifi. i'll get back to this.
    • CommentAuthorbraak
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    @Mark Seifert: Is that a giant asteroid space-ship piloted by an evil Chinaman?
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    I really, really, really wish we'd have had a chance to see Mike Wieringo's take on this one.
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    braak - Wolverton became well known for his weird characterizations in later years. Though not a spacehawk story, Brain Bats of Venus is a good example of his science fiction craziness.
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    I'm obviously thinking about Dead Space and videogames more then his classic look, but that's how I think a character like this would appeal the modern audience. I have still another, totally different from this one, take on Spacehawk that I might upload if I have the time.

      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008 edited
    I really, really, really wish we'd have had a chance to see Mike Wieringo's take on this one.

    Amen, @ScottS, that would be awesome. I can almost envision him posting his entry and the rest of us skulking away in artistic awe.
    Regardless, I'll take a stab at this later in the week...
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    Uranians? Electroscopes?

    Oh...yes...can't WAIT to see what you fine people do with this one.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    @ Leandro Damasceno

    Awesome--Dead Space also came to mind when I saw this.
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    His ship, the giant gold space-dildo!
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    In Futurespace, Spacesuits are for OTHER PEOPLE!
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    A skinhead in space, hating every minute of it.
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    @ DarkKnightJRK: Thanks a lot!
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    I might try my hand at this. At first I was going to do it as Space-Batman, but that doesn't quite fit. Space-Punisher fits better. After returning from the Vietnam Spacewar, Frank Castle's spacefamily was gunned down by rival spacemobsters during their spacepicnic in the spacepark. Now he punishes the spaceguilty as Spacehawk.
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    I actually really like the idea of a repugnant neo-nazi style skinhead, crashing about outer space, putting the boot to aliens. The character being an absolute ass, but a hero for the wrong reason.

    I'm fully aware that being Skin doesn't have to do with racism directly, but it's what comes to mind when you have some dude running around the galaxy aimlessly killing other species of intelligent life. Reminds me of Fear Agent.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008
    @Leandro Damasceno: You're welcome.
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2008

    Yeah, so, blamo. I don't know what those shoulder-bits are...lamps? laser blasters? solar charging panels? I just thought they looked neat.
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    Currently I can't picture Spacehawk as anything but a faceless "super soldier" who goes around helping the galaxy whether they want it or NOT!

    Also, I picture a hyper-future where intergallactic travel is mostly portals and not physical vehicles. I blame the drugs.


    I'll probably post something a bit more over the top, but I have a Dr.'s appointment to see about my frozen face soon.