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    Well, I'm a huge Winsor Mccay fan, and the Little Nemo strips certainly are an artist's playground, however, Nemo himself is a bit of a blank slate (perhaps a good thing, but not much to work with beyond "sleeping kid..."), and I have been Googling around trying to find someone that isn't blatantly obvious. No offense, but most people have heard of Little Nemo (or the Shadow, or Doc Savage, etc.), and he was featured in a (bit of a Remake/Remodel) animated film from the 90's, so our collective consciousnesses might have been tainted...

    For instance, I found a guy named Satan Hall! Unfortunately, he's just a detective (with inexplicably pointed ears, and a Namor-style haircut to match, for some reason...) who kills criminals. Soooo.....boring. I want to try to find something that isn't in space, since we just did that, and perhaps a woman (but one without any Catwoman-esque tendancies), to change it up. Someone who didn't start out as Caucasian would be a plus, too.

    I'm certainly open to suggestions, and consider Nemo to be a valid backup.
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    Yes, well, I could look up old pulp characters all night, but I've found 2 that I like; let me know what you think (if Warren doesn't give us a new challenge, himself...)

    1) Captain Satan: "...began life in 1938. Caray Adair, a criminal trying to reform, leads a band of gangsters (Doc, Happy, Frenchie, Soapy, Big Bill, and Gentlemen Dan) in a war against crime. He robs from the crime lords and redistributes the wealth to the poor and needy. In his guise as Captain Satan he pretends to be superhuman, and he uses the devil symbol on his chest in much the same way that the Spider did, to frighten criminals. He also leaves behind projects a devil symbol (by taping a cut-out devil figure onto a flashlight lens) to scare crooks."

    I know it sounds a bit like Domino Lady, but the NAMES on his band of gangsters makes it all worth it for me. That and the devil is cool... Here's his pic:



    2) The Campfire Girls: "...created by Julianne DeVries and appeared in the four book "Banner Campfire Girls Series," which ran from 1933 to 1935 and began with The Campfire Girls Flying Around The Globe. The Girls (haven't been able to find their names yet, sorry) fly around the world in a technologically-advanced airplane (provenance unknown to me, alas), fought crime (as "federal investigators," no less), and even met the President."

    Now, the tiny pic below and the sparse description COULD serve as a hindrance, but I like to think that these characters could be taken in ANY direction... And if you only half look at the book cover below, it looks as though the girl in the right rear of the frame is holding a severed head (whether she is or not: up to you!)...

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    What the hell?! Frequentcontributor, I would have never discovered this by my own, but that cover you posted was ripped by whomever designed Marc Maron's NOT SOLD OUT cd cover:

    Marc Maron's NOT SOLD OUT

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    You're welcome.
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    @frequentcontributor I've got that very same Captain Satan poster on my studio wall! That would definitely be another great REMAKE/REMODEL thread.
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    didn't have much time so a loose sketch.

    Spacehawk by tyim
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    How about Nick Carter:

    Nick Carter is a fictional character who first appeared in a dime novel entitled The Old Detective's Pupil; or, The Mysterious Crime of Madison Square on September 18, 1886. This novel was written by John R. Coryell from a story by Ormond G. Smith, the son of one of the founders of Street & Smith.

    In 1915, Nick Carter Weekly became Street & Smith's Detective Story Magazine. Novels featuring Carter continued to appear through the 1950s, by which time there was also a popular radio show, Nick Carter, Master Detective, which aired on Mutual from 1943 to 1955

    Following the success of the James Bond series, the character was updated for a long-running series of novels featuring the adventures of secret agent Nick Carter, aka the Killmaster. The first book, Run Spy Run, appeared in 1964 and more than 260 Nick Carter-Killmaster adventures were published up until 1990.


    Carter was a prototype for Doc Savage - raised to be a master detective and Olympic-level athlete so he can get revenge on the criminals who killed his parents.

    When the pulps took over, he was transformed from a detective to a two-fisted global adventurer; later he became a James Bond style spy nd later still a Bolanesque vigilante.
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    has anyone actually read any of those old little nemo comics???? the pics in that wiki article look fucking cool!!!!
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    Yeah, Nemo is a trip and a half. That, and Winsor Mccay sort of "invented" animation...

    And in memoriam: Captain Satan, we hardly knew ye. Taken before your time, we bid you a fond farewell.