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    Oh, the taskbar logos -- shoot, I wouldn't have even realized that. Thanks.

    Everything else should be okay. Obviously the Herald and Timely News are supposed to be their real-life counterparts, but that's no different from the Bugle in the Spider-Man flicks.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2009
    Right. Again, looks great! I can definitely see this as a mini... are you intending to go long-form with it? (Sorry if you mention it in the OP, I'll get to looking at that later...)
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    Yeah, long-form but limited. There are six issues in the arc and four arcs including this one, plus a couple of one-shot gutter tales in between each one. It'll equate to 36 issues in all, I figure. I'd like to get to the point where we're posting a page or two a day, otherwise an issue will take an entire year.

    Tomas is terrific. He's even more insane for detail than I am. I'm sending him references of NYC architecture and he asks for close-ups of garbage cans to ensure accuracy. We're both in it for the long haul.
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    New page are up at the start of every week as of today: Invisible, Inc. and Heist, and that's the first and last notice you'll get from me on the matter.

    And yeah, I'm still going to have another go at those InvInc caption boxes. They need to feed into the imagery more.

    I need sleep.

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    I moved all the code and we're much advanced on the HEIST pages, so I guess today is the official release date rather than the preview it had been.

    I feel yay.
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    I'm a fan of letter columns. They've evaporated with the rise of the message board, but I think it's good to include a symposium in the serialized edition. It reinforces the shared experience.

    So, with captions revised, I prep Invisible Inc. #1 for print, I'm putting together a letter column. If you've read it, I'd appreciate your chiming in, so long as you're okay with your letter ending up in the printed version. It's fine if you hate it, just hate it articulately. Here's the final print version.

    You can either reply here, or email me b r e n d a n -->at<--
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    • CommentTimeOct 13th 2009
    > And all I ask in return is you tell me what you think.

    I think I understood most of the story, but I didn't understand many of the characters (which is OK), and didn't understand a lot of the dialog and monologue (which is less OK).

    - The opening characters: are they superheroes? I didn't get that until second reading; they look like villains.
    - What "paradigm"? What "strange man from another world"?
    - When you write "what moves your hand to turn these pages", are you breaking the 4th wall, otherwise who is "you" and what are "these pages"?

    Etc. (there's plenty more I didn't understand).
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