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    Vanessa, you may know of this fellow's work already, but if you don't I thought I'd mention it as potentially interesting to you. I followed a link off Grinding about this concept guitar to the website of Amit Zoran. On his portfolio page he has a project titled "Imitating Harmonic Connections in Polyphonic Music Using a Neural Networks Model" (Flash site, can't link directly), with several examples and a PDF of his research paper on the topic.
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    The Telharmonium is a strange and wondrous thing, and the story of its birth and death is as weird a tale of steampunk techno tragedy as you'll find. If you can track down the definitive book on the instrument by the world's living expert, Reynold Weidenaar, do it.
    If only Fritz Lang were still alive, he could make a wonderful movie about the rise and fall of the instrument and Cahill, and do it in the style of Metropolis.

    The book:
    The Telharmonium: A History of the First Music Synthesizer by Reynold Weidenaar, NYU, 1988)
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    similarly, although not as old, is the wonderful novachord dating from the late 30's. it's very ooh when you see the valves and hear the crackly sounds it made once they restored it.
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    Here's a wicked site called synthmuseum and they've gots a nice brief little timeline of the history of synths!!! and yes mr StefanJ the teleharmonium totally counts as a synth :) even if i took up a whole building. (well the mark 2 did almost anyway !!!
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    Hey everyone. I completely mean to get back to this thread; I'm just a bit swamped right now.

    For now, I just wanted to say:
    In Stockhom!
    Featuring John Bowers and a number of others doing exciting circuit bending noisey experimental music.
    There is even a cross media piece that makes use of some photographs I created this week especially for this event.

    Details (in Swedish) can be found here:

    There is also on concert on Feb. 2nd which will include the neural network I'm creating for John (as mentioned in one of the posts above).
    So if you happen to be in Stockholm, please feel free to come check it out!
    Loud machiney musical love for everyone!

    I will be the redheaded girl in the corner.
    At both these events.

    Random side note: I hadn't realised that John's and my band (Glorrph) had a pre-recorded piece as part of his Just Landed concert back on the 14th. It was a piece we'd done for a short film soundtrack (actually, we made Glorrph specifically for our film soundtrack projects so that is currently all we do). I'm mentioning this as a way of reminding myself to make our myspace page when I am home again.

    Editted to add: Steve Burnett! Hello! You are excellent. I have seen Amit Zoran's site before but I am delighted that you thought of me.