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    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008 edited
    Out with the old bleh, in with the new nifty. It's the last and first week of the years. We've got a Fav Albums of 2008 thread running, for people that wanna go all the way back to the beginning of the year. But what're you listening to right now, and what's going to play you into 2009?

    Warren, when he's got two extra seconds, checks the new week's releases at on Monday morning - just choose a genre from left and click "magic mix" to stream excerpts from the new releases.

    I usually swing by Largehearted Boy's Try it before you buy it posts on Tuesday mornings, too.

    Commence playlist speakage.
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008
    Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Africa 70 - Zombie
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008
    It's post-Xmas, which means I have created the warm weather music playlist that will see me through the soul-crumpling winter. The tracks are many and varied, so I won't list them all here. But the other albums I'm listening to are:

    Grails - Doomsayer's Holiday
    This Will Destroy You - This Will Destroy You
    Zeke - Kicked In The Teeth
    Dax Riggs - We Sing Of Only Blood Or Love
    Beneath The Massacre - Dystopia
    Murder By Death - Red Of Tooth and Claw
    Steroid Maximus - Ectopia

    I've also been accommodating my lady's request to learn about the sundry joys of face-melting metal, so I've been playing a bunch of the good metal from the last 10 or 15 years.
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    what i can recall from the past few days...
    at home:
    TEAR IT UP/FAST TIMES split 7"
    HOT CROSS-risk revival lp
    RINGERS/AMPERE split 6"
    LIFE TRAP second 7"
    SEX/VID- communal living 12"ep, nest 7"
    NEIL PERRY-tour 7"
    FUCKED UP-dance of death

    in the car:
    DRESDEN DOLLS-no virginia
    ICE NINE-discography
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    Joe, you're among friends. Admit it. Do you ever get the urge to play something soppy and romantic or some heads down no nonsense disco?
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    i listen to PANIC AT THE DISCO...thats pretty sappy and cheesy? right??
    PJ HARVEY-is this desire?

    and i can honestly say i dont really listen to anything romantic. the DECEMBRISTS and RADIOHEAD are about as close as i come. sorry!
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    Hey, each to their own. You're obviously made of sterner stuff than me. I have a broad definition of what's romantic. Currently listening to The Nameless by Slipknot which is definitely a love song and shows what big softies they are under those masks.
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008
    The Decemberists are certainly as romantic as humanly possible. The Bagman's Gambit always makes me weepy.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008
    My friend gave me the OXFORD AMERICAN Music issue featuring a free cd of a buncha great shit ... Ella Fitzgerald singing 'Sunshine Of Your Love'? YES.
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    today at work...

    Take Me To The River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977 (discs 1-3)
    Blue Images Presents... 18 Classic Blues Songs from the 1920s vol.6
    Tom Waits - Bone Machine
    Gene Clark - Flying High (disc 1)

    and right now...

    Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra - Other Planes of There
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2008
    it was always "Engine Driver" that got me.

    i've been playing the shit out of my winter mix and listening to lots of golden-age croony rock and surf and stuff while at home with the parents. mostly just watching teevee, though.
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    into 2009?

    it'll be more of the same. Jazz, Blues, Tom Waits, The Flaming Lips, Country, 1960s...

    in fact, i will be playing a show on New Year's, so quite specifically, The British Columbians and whatever other bands we're playing with that night will play me into 2009.
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    Last night's show... many golden oldies, I'm afraid.

    Smoke & Mirrors
    KEUL - 88.9 Girdwood, AK
    KABN- FM 89.7 Kasilof, AK
    Sundays, 7-10pm

    Dec 28, 2008

    Mahmoud Ahmed - Sidetegnash Negn/Samiraye/Endenesh Gedawo

    Matt Haimovitz - Kashmir
    Fred Frith - Nenad
    Ensemble Raye - L'evol du pingouin
    Kaki King - Close Your Eyes & You'll Burst into Flames
    The Accident That Led Me to The World - Time & Space
    Peter Blegvad/John Greaves - Christmas Past

    Mari Boine - Sow Your Gold
    Varttina - Milja
    Nik Bartsch's Ronin - Modul 46
    Tuatara - The Desert Sky
    Humi (Hopper/Cankwell) - Distant Dune
    Harold Budd/Cocteau Twins - Sea, Swallow Me
    David Byrne/Brian Eno - The Lighthouse

    Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove
    801 - Tomorrow Never Knows
    French/Frith/Kaiser/Thompson - Bird in God's Garden/Lost & Found
    Ofra Haza - Barefoot
    Richard Horowitz/Sussan Deyhim - Shadow Maps
    Holger Czukay - Music in The Air

    Soft Machine - Virtually Pt 2
    Jaga Jazzist - I have a ghost, now what?
    Van Der Graff Generator - The Undercover Man
    Art Zoyd - Sortie 134 Part 1
    Pink Floyd - Several Species of Small Furry Animals...
    Ron Geesin - Big Ben's Resolution

    Paul Dresher/Ned Rothenberg - Orient & Tropic
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    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2008
    File them under music to read to:

    Cornelius - Point
    Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
    Captain Beefheart - Doc at the Radar Station
    Night on Earth ST
    Von Südenfed - Tromatic Reflexxions
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    Fugazi - Repeater + 3 Songs
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    last night:
    RED SCARE-strangers die every day lp
    LIFE TRAP-bleak reality 7" (im getting more excited to see them tonight wooo)
    THE FORCE/TRAITORS split 7" (pre AFI, still hardcore)
    MIDDLE CLASS-out of vogue 7" (no, i dont have the original, its a repress...)
    SIR HENRY FIATS BASTARD-your mom is a fucking mongo ep
    SLIPKNOT vol 3 (influenced by this thread)
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    What do you think of vol 3?
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    ive liked most of it (and owned it) since it came out. now that new album....ugh.
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    I like the new album but its definitely a move away from hardcore into more classic rock. More conservative. Less dysfunctional.
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    Sunn>>>O "The Black One"

    Been annoying the family with this over the holidays by claiming it's truly festive music. But no..they keep asking me to put Heigh Ho silver fucking lining back on again.

    REM " Fables of the Reconstruction"

    No idea why. It's a murky grower of an album,and I liked REM when I had no idea what he was going on about.

    Galaxie 500...everything.

    Because nothing says Christmas more than sherry-fuelled air guitar to my favourite narcotic posters.