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    With the impending release of GRAVEL #0 in a few short weeks, I figured we should throw open the doors to comments, critiques and questions regarding the past and future series. I'm Mike Wolfer, the lucky bastard that gets to take Warren's deliciously twisted concepts for GRAVEL and flesh them out into full scripts for artist Raulo Caceres.
    Since his first appearance in STRANGE KISS, William Gravel has been a standout achievement in my career as an illustrator and as I transition from artist to writer, I'm thrilled to be able to "babysit" Warren's high-concept, ass-kicking Combat Magician as we begin to explore the darkest and most disturbing secrets of the Occult Detective. And it's in full color. And monthly. Here's an albeit small taste of what you can expect, the Black Magic variant of GRAVEL #0:
    GRAVEL #0 Black Magic

    One question that is often asked is, "When will the trade be released?" I don't know, but I'm guessing it's going to be a long wait.
    If you're one of those readers who would rather purchase a collected edition, you're going to be missing the monthly adrenaline rush. If that's your choice, sit back and occupy yourself with a nice, steaming bowl of this:


    The rest of us will try not to ruin any surprises for you.

    In the meantime, if anyone has questions or comments about GRAVEL and William Gravel himself, STRANGE KISS, STRANGER KISSES, STRANGE KILLINGS, THE BODY ORCHARD, STRONG MEDICINE or NECROMANCER, the floor is yours!
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    Didn't I have to do an interview about this somewhere?
      CommentAuthorMark Seifert
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007 edited
    Warren, here's one you did:

    I think there was also something for Wizard. Maybe the magazine, I don't see it on the website yet.

    Here's Raulo's GRAVEL artwork and some of Mike's covers also on flickr, color by Greg Waller:
    GRAVEL flickr set

    And some interviews with Mike and other further reading:
    Comic Book Bin
    GRAVEL at
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I'm looking forwards to this and I think it's about the only monthly I'll be ordering in the foreseeable future. The 'pick two stories from Fortean Times, smash them together and throw in one of those blokes who looked great on tv, swinging through the Iranian embassy windows, when you were a kid' approach does work for me.
    • CommentAuthorKunundrum
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    What was/is the body orchard? Am I soposed to only understand it as little as I do?
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2007
    I haven't gotten around to this series much unfortunately, but I will be keeping up with this monthly issue, like Sleepless, and Black Summer.
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    I am so looking foward to this.

    I started with 'Strange Kiss', I don't even know why I ordered it now...maybe I was deranged.
    Maybe my mind has been polluted by comsumer brain-fuck drugs secreted into the ink in copies of Previews.
    Although that sounds like something the Big Three would do.

    Anyway. I've followed these stories from the start, and I just love the character.

    The anticipation creates a quivering in my nether regions.
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    big three?
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    Yeah. The Big Three.

    It's a bit out of date these days (giving away my age).

    The Big Three were: Marvel, DC and Image.

    During the 90's they pretty much attempted to overwhelm any competition.
    Small publishers really struggled to get recognition.

    Heh. Back then I used to read 'Donna Mia' by Avatar. Seems like an age ago.

    It was, I suppose.
      CommentAuthorMike Wolfer
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2007 edited
    How the hell did this topic fall down to the depths of Page 5? I mean, c'mon! Sergeant Major William Fucking Gravel is about to blow your minds! Cue the trumpets and let the eviscerations begin! If you haven't been paying attention, GRAVEL #0 ships in only a few weeks. And if you haven't been paying attention, shame on you. Shame.
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    Oh, I've been paying attention. And I have no shame.

    Will we find out where, when and who/what, trained Gravel to do what he does?
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    Kunundrum: "The Body Orchard" was a six-issue STRANGE KILLINGS mini-series that saw print in 2002, now collected in the trade paperback format. The Body Orchard itself is (to use an overused phrase that we can all grasp) an alternate dimension of sorts, or maybe it's not. It's a refuge for those trained in combat magic, where weapons and ammunition literally grow on trees. The Combat Magicians traverse to the Body Orchard to replenish their supplies, both mechanical and magical. The corpses of unnamed others litter the serene landscape as ghost warriors drift through the azure skies above, and bullets can be pulled from the bleeding pulp within vaginal, pod-like growths that cling to the trees. Now there's a visual for you. Check out the trade when you get a chance.

    Spiraltwist: With the unlimited potential of the ongoing, monthly format, we'll certainly have the time, space and ability to more fully explore Gravel's hidden secrets. I can't say, however, that we'll learn everything about him, but if you pay close attention (and carefully read all of the previous series), you might pick up clues here and there that illuminate the shrouded origin of the Sergeant Major. Our first story arc in GRAVEL should give you quite a bit to chew on, as we directly address the occult background of Gravel and his ties to the others like himself, The Minor Seven, Britain's Occult Detectives.
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    I'd planned on re-reading all the different series, so I will look for clues.

    Thank you.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Are you going to be sticking to real world inspirations for the stories - like the Peterhead Prison riot and 'Adam' etc?
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    Taking a more folkloric approach to this one.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Any influences you'd care to reveal at this stage?
    • CommentAuthorKunundrum
    • CommentTimeDec 5th 2007
    Thanks Mike. I got all the books, I just didn't quite understand what the hell that place was, or used for, more than traveling.
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2007
    Alright, I posted a question to the other GRAVEL thread that really belonged in this one. My question was: is this the same sort of working arrangement that you (Mike Wolfer) and Warren Ellis used with Strange Kiss and Stranger Kisses (and the others I will now have to catch up on)...but I see now that it is not.

    You, Mike, are transitioning into writing...does this mean that you will eventually be doing both art and writing or is this a permanent transition?
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    Actually, Kim, I've been a writer since I began my comics career back in 1987, but I do understand what you're asking specific to GRAVEL. Although the artist on the new series is the very talented Raulo Caceres, I am supplying various covers, and if my schedule permits I'll do interior artwork on a fill-in here or there.

    Interestingly, I've done much more writing in the last three or four years than I have drawing, but my name is still mostly synonymous with art. Along with writing my early DAIKAZU, WIDOW and RAGDOLL series, my writing resume includes FRIDAY THE 13TH, ESCAPE/PLAGUE/NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD and my script work for Warren on the STRANGE KILLINGS minis. It has me scratching my head at times, that the volume of written work I've produced has somehow been overlooked. Maybe everyone has just assumed that Avatar's crack production team has been screwing up and listing me by accident on credits pages! (I expect Mark Seifert to inject a comment here...) ;)
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2007
    Mike, I am often amazed at how fast one can get pigeonholed, but, if you love it, keep on keeping on and the thick-headed populous will eventually notice...if not, the next step involves blunt instruments...unfortunately,it seems apparent that I am one of those thick-headed persons, however, I have seen the light now and will actively look for your name as both artist and writer and not think it's a typo on Avatar's part, ;-)

    Your approach, as outlined in the other thread for GRAVEL, is it easier to keep to your technique for scene changes and reveals with the way you and Warren Ellis are working or are you always able to squeeze in/spread out using the same methodology?