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    user GINJA says this:

    We talk here now:

    To connect and talk just click the link above. If you know how to use IRC then the information you need to connect is below. I am your admin, and your moderators are Atavistian, Jess and Taphead. Please contact them if you need any help. Unless told otherwise the rules in the chatroom are the same as the forum. Please be aware that not everyone connected is there talking at any given time and that some people may be connected while at work.

    room: #whitechapel



    As an experiment, we've stuck a chatroom onto the side of Whitechapel. You can see it in the left-hand menubar there -- Whitechapel Market.

    Ignore the hideous ads. This is a test run to see if it is enjoyed. Should we decide to adopt the chatroom permanently, we'll probably embed it into the fabric of Whitechapel so that we can lose the ads.

    Back in the days of my first online community, we had a chatroom that was positively lived in 24/7.

    Play with it. It has all kinds of odd functions. It even looks like it has a RSS call.

    Report your findings.

    -- W
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    Going online right now - great idea, Warren
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    Oh boy.
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    A lovely little gadget to get through the day with.
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    the widget doesn't load much of anything under the latest safari. Loading it up in camino yields the expected results though. so yay, i guess.
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    Widget works for me with Safari 3.04 on Leopard. Takes a few seconds to 'establish' itself on screen, but then is easy to move or resize.
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    mm might be the safari adblock thingee then. aah macs.

    edit : also, i just found out i read dumber in real time especially with a few pints in me belly in a chat room. there should be an ethyl test right before you log on (and if you fail your name has your avatar with a funny hat on as an icon)
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    If there was a sobriety test to sign on to MBs & chatrooms, the intarweb's IQ would shoot up about 75 points....
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    Seems real solid except for the fact opening ANY link spawns a new room.
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    I can see this being very addictive...
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    I enjoy the toy. It is still in one piece.
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    Switched from IE6 to FireFox because I kept getting an odd script error that was kicking me off. (thanks guys & gals). Name colors can be interesting because you get the next color in the spectrum when you log in. Will was cute in pink. Sound was a PIA, so I've left it on mute. I like the fact you can "mute" a single person so you can't see their rants, but you can still talk with everyone else. As Jtraub has said, the new room with new link is annoying (which you said will disapear anyway). I figured that's a balance for the ads. Icons are nice to have with a name, so you can see who you are talking to. The last time I did chat was MIRC, over a decade ago. Kinda of comparing what I remember to this. Other than not finding a private chat feature (which I wouldn't recommend cause I can just imagine all the solicitations you'd get) it seems pretty solid. I'd like to get more people in there to see how it handles the load. Yes, break it and put it back together.
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    I mentioned the new chat opening with links to Ariana earlier. Her response was that she wasn't aware if it could be disabled, but made the point that it is a handy feature (if multiple people click on a link you can all discuss it in the new chat window without "polluting" the main chat).

    Additionally, pink is not my color.
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    I opened up the chat dealie briefly, but there didn't seem to be anyone else there.
    Kind of like real life that way.
    Hello people of (internet)Whitechapel..... maybe next time.
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    Hell, pink isn't MY color either. ;) I can see the how the link set up could work. I just found it very distracting because I didn't want a new chat room opening.


    Sorry to miss you there. Keep stopping in, you never know who will be there. :)
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    So if we click on a link we all spawn to the same new chat room - not just all end up in new one person ones?

    Ok, that is more a feature then a bug.
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    Every so often I get a msg :

    System Message:
    Connection is broken.
    Please refresh your browser.

    I suspect it's my router doing it's pain in the bum thing, but I'm not sure.
    Anyone else getting it?
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    Yes, I've gotten it twice.