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    Hope you're feeling better.

    Thanks. I am. Will be in the chat tonight.
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    Ariana, I know the chat is hosted off site, but is there any sort of widget that can be installed to give people on the forums a sense of how many people are in there at any given time? It's pretty active at the moment, but I think there'd generally be a bigger draw if people could see that others were in there.
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    @Jess - excellent idea.
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    I'm fairly sure we didn't find a call in the API for that.
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    I think the organic act of people checking to see who is in there helps in some ways.

    An active users count is nice, but can also result in some odd behavior - either killing chat because its 1 or 0 and nobody wants to be first in, or causing stampedes.
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    I think the organic act of people checking to see who is in there helps in some ways.

    Mmm. Point.
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    All I have to say is: Tractor Cow Carp. god. We're reformatting language.
    Conspiracy Carp was Right!
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    HA! I'm sorry I missed this.
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    It looks funnier here. I promise.
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    JT- your opinion is noted. I for one laughed quite a bit at Carps, Tractors, Cows and their various nefarious machinations as they attempted world takeover.
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    Roo, I more meant the bot encounter.
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    ah. I was in math land for that. I would have preferred the bot to the millionty maths.
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    Z suggested in chat that we could have general discussion topics scheduled for certain times (6-8EST) on some nights to promote more... chatters...and discussion of a less idl sort. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I think open topic discussion in chat might be interesting.
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    I like the idea, though 6-8 EST might be iffy as a meaningful time frame.

    My I propose we instead have a general topic of the day on some days, with an underlying notion to encourage chat about it during prime time hours - what ever those turn out to be.
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    Jtraub- good idea. I would also like to second a proposal of Politics being left out of the list of general topics, as much as possible; ie, not going out of your way to bring it up.
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    Roo: I would tend to disagree with the idea of politics being left out of general topics. There are some damned well informed people here and I think it'd be interesting to see them go at it in real time.
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    I'm glad I missed that.
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    Ben ...I'm just wary of people getting snappy or upset about things.