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    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2009
    i figured i'd throw this into the blog, as i honestly don't know how well this is gonna go, but...

    doing a ton of mindless cleaning at work today got me thinking about whitechapel. i won't bore you with my line of thought, but the idea of doing some kind of charity thing as a community struck me. this is seriously the only message board i've felt comfortable being on. it really is a community, and i think something like this would be really, REALLY cool.
    my initial conclusion: a wall calendar. yes, it's totally cliche, but bear with me.
    the art would be drawings from some of the wonderfully talented artists here... and i'm thinking they should be cheesecake of some of the wonderfully attractive ladies here.
    the first charity that came to mind was the comic book legal defense fund, but whatever we all could agree on.

    the biggest snag i see is all the legal stuff. since whitechapel is run by avatar, i'd have to assume they'd be involved. which is cool. i just don't know what kind of... i don't know, legal stuff might come up. like, say ben templesmith wants to contribute a tastefully nude self-portrait (purely hypothetical). since he writes for idw, would he legally be able to?

    let me know if i'm way off base here, i just figured it be worse to have an idea and never acknowledge it than to get it out there and have it shot down.
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    let me toss something out in response to that, making it clear that this is me personally talking, nothing "official" or probably even particularly well thought out -- I have occasionally had passing, informal "wouldn't that be cool" thoughts about a group project vaguely along those lines. But even setting aside the very important consideration of whether or not Warren would want to do that, and various organizational and legal issues of which there would probably be many -- there's one thing that gives me pause about doing something like this: you'd probably end up having to leave some people out who wanted to participate due to space considerations, and no matter how fairly you decide, that might create hard feelings and conflict. Then it goes from being a cool and fun group project to being a bad experience for some people.

    I hate to seem like I'm shooting your idea down here, and goodness knows it wouldn't be up to me in any case. But I did give this a little thought recently, thinking about whether it was workable, and just concluded there's a bunch of reasons it might not be.

    That said, if some people here get together and go off and work on some creative project of any kind, I think that's awesome. I really want to encourage people to follow their creative impulses here as for me that's part of what this place is about. It's when you try to make it a "this is a board project" type of thing that issues that would require some very careful thought come into play.

    And like I said, my personal opinion only. Warren or William may well read all that and reply, "no, that's all rubbish".
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2009
    Hey! Why only the ladies? I am a Mustachioed Love God! And I'll gladly get naked for a red apple! (If you want to pay me to keep my clothes on, that's cool too.)
    • CommentAuthorcas9574
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2009
    I'm certain something of the sort could be done. I'm sure there's a way to avoid using the whitechapel associated trademark violations. As far as leaving people out, we could probably have one of the brilliant readers create and host a chose your own calendar app. That way anyone that wished to contribute could have a piece of artwork in a pool people can pick from. Then it's just a matter of requiring certain formatting and file sizing for entries and people can purchase a file with their chosen pictures that's printable at any local print shop with no manipulation required. No one gets left out, there's no licensing problem, as long as none of the artwork contains FA's, and besides there's plenty of gorgeous FA fans. The good Miss Britt included.