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    C'mon, people, your Internet Jesus and the Shambling Convention Monkey probably wore out their holy hands for this, show 'em it got there. You and the book, preferably.
    Show us the signed WIN

    Mine will not remain in bed with me. It will act as the buffer I needed between The Complete Calvin and Hobbes and Never a Dull Day. I fear the Boy, Tiger, and Sgt. Major plotting together...
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    @ D Edward - You sir, rock. Thanks to you and everyone else who so graciously supported our mad-plan for FreakAngels world domination by buying this Signed edition. Now let's see those photos!
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2009 edited

    One to read and re-read and sink into and live inside. The other to remain in the nice plastic bag where I can't drool on it.

    As for juxtaposition, in my vision it sits on the shelf between my copy of Moby Dick and my hardcover episode guide to BBC's The Prisoner. No idea what that signifies.
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    Good taste.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2009
    Sometimes you can get a bonus in a signed hardcover if you ask nicely (and the artist is around to do it)

    and yes I bought 2, one softcover and one signed hardcover
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    been meaning to post this for some time, just got to it this morning.