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    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2008
    So here's the list of everything that should have shipped from Diamond today.

    I picked up: The Spirit #12, Ghost Rider #19, Killing Pickman #2, The Un-Men #6, India Authentic #8, The Twelve #1, Amazing Spider-Man #546, and The Evil Dead #1. I also picked up the new issue of Heavy Metal (March 2008) when it arrived at the warehouse from the printer a week or two ago.

    Last issue for the creative teams on both The Spirit and Ghost Rider. Curious how those arcs are wrapping up. The Twelve looks pretty good too; Straczynski is taking a bunch of old Golden-Age heroes in the public domain and transporting them to the modern day.

    The current issue of Heavy Metal is a pretty good one. The main story, "Lola Cordova" reminded me a lot of the comic Cassanova. Not quite as classy, but just as sexy and plenty of fun.

    What are you folks getting this week?
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    The Boys #14 and the Nextwave TPB Vol. 2.
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    BPRD 1946 - outstanding already.
    Ghost Rider
    Gravel - excellento
    Doc Sleepless - starting to kick
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    I'm picking up Fell #9 and Doktor Sleepless #4 since my comic store sold the copy I had reserved.