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    I'm doing fine, and feeling, oddly, as though I can take whatever 2009 throws my way.

    My sympathies are actually starting to lean towards the perpetually picked on Luke and the inevitably doomed outsiders, weirdly enough. The fact that I was listening to Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek while reading may have influenced that opinion a little. Still, though, I wonder how many of these people are other Alices. I wonder what Luke would really be capable of if he wasn't such a misanthropic creep.
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    "I'm feeling sorry for unfortunate Luke, even if he is a bastard, he's a funny bastard and one who is clearly about a million times more intelligent than his stupid shortsighted overreactionary peers. And he just keeps getting beaten up."

    It's true, Luke is the most intellectual of the bunch, and he's getting kicked out of the clubhouse. The ban seems largely self-imposed, however, and his attitude does nothing to help in terms of reconciliation with the others. He's an idealistic prick who thinks might makes right, and that power dictates authority. It's obvious from the way he sees no problem with using powers of persuasion on that ex of his to get what he wants. He'll probably end up being the next Mark because of that, which is why he deserves every blow to the head--or balls--that Jack and Kirk see fit to give to him. It's just a shame Arkady couldn't cure him of his assholism when she gave him a sample of an overdose.

    The problem with thinking he's behind the attack, though, is that Mark could have just as easily been guiding their actions as Luke could have been. He was a Freakangel after all; he would have known where the cave was. It's more logical to just assume Mark gave them the angle and exact location when they were making the attack. Either that, or he's screening himself nearby, and he was the one guiding the shot, if it was guided at all.

    Luke's a cunt, but he has no real motive for taking a chunk out of the group's building.
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    I don't believe for one moment that Luke is innocent. His behavior with his ex-girlfriend already showed us how vindictive he is. He responded to each of their statements as if he was guilty... Jack: "You did it, didin't you?" Luke: "Prove it.." Jack: "...Sirkka could have been hurt." Luke: "No she couldn't..." (instead of defending the idea that he wasn't involved, he was trying to make it into no big deal) Then when they brought up that Alice was in there: "Fuck the new girl..." (Who cares if she got killed, right?) again not saying he didn't do it. I still hold him as my least favorite FreakAngel.

    On the otherhand, while I like the vast majority of them, their resemblance to the Midwich Cuckoos becomes ever more visible. I'm just waiting for them to make someone kill themselves. I want to continue to like them, but they kill without a second thought, and they weren't openly billed as the villains of the drama (though, I suppose their own subtext points to it a bit). I understand the need to kill in defense of themselves and "their people", it's a survivalist setting, but they could benifit from a shred of humanity in their egocentric personalities. We'll see how things go.
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    Paul, beautiful Kait/gunshot panel. I loved the lighting and the shadows on the walls behind her.
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    I'd just call him contemptuous, rather than assume he's hiding something. If you'd had a day as bad as he's had so far, you'd be pretty standoffish. Besides, it's not like he really has any evidence to offer over something like that, only his word. If I had two people coming at me out of the woodwork with accusations, I'd be as cold and noncooperative with them as possible. You do have a point on his reaction to possible harm; they're not exactly 'friends' (as Luke put it a few panels later) when you don't care whether or not one of them gets hit by a mortar shell. But even with that, I'm not quite ready to judge on appearance.

    I still think all roads lead to Mark. Considering the underhanded shit he pulled before with New Cross and the Marauders earlier, this just seems like another notch in the bedpost for him.
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    Like The Authority, I'm getting the feeling that the FreakAngels are the bad guys. Mark's just the worst of the bunch.
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    I think the angels are a bit more shades of grey than that, and I don't think they all think the same way at all as regards what is considered to be 'reasonable force'. If it were Conner and Arkady that came across the mortar team I don't think we would've seen lungs out the ribcage from them. Maybe past-Arkady would've, but it does seem she's had some sort of epiphany since.
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    @Foley - It just seemed, to me, to be more evasive/redirection focussed than deliberately obnoxious. It's one thing to be an argumentative asshole, it's another to practicaly admit to it by not arguing the point at all and simply playing down the seriousness of it. I am also still hoping the plot isn't entirely Mark-centric. I like the idea that he's a serious threat, and that he's behind a lot, but I've never liked the every-bad-thing-that-happens-is-set-up-by-me villain.

    @Mclean - I'm willing to believe the story will go twisty; with them being the bad guys, though that might change how we view Mark entirely. He may not be the worst, he may just be desperate to bring them down.
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    The more I read this, the more I'm thinking Mark's "crime" was going against the status quo, theres evidence that hes not the worlds nicest individual, I don't think he and Luke are so far removed and in that, I don't think they are so far removed from the others, As Luke points out, the FA wiped out most of humanity Directly or indirectly. I think so far we've been seeing the FreakAngels through rose tinted glasses, theres plenty of evidence that the Clique thinks might makes right which might give an indication as to why Luke is tolerated. Panel 4 on page 2 suggests that Luke is perhaps not the punching bag that hes so far appeared to be.
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    I thought I'd missed an episode. The thread says 41 but the first page says 40. Phew!
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    I'll ride out '09 for a while... especially because there'll be a new Doctor in '10 and I'm not ready to say goodbye to David Tennent just yet.

    Woke up to my computer being fucked... almost didn't make it to FreakAngels today, which would have probably ruined my day.

    I don't see the 'Angels as possibly being the bad guys. They're just REALLY overprotective of their quiet little neighbourhood. And I do feel bad for Luke getting all the crap just for being an asshole. I'll bet Arkady knows who did what. And I'll bet Sirkka knows it wasn't Luke, but isn't saying anything because she hates him, Jack hates him, and she loves Jack...
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    Woke up very late yet again. 09 isn't the problem, I am. I'm letting myself still be in a lull from feeling so useless in 08 that 09 is slipping by. Maybe it's a shitfest, maybe it'll contain all my dreams. Hard to say when I can't get myself out of bed.

    Yeah, see last week's gore didn't bother me but this week I felt a twinge for the poor bastard that trusted Kait. Luckily, we were warned that she's both a bad ass and certifiably insane. That she knew a bullet was coming her way, turned, drew a bead and calmly asked a question before shooting the guy says everything about the ice water that she uses as blood. This is just me, I feel bad for people I get to see as human who then take a bad turn. (It's just a feeling, it's not a judgment.) However small the interaction there was, it was there. There was no interaction with the folks who turned into mincemeat last week.

    Anyway, fucking Luke. And fucking time! I want to know the FA backstory! AUGH! It's itching inside my skull. They all knew each other. So the FA were a phenomenon only in London...? They got to know each other because of their powers, or through getting to know each other they also gained powers (e.g. they met through a clinical drug test)? All we know is they were born at exactly the same time and grew up in London. And that they knew each other, look strikingly different from other people (skinny, pale skin, purple-ish hair & eyes) and were hunted for it. Though whether they were really tracked down like dogs and locked up or beaten to death, or merely faced getting lots of dirty looks and occasionally the hurled sticks and stones from little boys isn't clear.

    It's interesting to me that the mortar group were in one area and the gunman (and grenadier?) was somewhere else, specifically stalking Kait (or a lone 'Angel). I'm curious to know where Alice is in all this.
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    Right - very interesting points guys, but I'd like to propose my idea that Mark is actually a good guy :D
    Just looking at the facts, the stuff we really know for sure, one can say:

    1) Mark is voted out of the FA community for using mind control on the populace.
    2) Kirk & Karl follow him with the intention of killing him. The seemingly pacifistic Karl who we are introduced to as a character who is happy just to grow his plants, had no quarrel in killing a childhood friend. Or at least, he believes he has killed him. Either way, the intention to murder is there.

    Now look, objectively at Luke:

    3) Luke is introduced as a lovable tramp who just wants a bit of food. He gets stamped in the cock by Kirk. Very painful, believe me ladies.
    4) In anger at having his clothes burned by his gf (and I sympathise because my ex is also a twisted bitch), he uses his mind voodoo to get the aforementioned girl to... (drum roll please)... open a door for him, so he can get some food and get his stuff back.
    5) The others including Arkady react to this shocker as if he'd raped a truck of babies with a swiss-army knife.
    6) Everyone treats him like a 'parasite' even though his is never shown <em>actually</em> doing anything particularly wrong.
    7) And frankly who doesn't want a bit of revenge on a horrible ex-girlfriend. If I had FA powers I'd make Luke look like Jesus of Nazareth. I'd do a lot more than getting someone to open a door and let me in.

    Now if for a moment I can examine the FAs hypocrisy:

    8) Arkady, Kirk, Karl, Purple, KK, Caz - they all seem to find Luke's behavior shocking, but they have no problem killing gratuitously. (Okay, <s>Delirium</s> Arkady hasn't killed anyone, she <em>just</em> tortured someone).
    9) Have we <u>seen</u> Luke, or Mark for that matter actually do anything violent? (Remember, memories can be implanted and false).

    Leading to:

    10) Luke & Mark are the good guys, but misunderstood. The other FAs are murderous hypocritical detestable twats. Oh, and I've read The Midwich Cuckoos, and guess what... the Cuckoos are the bad guys. Their eyes shine brightly and they kill anyone who stands in their way. They have <u>no</u> empathy.

    Remind you of anyone?

    And also, before I forget, how many K's are there: Kirk, Karl, Arkady, KK, Miki, Jack, Sirkka, Kait.

    <s>Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, Delirium.</s> No, No, NO. Bad Darkly!
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    And also, before I forget, how many K's are there: Kirk, Karl, Arkady, KK, Miki, Jack, Sirkka, Kait.

    Listen for hard-C sounds, rather than look for K's. You'll get a full twelve that way.

    Also, I suspect your ex-girlfriend was a remarkably patient woman.

    Presuming, of course, that you did have an actual relationship with her, as opposed to just following her around.
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    Hi, Ariana. No, I'm not ready to write off 2009 just yet. The new year still feels like a scuffed toy that I haven't fully played with yet.

    At last, we get back to the confrontation with Luke. His whole "fuck your survival agenda" attitude made me feel for the moment that he may not be in league with Mark. But in its way, it can be just as destructive to the survival of the FA community. Foraging for leftovers from the pre-flood society or mooching off of others can only take you so far in getting by. That hostility, I think, informs Jack's attitude towards Luke.

    I'm also curious as to what happened to the other normal humans previously adopted by the FAs. Were they killed or mind-wiped by the FAs? Come to think of it, what's Alice been doing all this time?
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    I'm not in any hurry to skip through this year, yet. That could change at any moment.

    As for FA, I can't shake the feeling I'm missing something out of the picture. Too many things are too obvious. I don't trust the obvious.
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    Struck a nerve there, did I Warren? :P

    I have that effect on <a href="">other</a> people too.

    Re: Girlfriends - Love is a prickly and tenacious beasty, hate doubly so.
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    I keep wanting to like Luke even when he acts like a prick.

    Warren is going to withhold that magical flashback (or few) that start to explain what happened in the days or months previous to the day's time in the present. I suspect that Luke, while not exactly withholding information, hasn't pushed the point about things he thinks may be about to happen in the future since the other 10 aren't too keen on listening to him.
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    Oh yes, Luke's a peach. Except for not admitting to any of his multiple counts of assholery, constantly and disproportionally lashing out at anyone that slights him, and rolling belly up like a hurt puppy when confronted with his actions.

    Luke put himself in the position of chewing toy so he wouldn't have to be nice or helpful to anyone, and everyone was happy to oblige.
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    Struck a nerve there, did I Warren? :P

    No, I just like mocking the afflicted. You appear to be the community's new comedy midget.