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    Comedy midget with flowing brown hair ;P
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2009
    See, they got rid of Mark because he Broke the Rules and Was An Asshole. That was a hard decision, apparently. So difficult they decided to kill him. Apparently, it didn't work. (Did it?)

    Luke is An Asshole and He's Broken the Rules. Getting rid of him will be easier: nobody likes him. Then, once he's gone, everybody is a happy little family. Who's next to be ostracized? KK? She's a bit of a bitch, no? Karl? Kurt? Kait? Caz? Sirrka? (Is she mind-controlling her harem? She isn't? Like Luke said - "Prove it.")
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    I'm not comfortable with how easily the freakangels kill, but there's no way I'd defend Luke. And if Mark is worse than Luke? No desire to defend him either. Luke strikes me as emotionally abusive and manipulative. I've lived with that and it's hell. I'm not even factoring in his intelligence. I have little mercy for those who think they don't have to respect other people's boundaries.
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    I do find it interesting that there seems to be a certain amount of mind control that is permissible (in Episode 39 Sirkka has that line about "Kait going about her business" when talking about Luke's power spike), but where is the line drawn where they've gone too far? Or is this a point of internal contention, where some think no mind control should be used at all, and others (Kait, probably) think that just a little bit here and there (to suppress potential violence, and keep the community stable?), is a necessary evil?

    Obviously Luke's usage tends more towards the dangerously sociopathic (and frankly his dream lecture back in, iirc, Episode 2 should've earned him a solid thrashing, if only for coming too close to revealing their powers to too many people). It seems like post-Mark, a firm 'Stay Out of Their Brains. Period.' policy should have been enacted, just to keep them away from that slippery slope.
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    Like Arkady said, they were going to kill him if Luke was allowed to go through with raping his ex, but because of Arkady's intervention he's merely in very hot water.
    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2009
    I feel they're being set up as "Bad Guys" when they were hurt kids with powers unguessed ... and they're now doing good anyway. I think Mark and Luke are Bad and wannabe Bad respectfully.

    That people want to kill them still seem clear.
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    "No Empathy" ? And how do you explain, their loving care over White Chapel, and the very fact that Alice is still ALIVE. No empathy, indeed.

    And as for "lovable tramp" I think mayhaps you are reading the wrong comic? Because The Luke I see is an ass that no one can stand. he didnt start out bad, but one of his intelligence is just ill equipped when it comes to a social life. And eventually, the other around him stop trying to connect and leave him be. This, in turn really irks him and.... Here the guided mortar blowing into the freakcave. Maybe he didn't intend to follow in Marks footsteps, but he is headed there fast.

    And Karl deciding to help Kirk kill Mark without the knowledge of the other... Kirk isnt overly complicated. He saw the threat, and while the others decided that maybe Mark would learn a lesson and regret whatever it is he did- Kirk had no such illusions. To protect his family, he went for the simple solution- Kill the threat. Just like the Angels are doing now.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009
    The biggest danger from superhumans comes from the "human" portion.

    Is Luke a manipulative asshole? Sure. But can you still feel empathy for him? Sure you can. There were eleven (now ten) other people in the world the Luke counted as closer than family, and they've rejected him. Kirk wouldn't give him so much as a piece of bread, KK blew him off when he wanted to help with the new Mark situation and Arkady brainburned him when all he wanted was to retrieve his clothing and get back just a little piece of his dignity. Fuck them. And fuck that blank-brained little cunt who, by the by, came into Whitechapel with a fucking shotgun aiming to kill us all. How is it she gets to go to the Freakcave and eat strawberries? Where the fuck are my strawberries? And why doesn't anybody listen to me anymore? I guess the only way to get you people to pay attention to me is to get in your faces so you have to...

    Oh-kay, Luke just took over my brain a little bit, but you get the idea.
    • CommentAuthorLA_Gomez
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009
    But they didn't kill Mark. He is obviously alive. So why the lie? Could they be in cahoots with him?
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009
    The second panel, 5th page, that bullet tracing over her head; very very nice. Nice use of power, nice writing, and nice art. I like.
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    I've got no problem with any of the Freakangels' actions so far. They live in an incredibly violent world, as Alice can attest to, and everyone they've killed has tried to kill them first. People who come to Whitechapel get welcomed in, people who attack get killed. The Freakangels would be perfectly happy to be left alone to rebuild their corner of the world if people would just stop shooting at them. That's a self-centered stance, of course, because the world they broke is in a horrible state, but it doesn't make them The Bad Guys.

    Luke tried to rape a girl earlier in the day. They keep hitting him because they know he's the kind of person who is inclined towards this kind of action, even if Arkady didn't let anyone know it finally happened. I don't know how much of a prick he's been over the years but it seems like he's been getting worse over time. I honestly hope Luke can pull out of his downward spiral, but he's alienated a lot of people at this point.

    So, no sympathy for the cannon fodder or Luke at this point from me. Maybe there will be info later to change my mind, but so far there's no reason to see the Freakangels as the bad guys. Other than destroying the world, of course.
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    :) Wow, plot discussion has really boiled up over the last few weeks.
    Those who have been doing so should stop trying to frame all the characters as "good guys" and "bad guys"! Isn't it enough that the story itself frames the majority of the Freakangels as the protagonists and Mark (and Luke to a certain extent) as the antagonists. Whether they're each good guys or bad guys comes down to how readers individually judge their actions as presented by the story. In this way a reader's response to the characters says more about their own moral alignment.
    EDIT: although as my girlfriend just pointed put, I guess it does matter, since based on your moral judgement of the characters the story will read in different ways. Well, they don't have to be morally pure to be rooted for!
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009 edited
    Luke is going to present a problem to the FA. A Mark-level problem. So, what, they vote? And then there were ten. (Maybe eleven - we ALL KNOW Mark's alive - DON'T WE? Or do we?)

    KK better quit it with the horrid shagging of boys from Lambeth Road or she'll be next.

    Are they all going to turn on each other? Sirkka loves Jack, who loves her BUT JUST HER. Luke's a cunt, KK's a bit of a loose cannon, Miki's a stuck-up bitch, Kait's a psycho ... Connor hasn't had much to say or do yet. Kirk and Karl are of one mind, it seems. Caz? Who's she aligned with? Everybody? Nobody? And what role does Alice play in all this?

    Very interesting, as Arte Johnson used to say. (And still might, although I believe he's dead.)
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    Interesting how the assumptions we built up about the characters over the first section are now being twisted, reversed or undermined; knows a thing or two about writing, that Ellis bloke. I have a feeling it'll be a long time before we find ourselves really sure of anything about the FAs.

    2009 is, strangely enough, not sucking at all so far. I am tensed to strike at the minute things go awry, however. :)
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    I'm beginning to wonder if their empathy comes from guilt over the state of their world. It will be interesting to find out how the world got that way.
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    To defend Kait on the mind-control front: I'd think that there's minor levels of mind-control with the harem, but, given what we've seen of their policies toward mental control so far, I'd assume that they're 1) willing participants and 2) it's things like libido boosts and mental orgasms and the like.

    They seem to stick to that policy, by-and-large, since they easily could have just mentally forced the invaders to explain things. Instead, they killed half of them, and then threatened the other two who they did capture momentarily with death, and then tearing out their internal organs.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009
    Just saw Daviddarkly's theory post.

    Jesus. You're probably one of those people who rooted for Ozymandias when you read Watchmen.

    @Indigo Rose:

    I think Mark's behind the brunt of it, yeah, and despite his asshole attitude, Luke's not a co-conspirator. As singular and one-sided, as boring as it is to have one villain in a story, perhaps Mark's picking up on the fact that Luke's an outsider and, seeing this as an opportunity to gain a potential ally, is making the attack look like Luke's doing in order to ostracize him from the others. Strategically, it makes sense. And, again, given Luke's intellect and already less than sunny disposition towards non-FA people, he'd make a powerful ally.

    Best way to deal with an enemy force is to split them up, yes?

    The funny thing is, I keep reading speculation as to how Mark could be a "good guy".

    This is a person who kills a family, and brainwashes the surviving sister to go to town and kill his old friends. After that fails, he takes the guns he scores off the gunrunning brothers and gives them to the Marauders and New Cross, controlling their minds to form a partnership between each other, sending -them- to Whitechapel with that plan failing miserably. After that, he then warps the minds of a refugee camp to mortar and gun the town.

    Yeah, they kicked him out because he interrupted the status quo. He interrupted it by trying to play God. Last time I checked, taking control of another person's brain wasn't a very nice thing to do. Mark likes to do it. Often. Now that Luke's had a taste of that, it's not looking good for him, either. Oh, and Mark likes to kill people, too, for reasons other than self-defense. There's another clue.

    The group doesn't necessarily qualify as villains, unless you're holding them to the standard of saints. Yeah, they kill. I was under the impression that that's what you do when the fucking world ends. Peace, love, and understanding don't really factor in a world where people kill each other over food and supplies.

    Difference when the Freakangels killed: if you were in charge of a town, would you let armed outsiders run amok, shooting up everything and everyone they see? That's irresponsible, at best. You've got civilians to protect. They rely on you for safety. Acting as a gang, would you let them get away with attacking your territory? What kind of message do you send to everyone else outside your territory if you do? "Attack us at will and you get a slap on the wrist"? You don't enforce your domain, you're just inviting more attacks, putting the people and the resources you protect at even greater risk.

    Jack said it best: you don't win a fight by having the other person admit you're the better man. You win by hitting him so goddamn hard, he can't get back up again. This is all they're doing. Self-defense and retaliation. Hardly the case with Mark.

    It's not really fair to judge that world to the standards of the one we live in, where food can be readily obtained and the rule of law still triumphs over basic human instinct.
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2009 edited
    Jesus. You're probably one of those people who rooted for Ozymandias when you read Watchmen.

    What, you don't think stopping nuclear annihilation by dropping a giant psychic deathtopus on New York City was a good thing?

    The funny thing is, I keep reading speculation as to how Mark could be a "good guy".

    This is a person who kills a family, and brainwashes the surviving sister to go to town and kill his old friends. After that fails, he takes the guns he scores off the gunrunning brothers and gives them to the Marauders and New Cross, controlling their minds to form a partnership between each other, sending -them- to Whitechapel with that plan failing miserably. After that, he then warps the minds of a refugee camp to mortar and gun the town.

    That's an excellent chain of persuasive reasoning - if any of it turns out to be true.
    • CommentAuthorZaratustra
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2009
    Draco In Leather Pants Syndrome.

    Please stay tuned for Luke/Mark/Mary Sue bisexual threesome fanfiction.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2009
    Previously on FreakAngels....

    So it’s becoming clearer that the FreakAngels are more powerful and less benevolent than were hitherto assumed. Who was responsible for the mortar attack on the cave? It has to be an FA, or someone with an intimate knowledge of FAs. Most of the FAs assume that Mark is behind this, but Kirk thinks he’s killed Mark. So:

    1. Kirk is lying
    2. Kirk is too weak (these FA guys do seem to be capable of murder)
    3. Mark is too strong (Obi-Wan)
    4. Mark is dead and one of the other FAs is setting him up as a stooge – unaware that he’s a FreakStiff

    So who is the Skrull/ FreakTraitor?

    Luke – I am sure is not involved. Too obvious. And a complete tnuc.
    Arkady – probably not, although given we don’t know huge amounts of back story, perhaps the FreakTraitor is the hero of the piece?

    BTW Alice has a red top with “AG” on the front. Most red tops in Manchester have “AIG” on the front, AIG being the sponsors of Manchester United. Manchester United is a football (“soccer”) club which is responsible for most of the evil in today’s world.

    Iraq, yes that was Man U. Al Qaeda – also Man U. Credit crunch – guess what, Man U.

    If Alice’s top is a dystopian Man U top, then the mystery is solved; Alice is evil and probably in league with the FreakTraitor. Easy. Problem solved.

    @ Buddhabutter : Totally KM
    @ razrangel Why does everyone have a K in the name? Suggests that the FreakAngels’ parents /creators were in on the gag....
    @Daviddarkly agree with you completely – Arkady is Delirium