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    Congratulations everyone on pulling this together.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2011
    Thanks for the kind words guys! I'm very honoured to work with such talented writers and artists, and the whole process has been verymuch a steep and enjoyable learning curve! Thanks again to Cunabula, UncouthRooth, Paul Sizer, Twitter crew and Citruscreed for help and assistance!
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2011
    I love. Love love love love. How you rendered the telepathic speech in "Mister Sticks". I showed my wife, and she said "AAAA TAKE IT AWAY IT SCARES ME". I said, "That's good! It's a horror story!"

    I'm also trying to get her to submit some of her photography--her underestimation of her own skills is formidable, though.
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    I am a consumer! I have consumed digital goods.

    Damn, got to get something written for the next issue!
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2011
    Thanks guys, glad you're digging it!
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    The third weekly chapter of A Wicked Little Town is live today at the Weaponizer site...

    Page 1
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    Ok, I've got to toot the horn just a little here, we've just got a write up at CBR...
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012 edited

    I'm now commissioning content for the new Weaponizer Magazine. For those of you who missed the first one, it's still available. If you haven't seen the site before, we publish Fiction and other weirdness - we're coming back online for 2012 very shortly, after recruiting a few new editors. First things first though - I'd like to invite the denizens of Whitechapel to contribute to the magazine. The deadline is the end of February. I've emailed previous contributors, now I'm opening up the submissions to the talented folk who hang out here.

    There are a few differences from the last time, let me go over them.

    The magazine will be smaller - 46 pages of content not 76. This means the cover price will be lower, and I will be able to provide copies to all contributors in actual magazine form this time.

    The interior is black and white - artists take note.

    I will be selling copies hand to hand and via snail mail, so it's possible we can take it to some cons and zine fairs, and get it more widely read.

    I will be paying contributors. It will be a token payment, and yet to be confirmed in terms of amount... but it will be a paid gig nonetheless.

    The theme of this issue will be LITERATURE. Interpret how you will - but for nonfiction articles, basically it needs to have a slant on writing, publishing, ebooks, RPGs.... something to do with storytelling. No film or music pitches this issue please!

    I already have some content commissioned, and spaces are filling up fast. So, here's what I am after:

    I am looking for the following features / stories:

    1 x article / interview (3000 words)
    For this one - pitch me your idea before writing it. I'll give you a go ahead and confirm details.

    3 x short stories (3000 words)
    These don't necessarily have to relate to the 'Literature' theme although it may help you get chosen for print if your story does tie in. Send me finished drafts, I will review and choose the ones I want to publish.

    6 x Flash (1200 words)
    I've upped the traditional Flash limit to 1200, basically because it fits the page nicely. Again, these don't necessarily have to relate to the 'Literature' theme although it may help you get chosen for print if your story does tie in. Send me finished drafts, I will review and choose the ones I want to publish.

    2 x comics
    (4 page spread)
    Any theme, any topic, as above... send me sample art, or a pitch, and we can discuss... I understand that sending me finished projects is not always viable,

    This is super important.... I cannot accept fiction, articles or comics which have already been published elsewhere, including online / on your blog etc. This is because I'm submitting the magazine as part of a Universtity course. If your submission is published elsewhere I will have to turn it down. Sorry!

    All of the above articles will need illustrations. If you would like to contribute, please email me back to confirm this. I will then give you a list of options of stories to illustrate.

    A note regarding payment
    The payments will be one-off payments for artists and writers. They will be pretty small, I won't kid you.... this is essentially me starting from scratch, with a new format for everything... Nonetheless, paying people for commissioned content is something I want to do. I hope to be able to pay around £10 for long fiction and articles, £5 for flash, and £10 for artwork. This is not a guarantee that I can definitely pay these amounts, just a ballpark figure. However we will nail down a payment framework prior to the magazine being published. There may also be the option, like last time, of advertising your blog / ebook / website / whatever for free in the magazine. I will confirm all these details once I have the content commissioned. I know this is a bit slapdash - it would be better to tell you upfront what you will be paid. However because I'm using a new printer, new distro method, etc etc, I wont know final costs / payments until a bit later in the process. I thank you all for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Please email all submissions or pitches to editor.weaponizer [at] by 28th Fenruary! Please include the words 'FOR MAGAZINE' in the subject line of your email.

    Good luck! I look forward to reading your submissions and working with you!
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012
    I'm 2000 words into my short piece.

    The edits are gonna be a BITCH
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012
    It's a much tougher process for everyone this time, I think. Last time I didn't set word limits or deadlines... this time it's based on optimum layout size, so it's gonna be a bitch, yep. Like I said in the Spleen thread though, many of you will simply shit with glee when you see who we've bagged an interview with for the main feature...
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    Texture -- suggest you start a brand new thread for this latest iteration of the mag. That'll make it easier for others (like yrs truly) to Make Linky via Twitter etc.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012
    Ooh, okay, thanks Si! I will do that now!
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2012