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    • CommentAuthorAkaiyu
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2011
    Favourites are KK, coz she has The Attitude of Awesome and a lot of human to her, Connor coz he's an absolute sweetheart/idealist, 'kady coz I can completely identify with her approach to a world that effed up (and to Connor), Kaz because she'd make the whole thing bearable for everyone, Miki because she's got the right idea even if she can't express it right, same as Karl with his brotherly protectiveness.

    I would pity Luke, but dislike him; most of the others are equally as mucked up because of what happened, however, they don't abandon their morals and just go doing what they feel like (except for Mark, which is also why I dislike him, and this is also why I also have a soft spot for Alice - she is personally messed with by Mark, and can't fight him on his home element (ie psychic FA powers) but she instead gets over it and becomes extremely useful.

    I think I'd like to hang with just about all of them though, especially the ones harbouring useful, pro-active attitudes, trying to fix whitechapel (ie all but Mark, Kait and Luke, and less Jack and Sirkka than the other eight (Alice is, for all intents and purposes an FA)
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    Favorite Freak Angel

    If I'm honest

    as a friend Conner

    As a mate Jack kirk Carl

    Luke is a dick but with friends like these who wouldn't be