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    It appears that four low-prim sims surrounding the Wastelands have now been bought and paid for, and so within a week or two there'll be Barren Zones at (I think) the north and south of the Wastelands sims.

    Finally, somewhere I can shoot around on my home-made surfboard without running into people's houses... I imagine there'll be a fair amount of post-apocalyptic car action, too...
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeJan 10th 2008
    oooh cool a place to use the Helo.

    Now to disable the guns and bombs or get wastelands approved scripts
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    The Barrens should prove interesting. Although i know what the others have in mind for theirs (from dicussions of some time ago) i won't spill the beans on that since it may have changed.
    I'll be attempting to make the counterpart/flipside of the coin of the Great Fissure so to speak. An amalgam of Ayer's Rock, Native American cliff dwellings, and mesoamerican architecture (although for RP purposes the ball court mentioned below will have been the work of an old mutant tribe long gone....or not....)
    The prim limit of each Barren space will be 1875 prims. We're required to keep 30 something free for vehicles.
    Mine may be fairly prim intensive (no surprise there considering my other builds, bah)
    A low shallow and dry lake bed with small caves along the banks for creatures to lair or scavengers to take shelter, and a couple of broken bridges.
    The lake bed stretches across the sim toward a large monolithic mesa rising up from the ground, and a few other rock formations of smaller scale here or there.
    At the northern shore of the mesa will be the strange old stone ball court construction i've slowly been working on. There will be a playable game involving skulls and heads akin to the old Mayan ballgame. The game mechanics will be similar to basketball for the time being to make it simple although i'd like to make a more complex version with custom animations if my insanse scripter genius has the spare time in the future. The basic version was still in progress last time i checked with him. And i still need to finish the court and its textures and "stadium" seating.
    At the base of the mesa where the lake meets it will be a tiny watering hole for animals, scavengers, etc and the entrance to a vertical cave corridor rising up to the top of the mesa (where there will be some grasses and such along the top).
    Along the northern face of the mesa will some minor cliff dwellings and catwalks.
    Maybe some other little details here or thereabouts.
    And the Desert Schooner and Sandworm that i made for the Wastelands exhibit at the Second Life 4th Birthday Party last June. Aki/Florence created the scupltie sandworm based upon modifications to the Sandworm avatar you can by at Grendel's Creatures (and that Sandling wore during the Sandworm RP event long ago).
    And ... uhm...yeah. That's it i think?
    Jeezus...right, back to work.
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    Oh and we were required to pic a name for our Barren that was completely NON specific (as opposed to The Great Fissure in name). A lot of discussion was done on that. Something that wasn't too evocative but hopefully not completely generic (Barren 1..yuck).
    I proposed we used the names of writers who have done something post-apoc...or characters from post-apoc genre, but in the end i think NeoBokrug took individual suggestions.
    I chose Cormac.
    Even though he's only written one book that could literally be termed post-apoc, so many of his other novels feature barren and blasted desert wastelands full of violence, starvation, scavenging, and survival (The Border Trilogy - The Crossing specifically and Blood Meridian).

    And certainly, Mad Max was just as much a Western as The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (which describes our Wastelands residents fairly well actually).
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    Shall their be sandboxes in the barren?
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    To build your own stuff? Not for any length of time since we have to have auto-return enabled to detract griefers.
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    i endorse the sandboxes in Pi and Theta. griefer free and always lagless, unless someone's gone mad on primmage and particles
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    A sim called Cormac? I like that.
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    1 of the 4 Barren zones has appeared in its infant stage to the north of the Wasteland sim.
    According to Neo they're probably setting up the server before dolling out the other 3 (which may be in the next couple of days.) and then handing them over to Neo and then to us.
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    I love seeing new sims instantiate.
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    Just hovered next to the new sim (Wastelands Op?). It appears as an island, far below the level of the other sims. Good luck on those Barrens, I'll make sure to pop in every now and then. ;)
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    @Steven Thomas: I'm grouped into two sandboxes that require group membership to build in. A similar strategy could be implemented for sandboxes in the Barrens.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    @Dasai true, but the barrens are not really intended to be sandboxes. Consider the fact that four private individuals paid for each one and will have a say in their development. Also consider the fact that, since they are essentially 'void' sims, they are intended for low prim use.

    The individual Barren sim owners shouldn't have to deal with this if they don't want to. For one thing, it's rather annoying to have to deal with garbage people leave behind when prims are tight to begin with. Being able to build somewhere is a privilege, not a right. There are also theme issues to keep in line with via the covenant.

    Which is not to say any such barren sim owner should not make a sandbox area available... but it's pretty damned easy to fill up 1875 prims, and fast.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    @Florence It was more of a helpful suggestion than a demand. If one wanted to put in a sandbox, that would be the best way to go about it, IMHO. Public sandboxes are the worst use of any space.
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    @Dasai: I agree, group run sandboxes are probably a better way of doing things... but in many cases to do so requires a group effort in funding & moderating, unless a generous (and wealthy) benefactor decides to open up land for this purpose. I can't speak to on whether the WL makes money for its owner (from what i've heard, not much), but I think it would be a fair assumption that Neo would probably not want to foot the bill (at $1695 startup, $295USD a month) for the added pleasure of having to manage a sandbox sim.

    I also apologize if it sounds like i was suggesting your intentions were annoying. That is not the case. However, too often folks assume that 'build' being enabled for all residents means the right to build something and leave it there (for free) with no regard for resources used up on behalf of the individual who paid for it.

    For those looking for places to build, there *are* sandboxes out there that are not the full sims offered by LL - it's a small thing to just do a search and find a quiet one. There are also tricks to building in sandboxes that discourage griefing from other parties while you build - build at a high altitude for instance. Use an anti-push attachment to avoid simple pushes and bumps, and be prepared to sit on something if someone looks about to orbit you. And when you're done, be courteous to the owners and fellow sandbox users by removing what you put there.
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    Yeah, I brought up the sandbox thing, just because I thought it would be cool to have a spot for people to make their gear in the wastes. But I was coming from a place of total ignorance about sim management etc. :D
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    For what it's worth, i have seen some sandbox sims allow build by membership to the group, which in turn often involves a membership fee. Some groups make up their tier with that fee, for others, the gathered revenue is only a supplement. My opinion in this case, however, is that this is pretty much what the Wastelands are already - a big sandbox with blocked off space for paying users.
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    Ive been hanging out in a purely sandbox sim thats pretty decent... No griefers, lag free (better than any other place I've been in SL, actually...)

    Sorry, getting off topic...
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    Sadly, as much as i believe in doing things for our little post-apocalyptic community, i'll have to say "no sandbox in my barren."
    I'm required to leave at least 30+ prims free in case someone brings in a vehicle to drive across the sim (i'm aiming for 100 free), but I can't trust that people building personal things will clean up after themselves. Of course some will, but then again, others will not.
    Every time i have turned off auto-return on one of my other lots for one reason or another, invariably some lagged out prim monster of a hover bike shows up wedged down in the nether regions of the Excavation build.
    Or someone sets up a giant photo-shoot stage platform overlooking the Fissure.
    Or they leave behind their 234-prim Scrabble/Upwords knock-off mini-game.
    That one was a amusing...whoever it was played the game (stacking little squares with symbols on them) until they maxed out the prim limit on the lot. Game over.
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    The newborn Barrens have arrived and are open to the public.
    This thing called "my job" prevents me from working on it immediately as i wish i could.