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    I ought to post here more. This feels a little tacky, shilling like this outta nowhere.

    In any case: me and Jorge F. Muñoz have a new webcomic, YON KUMA, the first page of which went live today. It's a comic about bear wrestling. Twelve-year-old Bunyan Paulson wants to be The Greatest Bear Wrestler In The World, so he tracks (and more importantly, FIGHTS) the Yon Kuma, the four Great Bears who are sort of the title champions of the human/bear wrestling world.

    An experiment in yonkoma and story compression gone wonderfully awry, YK has four panels a page, every line is either a bold statement or a gag, and Jorge's single-red coloring and sense of the kinetic make it look like a Saturday morning cartoon from Mars.

    Nothing to do with was as pop-punk-as-comic-book a thing as I could write, and Jorge really knocked it out of the park.

    But between the fact that it's only 88 pages long, one color, and is about a kid beating up bears, it didn't find much purchase with the publishers we shopped it around to. I can't blame them; it's a weird book for the DM.

    But as a webcomic? Probably perfect.

    (Although, we're still hoping get a print version picked up after it serializes online.)

    Anyway. The first page just went up today at There'll be another page on Wednesday, then some backmatter on Friday. That'll be the update schedule until the 88 pages are all up.

    Spread the word, tell your friends, and please enjoy.
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2009
    Haha, "twice on sunday"

    Cool art style, too.
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    The twice-Sunday spurts are a Wonder of Nature and have nothing to do with the industrial pump station under the t-shirt stand.

    Whizzer Rock Park Management

    (And yeah, Jorge really is something. Wait until the bears start showing up.)
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2009
    So we have our first review of sorts and it's in podcast form, the nice fellows from Deconstructing Comics gave us a shout in their latest episode. I've been a fan of the show from a couple of years now.

    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2009
    With today post, we wrap up the first chapter of Yon Kuma, you can start reading it from here or you can download a pdf of Chapter 1 here.

    • CommentTimeSep 7th 2009
    So, after a few months in the making, Yon Kuma is finally available for mobile devices through Android Market AND Itunes, thanks to the fine folks of Robot Comics

    This means that if you open Itunes and type "Yon Kuma" on the search bar you get this:

    First chapter is FREE as in GRATIS (Deadwood flashback!)
    Second chapter (and the rest of the chapters) is 0.99 cents. A steal if you ask me :)


    If you are an Android user, you can go here

    and get the first chapter for free, the rest will come out one every week.

    Kind of mind-blowing for us, I feel like a proper creator now :p

    Worth nothing that it was AFTER Warren plugged us on that Robot Comics approached us, so THANKS WARREN!

    So, please support us, leave some stars, leave a review and buy the thing.