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    I was downloading a soundtrack someone had posted on another site and i was hoping that people might post their music for downloads...i know this has been done before on here but it has been a while...most of the stuff i have seen posted on here is rock and roll/heavy metal/industrial which i like but i hoping to try and get a broader selection of music like jazz/country/bluegrass/hiphop/r&b/ambient/techno/whatever...go ahead and sink this if i missed a previous post asking for the same thing...

    please feel free to crosspost other sites free music too as we can never get enough free music...

    note, please only link legal downloads as i don't need a lawsuit...thanks for whatever gets posted...

    keep your stick on the ice...
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2009 edited
    My friend Mike's old band/art project, Is It Jazz?. The site is a bit of a cobweb site, but there are a good dozen or so songs linked for download. Their album METALSTAR GAROCKTICA is supposed to be listed on iTunes.

    Seeing them live was pretty indescribable. Nick Cave meets the Dresden Dolls by way of Elvis and dirty Southern rock.

    Check out:
    Monkey Orangutang from METALSTAR GAROCKTICA.

    Cached here on Tumblr in case it melts down their server.
    • CommentTimeJan 26th 2009
    Lots of cool stuff free at DeadChannel - dub, techno, noise, downtempo... fill yer boots.

    I take it you already checked out the DJ thread?? The weekly listening threads sometimes have download links in too.
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    Well I may post some of my more rock stuff in a bit, but here is something acousticy:

    Let Go

    Admittedly has some weaknesses and is on my "re-record with better gear" list. But it's what I got at the moment.
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    The Infernal Effervescence, Singularity Jones, presents...

    More here

    Guitar/space-rock, if I had to categorise.