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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    Friday gone noon GMT is FREAKANGELS freeness yay fuck I'm tired.

    Morning Whitechapel.
    • CommentAuthorZaratustra
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    Can't say it was unexpected. But Miki looks cute in the last panel there.
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    The way the refugees were shown as to be being desperate as well as a threat was excellent.
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    Just got off work, and this welcome bit was what google reader next sent me to make me feel better about the crap at work.

    I have a feeling desperation is at the root of most threats in the Drowned World.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    instead of working till lunch time then coming home to freak angels, i got to take today off and sleep till lunch time then read freak angels. sweet. :)
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    well now, the 'world' has taken a shake?

    same here, tired this morning.
    • CommentAuthorcjstevens
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    I love Freakangels, along with Sleepless i think it is the best comic available now, but I'm just wondering about the reality of the setting. Why are people dying, why aren't they setting up farming communities etc. Where is the military, UN Aid workers etc.
    Not picking holes just curious!
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    There was a similar situation in Jericho, the TV show. Eager to see how Warren will handle it.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    How many people in the east end of London would have the first clue about post-apocalypse survival? Me, I'd heard for Focus DIY or B&Q but I bet there'd be men with guns there first.

    Lovely episode, and a nice return after the carnage of the last month - looking back over some of those pages gave me the feeling that I didn't want to know most of these people.

    I've had a shitty week, brightened only by a manga event at the library which drew teenage girls in cosplay. I know, but 'cmon!
    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    Another great episode.

    Where is the military, UN Aid workers etc

    From previous episodes it looks like Whitechapel is as good as it gets. It was strongly hinted (if I recall right) that the US doesn't exist. It's not just some kind of natural disaster remember, there's other wierd stuff going on - there's a 3 minute time shift between London and East Anglia for instance.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    mmm tasty maggot-ridden rabbit.... I wonder how much the Ididnotneedtoseethatimage thread is of an influence on some of the art....
    some very powerful images there, nice...
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    yay fuck I'm tired.

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    This series just keeps on surprising me...
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    good morning, it was nice to see the kids go into a situation and think and act reasonably and logically and not just blow shit up. Although I admit to really enjoying seeing shit blown up in general.

    I had the first good nights sleep in a week last night and it is amazing how much better I feel
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009 edited
    Morning, Whitechapel.
    Aaah, Miki redeems herself. I don't dislike her so much anymore. But why do I get the feeling she wants to save these people because she's just bored, sitting all alone in her doctor's office?
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009 edited
    Hmm. Guilt rears its head. And how's the rest of Whitechapel going to look at the parasites new arrivals? They did shoot a mortar at them. If 'civilians' lived above the Freakcave (or even near it) they were certainly killed. Dead people have friends and relatives whose first response would be to shit-kick the fuckers responsible. But who wants to beat up some wretch? You'd probably kill him with the first shot and he'd probably fucking thank you for it.

    Not all the FA's are even in favour of this decision, which is really the only decision a human could make. And remember, they're twenty-three and life hasn't properly kicked them in the genitals yet.

    EDIT TO ADD - They think they can do anything (and who's to say they can't?).

    And yes, I'm tired. And hungry. And vaguely pissed off and very disappointed with myself. Long story. Started at birth. Too boring and stupid to recount.

    Sorry for that. Jazz hands, everyone! Happy Friday!!!
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    i was almost positive that there was going to be some serious "furniture kicking" this week. i suppose they would have to possess the aforementioned "furniture" in order for it to be properly "kicked over" so my bloodlust is flipped over and i am sated by the freaks' ability to "do the right thing".
    oh, right, the humanity... that's what it's really about.
    thank you.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    How come we're all tired?

    Well, this episode is perfect to cheer us up. Fascinating contrast after the killings of former episodes and now you get me wondering where we're going to.
    Also, as said above, I like the expression of miki on the last panel, as if she felt entertained.
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    The attention to detail is fantastic: the smell of the water, the floaty white bits indicitive of cholera.

    The mother with the 6 mo. old that won't eat reached up and twisted my heart completely around in my chest.
    • CommentAuthorcatchd7
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    This episode was a fantastic tonic. Thank you very much for showing the heart, the caring, the optimism involved in our taking care of each other. It's much appreciated. A great story made even better, week by week. :)