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    This episode and the last have done a pretty decent job of performing a russian leg sweep on my dislike of the FreakAngels. I think there have been real indications of megalomania, which are of course still evident to a degree, but now we have some real alturism that doesn't seem like keeping a petting zoo. Yes, its possibly foolish. Yes, its possibly unsafe, but it seems to be the correct moral choice.
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    I've had such a shitty morning. I'd drank most of last night and spent most of this morning crying. This damned recession is getting hard. My husband's will is breaking...he can't find a job here that will pay more than his disability check (he's legally blind with an art jobs are a little..hard to find), so him working to improve our situation is kinda stupid. My ex girlfriend, and current roomate is being a schiziod pain in the ass because she's run out of her meds and has completely gone into emo teenager drama queen mode...She's the only one with a job right now though so we kinda need her...I'm too crippled to even take care of myself half the time, so I'm pretty helpless to do anything but try to get disability which can take years..or at least months... It's so damned frustrating...The one time we need people to be sane in the house and everyone is going doesn't help that we ran out of our "herbal meds" and everyone's on edge anyway...Oh, and my refrigerator is still broken. The ice storm kept the repair men away...
    We put our frozen food in the car to keep the stray critters from it, but the sun came out during the morning and by the time we went out to get our food, it had all thawed..
    I didn't mean to sound whiny...this was more meant to be read in a ranting, angry tone I promise :P....

    This episode actually helped...It made me remember that things can ALWAYS be worse...
    and I was happy to see the freakykids doing right, even if only one of them seemed to like that decision.
    It's kinda sad though, that they argue the point that they can't sustain many more people and continue their relatively comfortable lives...considering the apparent hellish existance of their neighbors. It's like a swimming pool owner getting pissy because he can't fill his pool during a drought, while his neighbors are dying of thirst...umm...I hope that makes sense...I'm really you get the gist?
    Basically, I think Whitechapels loss would be significantly less than the benefit those poor starving people would gain from their protection and help...
    yeah..imma gonna shut up now.
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    This was a good episode.
    I do think Miki should listen to Caz though. It seems like Miki went off the deep end this time.

    I somehow think that Miki might have lived a life like that sometime. Cause her reaction to it all was very emotional.
    I don't think Miki is really looking it through.
    I think somehow her decisions are based off of emotional thought, rather then logical thinking.

    I kind of agree, it's sad, but if our carrying capacity is at its limit then maybe we can't take on more.
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    Or maybe it's time to look for alternatives, find more resources, get everyone involved in the process.
    Caz has a great point, but it was one that was going to need to be addressed sooner or later anyway. People will continue to have kids, they better figure things out before it's too late.
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    That's all well and good, but WHY DID THEY SEND THE MEN? Why would they go kill them? You'd think they would sneak in and take food, not come in with guns blazing....
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    But if your alternatives are buried somewhere, or cannot be found how can you make alternatives?

    Problem is that if they accept more people into Whitechapel, I have a feeling they won't be able to protect everyone.
    This isn't just about resources, this is about the safety of people, the protection of everyone, and the cooperation of people.

    I still think Miki was acting way to emotional and not thinking it through.
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    @ HylianHearts - Yeah, it is odd that they didn't really discuss that, isn't it?
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    @Indigo Rose

    That would be my first question. If I wanted to steal food, I'd sneak in and snatch the stuff. Or I'd use the guns as a diversion while another group nicked the stuff. But even that is a bit bold. So you have to wonder, why?
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    @indigo rose Desperation perhaps...people on the edge of death aren't really thinking clearly...
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    Yeah, but they were on the edge of death.
    Did you see those people?
    They don't look like they could man a mortar very well.
    So there is something going under the surface.
    Maybe the people are the distraction.
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    it is odd that they didn't really discuss that, isn't it

    Give it time. We've only got one episode here. Not enough time to detail or get answers, if you ask me.
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    Yeah, but shouldn't that have been the first matter of business, instead of the savior bit?
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    Well as I said all decisions were taking over by Miki.
    Who was clearly emotional controlled?

    Kaitlyn was trying to get to the matter of business.
    Miki interrupted.
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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
     (4889.15) try to be cold hearted when there's a six month old starving baby in front of ya...

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    Yes, but in a situation like that you have to have to detach yourself from that. You just have to.
    You cannot let your emotions control you.
    It isn't being cold heart it's being logical.
    Like I said I think Miki lived a life somewhat like that or something. Because the moment she saw them even before the six month year old baby was starving she began to cry.
    Very last panel I think of the first page.
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    Two points:

    If the freakangel's can end the world, then they can save it to. Natural progression. What there doing right now is masturbation, they have a much greater capacity for redempetion than there piddling with currently. Case in point: Half of them concentrating on lifting Caz's tank out of the water could solve the water scarcity and make crops possible.

    Arming people with mortars and guns to destroy other post-apocolyptic people for scraps of food is a lesson we learned with the mesopatamians. Band together or fall is a widespread notion, and don't fuck with the social tops even more so. When that band of dying people sent the raiders they sealed there fate with there almost painful ignorance. It is the responsibility of the FA to care for them because they have the capacity, but do they rationaly deserve it? There fellow humans, so yes, but Darwin would cut them loose, and even the lees convicted pacifist would feel no guilt in leaving these violent dead in their despair.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    Damn you, Ellis. Saying there's no crying allowed and then going and making me cry. I love Miki and regularly work with her final words in my heart - we'll do what we always do, make it work. Something compassionate people have always borne in mind even before a drawing on a computer said it.

    There are always naysayers and there truly are limitations. But if anyone can make the incredible happen, it's an engineer. I'm such a dork when ever I hear a techy type griping that something can't be done I hear Scotty saying "she's giving all she's got!" After the griping engineers always find a way, even if it's totally scrapping the old model for a more productive one. }:>

    But first there has to be the belief that everyone is entitled to a dignified life. Everyone.
    • CommentAuthorPooka
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2009
    @razangel YAY! you articulated what my addled brain could not...

    If these Freakangels are so damned powerful, they should put that power to good. Think of what they could fix if they put their minds to it...
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    Yeah, but shouldn't that have been the first matter of business, instead of the savior bit?

    The FreakAngels' prerogative seems to be to shoot first and ask questions later. The same was done with Alice.

    Kaitlyn was trying to get to the matter of business.
    Miki interrupted.

    Except Kait (as we saw a couple episodes back when she asked questions first then shot).