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    @ Masterful Eyes

    I think we're coming at this from different angles. Here's my angle. Miki is incredibly skilled at the healing arts. I have absolutely no trouble believing that this thinnish 23 year old girl has more medical skill and knowledge than the whole staff of most pre-apocalypse hospitals. I believe she can easily diagnose and (assuming she has the needed materials) treat almost any ailment from the common cold to Ebola-AIDS. Her technical medical competance is not an issue for me.

    My issue comes more from her relative lack of formal training and the support system that this training allows. There is no book or internet knowledge to teach you to tell a parent that her child is dying and you don't have the medicine to save her. There is no mental shield to keep your from taking every case personally and driving yourself mad with guilt over your failures. And there is no psionic ability that alerts her when she's making decisions based on emotions and wishful thinking instead of logic and an observation of reality. That takes a support system. It takes other doctors, people who understand what she's going through because they've lived it. To repurpose a quote from the West Wing, Miki doesn't have anyone to jump in the holes she falls in and show her the way out. Because once upon a time she and her friends got mad and killed them all.
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    Miki has to become her own support.
    Or even look to people who haven't gone through it for aid.
    Miki needs to balance emotion and logic even if she has jumped through holes and cannot find her way out.
    Everyone has to do something on their own.
    And I think this is one of those times when Miki would need to do something on her own to help people more.
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    I don't know, but I think the attempts to save any and everyone is probably an effort to the greater good. At least, in a mostly-ruined world, it would be.

    Now, from a logical standpoint, THERE ARE NO MEDICAL SCHOOLS. What Miki has done is probably what most of the other people that took medicine in the post-flood world did: trained themselves as well as they could and hoped for the best.

    All the members of the group are concerned with survival and helping people, which is why Miki's sympathy is winning out over just destroying the camp. I think this week's installment says a lot more about the loyalty (and guilt, and sympathy, and overall character) of the group well enough on its own. Picking up 100-odd people won't mean much in the long run, methinks, and will only matter until the technological heart of the group figures out a way to accommodate more people. Really, infrastructures are to their breaking point in the non-flooded world now, in most every country. Every governing body is behind in some way, and it's rare that one operates in perfect anticipation of population fluctuations.

    I am not worried about the logistical, ethical, or moral implications of bringing people who have absolutely nothing into a community where they have a chance to eat regularly and have safety in numbers.

    No, what worries me is the whole group of Angels being gone, and only Alice, in a watchtower, with a shotgun, to protect the rest of the city while they WALK back with 100 very sick and weak people. I'm not expecting something to happen, per se, but I wouldn't be surprised if something does.
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    I thought that Miki also had some sort of Freakangel healing and/or diagnostic power, and that the 'medicine' she gives out is to allay suspicions amongst the normals about their abilities. She's almost certainly more capable of determining at a glance when a person is beyond medical aid than any normal doctor, and the medical aid she is capable of administering is probably far more effective than was available in the pre-flood days. I would think attempting to do so on so large a group of people as the Shoreditch Park travellers would probably take some sort of toll on her.

    Where is the military, UN Aid workers etc.
    My brain may be mixing things up with another piece of post-apocalyptic fiction, but I dimly recall a mention of the military going all bandit-y in a particularly nasty way after the Big Splash. And (just theorizing here) the immediate aftermath of the event probably also saw a lot of short nasty wars break out, and any sort of aid organisations would've been quickly overwhelmed.
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    Reminds me of when the Allies liberated the concentration camps at the end of the second world war.

    I was at the Holocaust exhibit at the Imperial War Museum recently, and yeah, when I was rereading this strip, it promped me to think back to it.

    Kinda appropriate considering this week is Holocaust Memorial Week.
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    Re: Miki - Even if Miki didn't have the supernatural ability to diagnose and heal without training... she's a telepath, if she was ever around any trained doctors, she could have simply taken the knowledge from them.

    Re: The risks of taking in the refugees - Other than the fear of disease, which Miki should be able to handle, there is the risk of them trying to take out the FAs once they are in Whitechapel. I'd say they're a little outnumbered once they get back to Whitechapel, and in no condition to really do anything. As long as the Angels make certain none of them have weapons or explosives to smuggle in, that should be no problem. Then it comes down to the fact that the FreakAngels are "succeeding" themselves to death and don't have the needed resources. They do, however, have an endless supply of water to fuel KK's bike, and they have Jack and his boat, they should be able to search for more resources/options. Also, as mentioned by someone previously, they have massive, supernatural, mental abilities, and may be able to help Caz aquire and build the equipment she needs to generate more clean water. Certainly, more hands to farm with are never a bad thing, they just need to get everyone doing it (not just kooky Karl).

    You can't rebuild a civilization from a tiny selection of people, they will need a bigger gene pool eventually. Assuming the people in Whitechapel are comfortable enough to realize they can survive and now are looking toward the future and rebuilding, they should be finding resources specificly so they can take in more people, or have more children. It was going to need to be done anyway, they just needed to be prodded into it.
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    Now that everyone's seeing the compassionate side...

    What if those sick people are planted there by someone else for a rather devious reason, knowing that at least one of them would be too soft heartened to turn them away?
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    This is a scene from episode #1 of the original BBC run of Survivors. Like it says towards the end of the video, they have to relearn all the old crafts and skills, farming, weaving, candlemaking, mining, smithing, etc, and they have to be able to teach future generations as well. It's daunting what they'd have to do.
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    Like your thinking...
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    The woman in the second panel of the first page, is she pregnant or extremely malnourished?
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    @[n]JIN: Good call

    Everyone's comments on Miki's abilities remind me of something that a mate of mine wrote, and may actually be published before the Singularity:


    Dammit Warren, that last episode makes me want to yank the book that quote's from out of the editorial hell it's been in for far too long and add another chapter to it. In Year of the Zombie. we've been treating raider groups like, well, orcs, and the situation is ethically a lot more complex
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    @frexels- I would hazard a guess at preggo, because she has a line running down from her elly button, which happened to me when I was housing a small human inside. But I can't be sure.
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    Eek scary undernourished people. Clearly we must kill them for their own good. Also before they descend upon us zombie-like on their quest for our precious fluids.
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    Cool. Nice to see the story expand to the world outside of the Freakangels' stronghold.

    One nitpick: it's really unclear which character the "what?" world bubble is coming from on page five, panel one. It took me a second to realize it was Caz (or was it Arkady?) saying "what?" and not Miki herself.

    Or...wait...I think I get it now. Miki was supposed to be saying "what?" in reaction to the others around her, wasn't she? Carry on :)
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    Let's be clear, my whole post was about the freakangels need for compassion. The second point I was driving at was that people on the edge of their life can still make a choice over whether or not they survive off the death of others. People are creative and adaptable, resulting to violent raiding isn't a option I think most people would take, even under those conditions.

    And please Ellis, don't take the high ground of compassion with me! You made the explosion of someones ribcage look like a Sistine chapel just a few episodes back, the ribcage of one of these poor degenerates your so nobly defending! If you can see the exceptional beauty in that piece you can also be callousness enough to understand that the actions taken by those raiders are unacceptable. You blow them up like Michelangelo and expect me to have sympathy for them after their atrocities, then scoff at me when I don't, Google a little Darwin, and make me look like the insensitive jerk! PLEASE!
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    I told you he was laughing at us. Hell, HE told us that.
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    Oh, before I forget, THESE ARE NOT VICTIMS UNDER NAZI RULE! They are not people in Europe coerced into compliance with the regime and their likeness to survivors is less like the allies saving them and more like the Nazi's letting them go. Let's not forgot, whether they intended to or were justified, the Freakangels destroyed the world! This should not be an extension of their mercy but rather their duty to restore what they have done. I doubt these were the kind of folks after them in the first, clearly not justified victims of the FA's god like power.

    That being said, as this group of folks gathered, they decided to pool their resources to send the most fit to kill and steal from people in similar circumstances! They might of asked to join them before they sent their mortar team! "..Our leader, he has the last of our grenades." This means that their grenades had been divided at least once before, which gives the possibility that they have attacked other groups, ones that are most likely not even as fit as Whitechapel! This Buckland shot at our Kate clearly intending to kill her, after she had already had bested him. Of course he had no idea she would have killed him anyway, but that's another issue. I doubt a gun would have been drawn if Buckland went as one leader of a group of survivors to another, unarmed, asking for assitance, that Miki or Caz would have allowed his request to be turned down, much less the annihilation of a chunk of their group! The FA had already allowed straglers, he would have been heard!
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    @ PenguinGeneral

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