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    You do a webcomic? Tell me about it here. Not more than one or two images, please, or else the thread takes forever to load. Don't forget the bloody link.

    Relax. There are only 5500 members of Whitechapel reading, plus god knows how many drop-ins who aren't registered members.

    Let's get a sense of who's around, for the start of the year. Create me a big list.

    NOTE: this is not for people to list their favourite webcomics. We've done that before. Boring.

    -- W
      CommentAuthorJeff Owens
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009 edited
    Screw Jeff Owens

    I have been doing an autobiographical, panel-a-day comic for just over two years now without missing a day. I admit that I'm not the greatest artist around, but please read what I write, as that's usually the best part.

    I also print them myself, monthly. In the printed issues, I write a couple of pages about something, which doesn't get put online. (Front and backmatter, I suppose.) And my covers are usually much better drawings than the rest of my drawings, for what it's worth.

    If anyone has interest in receiving print versions, go ahead and email me.

    Edit: Warren, I owe you an immense, "Thank you," for boosting the amount of hits I get up 1000%.
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    In the News Today
    Every Monday I add one panel to this small news report.
    (Yes. My English is terrible).
    If you feel curious, the rest of mi webcomics (in spanish) are here.
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    NessThe Cattle Raid of CooleyI do The Ulster Cycle, a series of serials set in Iron Age Ireland and based on the eponymous cycle of Irish legends. The current one is The Cattle Raid of Cooley, based on the ancient Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge, a war/coming of age story featuring the legendary Ulster hero Cú Chulainn and the formidable Connacht queen Medb. It's published weekly, every Wednesday. It's 26 pages in, and I expect it to run to at least 200 pages, maybe 300.

    The previous one, Ness, is a 72 page prequel featuring Cú Chulainn's grandmother in her young days. You can read it online, or buy the book (with retouched and rescanned art, and 8 pages of background notes.

    Try it. You'll like it. Malachy Coney, top Belfast comics writer, says I've "found a window looking into the past, and he decided to smash it and climb on through." Cartoonist Davy Francis says it's a "a wonderful tapestry of rich characters,intertwining centuries-old legends with 21st Century artwork to die for."
    • CommentAuthorchris g
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    me:mummy-boy.blogspot. I update with comic pages once or thrice a week

    Here: Team Mummy Comics

    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009
    Foolish Creatures is a comic which is sometimes journal-y and sometimes not at all. Here is the first page of the short (5 pg) "Empty Girl" story, which some people liked:

    empty girl, 1
    (click to go to the page)
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    I write the supernatural action/adventure Abandon: First Vampire.

    Lamashtu, Sumerian demon and the First Vampire, has hidden herself behind many lives. Currently she is Laila McCarthy, Professor of Ancient Cultures. On a military-led artifact recovery mission she faces the forces of an old enemy. Studying the relics with a handsome agent of the Bureau of Evil Elimination brings her ever closer to danger.

    Bobby Nash, author of Evil Ways, says:
    "In the first issue of Abandon: First Vampire, creators Greg Carter and Elliot Dombo take us around the world and introduce us to a very interesting cast of characters. The first issue of Abandon: First Vampire gives us sex, violence, and a healthy dose of mystery, but most importantly, it did something that every comic should do. It made me want to come back and see what happens next. Who could ask for anything more?"
    Abandon: First Vampire Issue #1 cover.
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009
    Yeah, I do a webcomic.
    Photo-based, not really that similar to A Softer World if you actually read more than a few. It's called Sinister Bedfellows.

    I also made a short run, linoblock print, Lovecraft meets the Eddas, webcomic, Cthulhuvida.

    And I'm the founder of the North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch. 4 years and 75+ members strong, we just released our second anthology, Good Luck Sweet Cookie!
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    I'm being drawn out of hiding to mention I write Lord Buttersnatch's Fairy Detective Troop at Noir, mythology, punk rock. We're only up through the first 25 pages or so of a very long story and the site is the most primitive thing imaginable, but the artist is doing some marvelous stuff and a big update is coming within a week.
    • CommentAuthorPennyRed
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009
    Over at my blog, Penny Red, we have a webcomic that ran weekly last year and is due to start up again soon, written by me, art by Withiel with guest contributors to appear in the coming months. Starring: the fat tory, the thin tory, Penny Red, strippers in Thatcher wigs

    If you only like the comic and aren't drawn to the blog, just click on the 'webcomic' tag and it'll take you to the art.
    • CommentAuthorPennyRed
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009 edited
    Sorry, bad link - I'm new to this comments system: sample image is here.
    (I can't work out how to post it smaller than A4, so I'll save your browsers!)
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    I do three different webcomics:
    Intentionally Left Blank is a weekly journal comic about my day-to-day misadventures.
    Me and My Jane is a weekly dramedy about four young adult kids in Michigan.
    And Primary is a weekly (soon to be MWF) drama-y comic about a group of teens coming to terms with themselves and each other as they enter the adult world
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    Mine is simple. It's called PITCH BLACK (scroll down all the way, start reading from the first one so it makes better sense, although it's not required, just recommended). It's pretty loose, but there are some recurring characters, like these:

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    Hey all - please check out Magnificent Creatures, an every Wednesday exquisite corpse comic by Mulele and dale @ DWAP

    Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you.
    • CommentAuthorgerimi
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009
    I've got a six page short story about the side-effects of a bizarre psychological experiment:

    Rage Box
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    Sails of Blood

    The Carribbean: the 1690s
    Jacob van Ritter’s a Vampire Pirate Alchemist. His girlfriend, Marielle, is the captain of her own pirate ship, the Damballah. She’s a Zombie. The hot chicks with the swords and guns are a kill team of combined wet work squads from the Puritan Witchfinders and the Catholic Inquisition.
    van Ritter wants the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismestigus, rumored to have surfaced during Morgan’s sack of Panama City. Marielle wants to party and kick ass. The assassin nuns want him staked, beheaded, and burned.
    Oh, and van Ritter’s crew are all ritually scarified Mayans high on hallucinogenic toad.

    Updated every Monday.
    I wrote it.
    • CommentAuthorEFlint
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2009
    My attack on cyberspace is called Hazardous Science. I don't really have much to say about it, except I'm trying to be smart and funny.
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    I draw one webcomic written by Steven Grant, ODYSSEUS THE REBEL. It's a "re-think," as Steven calls it, of the classic Odyssey story. This is a serialized graphic novel.

    I also co-write another webcomic, ESCAPE FROM TERRA. It's a continuing adventure strip, about plucky anarchists in the Asteroid Belt who must contend with a grasping United World government coming at them from the motherworld. Sandy Sandfort sends me story treatments in the form of short-stories, I turn them into comics scripts, and Lee Oaks draws them up.

    EDIT: The week after I posted this our page-views jumped an average of 2,500 per upload day per strip, and the rate is still climbing. We bow before the awesomeness of our belubbered Intarwub Yaysus.

    (Although of course, we hope our NYCC appearance had something to do with the second week's increase. Otherwise we wasted a lot of money.)
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    I write and draw The Unbroken Circle. It updates every day. It's about conspiracies, ghosts, alcoholism, and rasslin'. There's a good 500 pages up for your reading enjoyment!

    • CommentAuthorbusorama
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    Hi, I'm Gardner, and I co-write the webcomic Registered Weapon, an action-comedy strip about the toughest homicide detective in LA and his new partner, a robot who used to be a cash register.


    We just premiered three weeks ago, so now's the perfect time to jump on board. We update every Tuesday and Friday. I also do a solo comic called The Adventures of Lil' Gardner & Robot Jesus. It's not drawn as well.

    Gardner Linn