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    It's a comic i update one page a week or two pages every two weeks... depends.

    CLOBBER! 6

    It started out as something short form for me to practice drawing very small to reduce the ammount of detail i could fit into a panel.

    CLOBBER! 10

    Now it's a 67 page script and 38 pages of a sketch book. Wish me luck!
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    Moon Freight 3

    "Moon Freight 3" is a comedy/sci-fi strip about what it's like to be one of the ordinary guys in a science-fiction world. Not a great starship captain, not some destined hero, but a regular guy working a crappy job he got stuck in and isn't quite sure how to get out of. Except he lives on a space station and works with a robot. It's black-and-white and updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
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    Yes, I know that I suck, but damn it, I'm trying. it apart in your heads. Please?

    Thought Crimes...Be Gentle or leave me gagged and naked in a forest, no in-between
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    According to wikipedia, there are 18,000 distinct webcomics currently on the net. This may be a loooong thread...
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    I've been drawing a webcomic for five years. The first two I wrote myself,the last three were written by my girlfriend (and later wife) Mary. It updates sporadically, which is 'I've been making a webcomic for five years' code for 'I have no fucking idea when I'm going to update this next, but I will at some point'.
    It once gained minor notoriety when I wrote a really long rant about how much I hated Jeph Jacques. I later apologised, and took the rant down.

    It's called Shit Happens. For some reason, the name puts a lot of people off.

    I have another webcomic. I'm sorry about it. I'm sorry. I wish I could stop but I can't oh god help me stop this horrible crap.
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    Some really great looking/reading stuff piling up here. And then there's my comic. It's called Suburban Panic, and it recently went from being a single panel, observational gripe sort of thing, to a slightly more narrative journal comic interspersed with Other Ideas. Here's a recent strip, so you can dislike it without bothering to click.

    The only winner in that scenario is the bull.

    And let me add my voice to the chorus of "Thank You Uncle Warren"s. I will gladly sacrifice my bandwidth on the altar of your reflected glory. Or some such nonsense.
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    Mine's up at

    Ongoing work dealing with escapism through the lens of video games. It's essentially an exercise meant to keep me working on a long form story and make sure that whatever else I'm doing, I'm at least regularly putting something of mine out there on some kind of schedule. I'm no artist, and never will be, so there's obvious visual sacrifices and shortcuts taken.
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    They tell me I do Lucid TV.

    It is about a hospital named after Jim Belushi or some bullshit like that, occasionally about other things.

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    I'm working on a few webcomics (most of which can be found here), but the one that I update regularly on any occasion is Harmless Free Radicals. It has currently taken a shift from the last time I posted about it. No longer is it an ongoing series of gag strips about life in the Pacific Northwest (though those are still in the archives), it is now a burgeoning graphic novel that shall be titled Gretch Müller's Combat Guide to Making Coffee.

    click to visit larger image

    Harmless Free Radicals

    From Grass Dog Studio

      CommentAuthorDirk Manning
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    I know a lot of people are familiar with NIGHTMARE WORLD already... but what many of you may not realize is that we were recently picked-up to as a part of the Image/Shadowline webcomic family. Huzzah for us!

    The result is us posting a page a day Monday through Thursday of our lil' series of stand-alone yet interlocking cerebral horror-esque stories featuring everything from Cthulhu to zombies to fairy folk to werewolves. Each story is written by me and illustrated by a different artist or art team... just like this:

    NIGHTMARE WORLD -- You Oughta Know

    NIGHTMARE WORLD --  Bitter Wine

    If cerebral horror is your thing and/or you lament the fact that there aren't any CONSISTENTLY good horror comic anthologies out there these days... well, you need to check out NIGHTMARE WORLD.

    Dirk Manning
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    I do a comic called "Dorm Dorks." It's college and relationship humor, with some geek stuff thrown in. New strips are every monday, wednesday, and friday at

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    I co-create a comic called Dingleberries.

    It was started last August with my friend Foley that was self-referential about our antics. We drink, smoke and play D&D mostly.

    We went on an unofficial hiatus in October due to me bankrupting all my savings by trying to become a freelance illustrator, then having to take a job that required me to be outside the house 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. Until I find some sort of stable income-work level, Foley has taken over doing his own strip (via the same webspace, called 'Dingleberry') that has nothing to do with our last story line. But still, it's something that updates once a week, every Friday at some point of those 24 hours.

    Did I mention we drink a lot?

    It's not very well drawn and we're still finding our voice but you should support us anyways because we do give a damn about comedy. And geekiness.
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    I do three comics all of which you can read at . The website updates mon-fri every week.

    Here are examples from the two joke-a-day strips:

    Tertiary Education

    Mr. London

    The third comic is long and continuity ridden and probably the best artistically (which isn't saying all that much...). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.
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    I do three. On my website, two new ones.

    Proudly amoral supervillainy in
    Geist stealing his own comic, no doubt

    Superpowered conspiracy with
    Invisible, Inc.:
    Lit exits the Hearst building

    And Hannibal Goes to Rome over at Shadowline.

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    Hey all,

    My name's Marc Ellerby and I draw a diary comic called Ellerbisms which goes lives three times a week. Essentially, it's about the small moments in life and how they can often be the parts of life which people remember the most

    Plus, you know, there's jokes and sometimes sad stuff...

    They go live at 9am (GMT) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Read more!
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    Misery Depot is a free mystery/science fiction webcomic released by Papyrus Comics, by Hermés Piqué and Juan Romera, intended for mature audiences. It can be read online or downloaded in various formats, such as pdf, cbr or cbz.

    Misery Depot page 3


    An anomaly causes an elderly mother to awake undressed inside a humid capsule. The voice of her daughter echoes in her memory, the intent of her words forgotten. Was she sharing the completeness of their unity, or hatefully wishing her mother's demise?

    A seemingly infinite corridor of capsules hosts hundreds of persons, calmly sleeping, miserable underneath. Yet, an old man shares the mother's awareness, and is even certain of the nature of the place: a high-technology concentration camp; the second one for him to escape...

    Misery Depot is available in:


    Misery Depot page 3

    Hope you like it.
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    Here is my latest webcomics. It is a revamp from an autobiographical work and I turned it into something ... else.

    Beware it turns a little gory at the end.
    No drawings but pictures (does it work ?).
    Oh yes, almost forgot it is written in french. An english friend of mine may translate this one.
    Learn french or enjoy the pretty pictures.

    Oh, I'm on my job's PC and the bastards don't let me update the flash version on it so I don't have a clue if the embeding works. If not I'll correct it later or you can go follow the little rabbit :

    And a page sample (without text) :

    Total Guignol [ page 29 ]

    It is a weird work. My next is going to be a lot more "classical".

    And if you are interested in more here is my blogs adress (mostly drawings and pictures and a few other older webcomics :

    I hope you like it all !

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    Some very cool stuff.

    This is my webcomic Emerald City Blues. It started out as part of my 24 hour comic but it evolved into my webcomic. It's my take on the world of The Wizard of Oz.

    Here are a couple of pages from it:



    You can read it here:
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    Lukas Ketner and I do Witch Doctor, a horror/medical drama that grafts the sickest things in real life biology and medicine to classic monsters. We're working on three short stories that'll come out later this spring (and we'll be taking it in a substantially different direction, as far as the visuals go), but until then, here's another link to our first comic, First Incision — a very different kind of a vampire story.

    • CommentAuthorJEFFSJ
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    Jonny Subconscious is updated once a week on Mondays. Also printed once a month in this beautiful magazine. Here's todays strip: