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    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    Milo The Cloud
    A strip that runs twice a week, and I'm thinking Monday and Thursday is going to end up being the most doable. (I just posted this one last night):
    And here is a portrait of the main characters so far:
    Milo, Eva, and Hank, with Nimbo the angry stormcloud off in the distance. Eva hasn't come into the strip yet, because I'm still refining her look. And there's a few main characters that I'm still deciding on. It's a new effort, but I really needed to get something going that was regular and ongoing with this character while I work on the book I'm writing/illustrating.
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    Been doing this strip about five years now with my pardner, Amber. I write, she draws...and does just about everything else.

    Buffalo Poppin' Fresh


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    I've got a few long form comics, and a parody strip going on over at: 50 Foot Robot Studios
    My latest is called VENT. It's a "virtuapunk" sci-fi murder mystery.
    VENT Cover Image

    One of my comics is in this month's ZUDA competition as well: LINK
    SYNOPSIS: DOCTOR IMMORTALIS is a serialized collection of fantastic adventures spanning a strange world of mysterious happenings! DOC IMMORTALIS is a mix of aspects taken from pulp stories, Buckaroo Banzai, 70’s and 80’s comic books, alternate histories, and James Bond, set against a stage of fantastic science and weird evils. In this world there is a wealth of lost civilizations, strange archeology, and ancient technology to be discovered. Every conspiracy theory has merit; everything is possible!

    50 Foot Robot studios
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    i write and draw a weekly webcomic called Sleep Deprived, with characters loosely based on people i've met throughout my life. iT's more geared towards fantasy and sci fi humor. Strange humor i'm told, but humor that i at least get. At times, i try my hand at social commentary, though i tend to doubt if it works.

    Here's the post from two weeks ago.

    Sleep Deprived

    i run it out of my Myspace blog and occasionally my Livejournal account as i have zero funds to put towards anything aside from art supplies.

    i have one book collecting most of last year's multi-page strips through

    Assault On Suburbia

    Though i have partly been inspired by Jhonen Vasquez in my art, i have also been more inspired by the likes of Kevin Eastman, Food One, Stan Sakai, Steve Dillon, and Darick Robertson. i'm tired of being called a poor man's Jhonen.

    End Transmission
    • CommentAuthorChadP
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    I started this a while back when i was working for Domino's. I needed a constructive way to vent my frustrations about the world and Pizza Man was the perfect solution.

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    Right, my turn then :D

    Din Krakatau is a webcomic that JUST finished today with 128 pages of (sometimes literally) brainstomping fun. Although... it didn't really finish, as along the way it became the first volume of a larger thing called Amen City Chronicles (and I'll be relaunching it under this title, entirely relettered, grammar & spellchecked, in the next few months).

    As you can see the art starts well... not that great, but it improves (the three pages posted are roughly 35-40 pages apart from each other).
    din krakatau sample page 1
    din krakatau sample page 2
    din krakatau sample page 3

    And yes, she does have a tentacle sticking out of her eyesocket on the last page :D

    Next I'll be drawing something unrelated and then return to this one for volume 2.
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    For a little over two years, I've been writing horror webcomics at Split Lip.

    Nearly every month, we post a new story full of disturbing images, upsetting ideas, and good, old-fashioned scares. If you like Asian horror movies or off-beat horror like that of House of Leaves or Joyce Carol Oates, you'll probably like Split Lip. If you like comics by Junji Ito or Kazuo Umezu or David Hine's horror stuff, you'll probably like Split Lip. If you like checking out new artists from around the world, you'll probably like Split Lip.

    We're currently on our regular winter hiatus right now, but should be back in March/April with a bunch of new stories.

    For now, here's some art from the two most recent stories:

    Ashes to Ashes, written by me, art by Anthony Peruzzo

    Panopticon, written by me, art by Joel Vollmer


      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    I've taken to drawing some things mostly centered around my job. Can be found here.
    Here is the first page of my most recent one:

    I admittedly have the visual artistic talent of a five year, but that's good enough for now.
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    @ Pete McCann--


    Cause it's good, is all I'm saying.
    • CommentAuthorProchilo
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    I've been doing "Devil Bill and Spenser" a couple of months. Semi-daily strip format (I try for four times a week), black and white, blah blah. Here's the first strip:

    Devil Bill & Spenser, Episode 1

    The one on the left is Spenser (dead penguin in hell).
    • CommentAuthorpyrophage
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    I've been doing Stamp of Adventure, a comic based on my late nephews artwork, for the last eight months or so. The carved stamps are lifted directly from his drawings (he was five at the time) and the backgrounds, when they exist, are done by me. My goal is to try to keep the absurdity level where a 5-7 year old would enjoy it.
    Stamp of Adventure

    Oh, I sorted out my scanner problem after the first one here, I've just been too lazy to go back and fix this one.
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    Not so much a webcomic, but I do post some comics on my blog that I do when I find time between working and sleeping...

    Ghost Kids
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    Odd Jobs 4: Children of the Revolution

    Scene from my fourth Odd Jobs/David Diangelo story: Children of the Revolution. Been doing Odd Jobs since 2000 as a mystery/graphic novel series. I have one book in print (sold through for my publisher - yay!) and I'm re-running my first two stories online. You can find links to them from my main site,
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    Hello. I've just begun a comic called Gang of Fools. So far there are 7 pages up. It is helpfully located at The goal is to update thrice-weekly, but for the moment your best bet is to check it out on Fridays.

    It starts with a 4-page bit about voting, and then goes into the storline "Skate for Life," which is about young ne'er-do-well Aditi Rai becoming a courier to pay off her rent, and the woman trying to kill her to get the condo in question. There's a lot of ink. Here is page one:

    gang of fools page 1

    Oh! And the font is from Blambot. They're nice people.
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    Well, my comic has run through its story and ended. But I've joined some of the stars of the webcomic world, and we're doing a crossover comic. Our heroes have joined together to defeat a threat to the webcomic multiverse. It's called The Crossoverlord.

    These samples aren't from one page. I just wanted to show you art from various contributors. We're doing the art duties in rotation, so if you don't like it, wait a week or two.

    Sample 1

    Sample 2 Sample 3
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    I'm republishing early stories from my erotic comic Mary Tales whilst I work on an erotic graphic novel. None of the big-titted, bad storyline stuff that constitutes so much online comics smut, I'm trying to do something more straightforward and fun.
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    @jamesmith3: There are some really nice illustrations in your site (and I like the comics too)
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    Thanks very much.
    • CommentAuthoralbone
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    Check it: Rival Angels, the #1 wrestling webcomic! Updating for over a year and never missing a deadline, the story is about four rookie roommates as they battle against the best wrestlers in the world and dealing with personal and professional rivalries.
    Rival Angels-The #1 wrestling webcomic.  Read it NOW.
    • CommentAuthorStruble
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    The Li'l Depressed Boy is the story of a boy with a romantic heart and the body of a ragdoll. LDB takes his first steps to escape the loneliness and solitude that has been his life and find love in the outside world.

    I (S. Steven Struble) write the scripts with a rotating cast of artists (to date: Sam Kieth, Jim Mahfood, Ed Tadem, Jose Garibaldi, Jamie McKelvie, Kanila Tripp, Lindsay Jane, Roman Muradov, Zach Trover, Chris Fenoglio, Kris Struble, Justin Stewart and Sina Grace) and we deliver fresh strips on a weekly basis.

    The strip can be read online at or at