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    • CommentAuthor256
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    @Fearlessfoz - Clarke was the first author I came to love, but his introductions (to his works and those of others) are uniformly uncomfortable to read. His friends used to call him "The Ego". You can see why.

    Finished Hokkaido Highway Blues and Narrow Road To A Far Province. Both very good. Also re-read In The Miso Soup by Ryu Murakami, which is brilliant. Enough Japanese stuff for the moment, so now reading A Balcony In The Forest by Julian Gracq (very good so far, with an interesting style) and the Edward Gorey collection Amphigorey (love). And, yes, still working on Vineland.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Last book I read was Fleming's Live and Let Die. Just started yesterday on Chabon's Wonder Boys.
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    Finished Patricia McKillip's Ombria in Shadow, a lovely dreamy rich and lush type fantasy.

    About to start Bandler's Using Your Brain For a Change.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Just finished "Shutting Out the Sun" by Michael Zielenziger and am now pondering exactly how to review it. In the meantime, I'm re-reading Haruki Murakami's "Underground," about the sarin attacks on the Tokyo subway.
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Trying again to read AGAINST THE DAY.
    • CommentAuthorSteerpike
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2009
    Slowly savoring Yiddish Policeman's Union. I'm tempted to pick up I Was Dora Suarez after that, as Derek Raymond's The Factory series has been reissued in the States and I loved How The Dead Live when I read it years ago.
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    Finished Ben Goldacre's Bad Science the other night. Tells you everything you need to know about all kinds of quackery and other bullshit. GIllian McKeith-proof yourself!
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    Christopher Moore's Fool
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    Finally finished Children of Dune (reading time has taken a nose dive now that I'm commuting by bike instead of bus again)

    Going to start on Microserfs today at lunch. It was gifted to me last July and I still haven't read it.
    • CommentAuthorScottS
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    I finished Christopher Moore's FOOL about two days after I bought it (which would have been the day it was released naturally). I thought it was very amusing, with some laugh-out-loud moments. I will probably re-read it in a week or two, to see if I missed anything the first time around.

    Currently reading Milk, Sulphate, & Alby Salvation by Martin Millar. So far it's good at giving off weird vibes and making me feel paranoid and wanting to buy complete runs of the first Silver Surfer series.
    • CommentTimeFeb 23rd 2009
    @ izenmania

    Microserfs is my favourite Coupland book and I think his more well realised and convicing.
    • CommentAuthorWDavies
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    Currently speeding along through The Vesuvius Club and The Devil in Amber by Mark Gatiss. The publisher has kindly stapled them together back to back.

    Quite a light read but very enjoybable.
    • CommentAuthorEbony14
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    Went to a speculative lit convention this past weekend and picked up some new stuff (new for me anyway). Currently reading Daughter of Hounds by Caitlin R. Kiernan. It's an interesting story of ghouls living under Providence, RI, and the strangeness surrounding one of their changelings and a half-breed girl. Spooky and surreal, with just a touch of gangster action.
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    i re-read american gods by gaiman for the first time since it came out, and started anansi boys which i finally got round to buying.
    i re-read books 1-4 of scott pilgrim and then read book 5.
    i am half way through t.p. louise and ashley wood's lore collected book 2, which is art light, but fun.
    i am making a second attempt at hoban's riddley walker, having gotten too distracted the last time i tried to read it.
    • CommentAuthorAnanzitusq
    • CommentTimeFeb 24th 2009
    just picked up the deluxe edition of the Portable Dorothy Parker, I've fallen in love.
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2009
    Finished Revolt in 2100 a few days ago, and just worked my way into Methuselah's Children.

    Debating a quick break from Heinlein to read a Stross book, or maybe do my re-reading of Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72. We shall see.
    • CommentAuthordot_xom
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2009
    Finished Wonder Boys, starting on A Wrinkle In Time (based on a recommendation from the girlfriend).
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2009
    Wally's World - bio about Wally Wood, not terribly well written, but wonderfully informing.

    The Wolfen - Whitley Strieber - I first read this when I was about 12 and into anything concerning wolves, not realizing that is was not really aimed at the 12 year old psyche. Gave me some wonderfull vivid nightmares for weeks. So I naturally have to re-read this once every 10 years or so, and it still makes my inner 12 year-old twitchy at night...

    Now reading:
    Destiny Doll - Clifford Simak - Olden-Sci-Fi goodness!
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2009
    Now reading Bruce Catton's "The Civil War." Great overview of the war, although I wish the maps were better - I can't quite visualize the detailed geography involved, and having both Confederate and Federal attack lines drawn with the same black arrows makes things unnecessarily confusing....
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