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    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009 edited
    Thread is open for people who make music to plug their new stuff, drop links to their sites, show off and talk among themselves. We like music here, and need more.
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    Hi. You can listen to my music here. Hope you like it. Cheers!
      CommentAuthorMONK A
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    dig it and this too. there's some munx comix and a story about a eunuch somewhere in the second link. also check the myspace for shows. if you live in philly come check us. most importantly come to the upcoming fundraiser for philly food not bombs.
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    my band, The British Columbians, are talking of going on tour in the late spring. people seem to like us... which is a nice change for me. [even though the name's pretty cheap]
    if it goes well, we'll keep touring. maybe to your town even...
      CommentAuthorSeej 500
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    Hello. I'm Seej 500 and I've just (i.e. yesterday) released my first single via Bandcamp (which, BTW, I can heartily recommend to the rest of you musicians). It's called Black Ice and you can download it for 1 American dollar in a variety of formats at or if you hang on until the 4th it should be up on iTunes too.

    Then there's my website, and where you can hear other stuff, read my blog, and generally get way more of me in your life than you're entirely comfortable with.
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    I recently posted all the songs from my last rock band, This Shirt Is Pants, for download. The band is long dead, and we sure aren't going to actually sell any more copies of the CD, so free it is!
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    I'm The Face of Human Error, you may have heard me on the 4am.

    I have a Free Ep you can download here

    I just launched a YouTube Channel that you can check out at

    I have an album you can buy or listen to for free on Last Fm - find out about that here

    The Myspace has everything else - visit and befriend me here

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    hey. i'm micaela supertar and you can hear my music on mysoace here:
    i am the drummer/percussionist/violinist.
    if you want a cd hit me up here or on myspace.
    cds are free, shipping ain't.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
    • CommentAuthorTomRuby
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2009
     (4916.11) - is what i do
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    Ambient downtempo indie shoegaze spacerock atari facerocking... go forth and listen:
    Eraserhead - The one man band with synth skills

    You can also buy tracks from me, but there are 6 up for free listening.

    thanks for the venue Warren!

    -- J

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    @jasonarthur - You list Failure as an influence. For that, I thank you. Sometimes, I fear I'm the only one with a copy of Fantastic Planet.

    I'm in Your Favorite Assassin. I used to say we were punk. Then, I said we were post-hardcore and I guess that label may still apply, but we keep doing pretty stuff like this now, so I don't know anymore:

    This is a pre-mastered version of "Fiend" off our album that's coming out in a couple months. I love this song so much, I almost forget I play on it.

    We're on MySpace and Facebook and Flickr, in case you need to see how attractive we are.
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    Pink Noise Inferno is an audio project of mine that's supposed to gather all of my audio creations under a single name. Been making music since 1997, never really released anything (kind of an "outsider artist" thing if I think about it) and used a myriad names for this stuff. there have been some files floating around the web and my friends, a few demo tapes in 2000-2002 period but nothing proper.

    Currently sort of working (sort of slacking rather) on a boxset that's supposed to collect all of my 400+ tracks in either mp3 or ogg.

    The music itself? Umm, hard to decribe. I went through various phases doing genre mashups and what not. It basically goes through industrial, techno, experimental, noise, dark ambient, ambient, drone, silly tunes, hardcore and basically anything electronic. I don't really have much to show online at this point, only an old myspace from when I used the name "Din Krakatau" for one of my sub-projects (abandoned by me but it's still up so you can listen), and a test video on youtube assembled quickly to one of my tracks by a friend of mine. Both feature the more "indutrialish" side of my music.

    Here goes the vid (which is a track from 2007 I think)
    Pink Noise Inferno - Passive Agressive

    and here's the abandoned myspace which has some remastered tracks from early 2000's (under the abandoned name).

    Since this is showing only a small range of the project, I'll probably put up something more in a while (whenever I can get around looking through nearly 500 tracks).
    • CommentAuthorJoe Hakim
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    Spoken Word Poetry anyone? Check and

    Leave your preconceptions at the door, this is raw, uncompromising stuff. Currently developing a show 'Guerrilla Poetry Project' at the London BAC with Apples and Snakes. Keep 'em peeled for updates.

    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2009
    One of my projects, Onlooker, has a new EP which you can stream at
    We're a long distance recording project - Brooklyn to Raleigh, NC. This collection of songs is a bit more "accessible" than our last release, but it's still moody and electric... like you.

    I hope you like it.

    thx, brandon
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    My music can be found here. Which has been recently described as Appalachian Folk Music meets Icelandic Shoegaze, which fits some songs better than others, you can grab the record for free: here.

    Downloading now. Listening on the Myspace. Really digging it!
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    If I may, I'd like to introduce my new band: BEN FRANKLIN

    We are very much a rock and roll band, with really wandering interests. A few demos are up there now. I'm particularly proud of the song Smile, even if this isn't the greatest recording. Also really happy with Montclair.

    Our first proper show (with drums and the loud) is later this month here in NYC. It's really going to be an amazing amount of fun, especially with the drummer we've got, an old friend of mine who plays professionally for the moneys.

    w/ The Accomplice Theory & Dirty Dirty
    Sunday Feb 22nd 4pm-8pm
    All Ages, Cake Shop, $10
    152 Ludlow St, NYC
    Between Stanton & Rivington
    • CommentAuthorSkerror
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2009
    I got mad new releases:
    Free Streaming:

    Skerror Downloads

    Think Skinny Puppy meets Flying Lotus
    • CommentAuthoramp
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2009
    I've got some moody beats up on