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    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009 edited
    Finally got my page up on myspace. Hope you guys find something to like here. It's sort of lo-fi/psychedelic/electronic/horror film/retrofuturistic dub stuff. Rough mixes.

    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2009
    Surprised I didn't already post the the myspace cyber-data-coffin for my old bands:
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    Out today is the new album by myself and a chap called Banks Bailey entitled 'A Brief Sojourn'.

    The album is a melding of my tone and drone ambience with Banks' Arizonan desert field-recordings.

    I'm afraid I don't have a music sample for you but here's the cover.

    more at
    • CommentTimeOct 24th 2009
    This is a little project I'm doing inbetween other things, mostly just for fun as it's quite different to my usual stuff, called With His Teeth. Don't know if anyone will like it, but what the hell?

    You can hear more here:
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    hot on the heels of the new album i mentioned two comments ago I have another one out (they're just like buses), this one via Lithuanian cassette label AghartA.

    It's a split release with Norwegian musician Andreas Brandal. I've not really heard Andreas' music yet but my track - The Prescient Machine - is a dark and swirly psychedelic drone piece.

    it's available from AghartA.

    a sample of my track can be found here

    and Andreas is here.
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    For the last few years I've been working on various projects, mainly in the vein of minimalist/drone/noise/soundscapes. It's been described as rather unnatural sounding, which is cool as it's all done with synthesizers & computers, though my newer stuff is made with a lot of field recordings & weird samples I've collected over the last year or so.

    You can hear it through my "Pervert-Magnet" page at myspace:
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    Looking forward to listening through all this later, thanks.
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    Free audio track for everyone based entirely on a recording from a firework display here.
    It's an oldie ( tweaked for 2009)
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    I forgot to put up the info on my other projects in my previous post, so here we go! Sorry if this feels like I'm spamming you all!

    A collaboration between me & Japanese cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori-

    THE GHOSTS OF EARTH- (Collaboration with fellow Australian noisemaker Cthulhu Rings)

    CALLOUS PULSE- (Drone/noise project)

    If you have time check out the Cthulhu Rings page- it's pretty cool ambient/drone/noise musick!
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    Unfortunately poor sound quality video of our little punk rock number:
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    The Bridge Party, I know I have posted this in the "need new industrial /electro" thread, but I should plug myself a little more than I do-

    The Bridge party where you can go to download the whole album and some extra tracks, absolutley fucking FREE, or our Reverbnation page.

    We just released a new demo single. ALL FREE ! Join Us : Spread The Infection !
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    Just started a youtube channel and will be adding more Kemper Norton tracks here very soon. Halfway through a primitive video as well , which'll make a change from the picture stills here at the moment....

    edit : God knows why it's linking in that peculiar way. Apologies.
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    I'm a musician. I currently have fuck all going on. I might post links and soundbites that I'm not especially ashamed of eventually.

    In the meantime I'll keep on lurking.
    • CommentAuthorOddcult
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    Right: Laptop Musician/Producer Wanted.

    A guy I'm working with has a five grand bet on that he'll be world famous in a year. See here:

    He was a Big Breakfast and Brother producer and if you want, you can blame him for people like Kelly Brock, Russell Brand, Jade Goody and a few other people like that becoming famous. So he reckons it's his turn.

    Anyway - one of the ideas is to follow the 'The Manual' plan, only updating it using recent tech and MP3 distribution etc and also to get a chapter in a book out of it.

    So - if anyone here thinks they could do this, drop me a line on oddcases at g mail dot com.

    EDIT TO SAY: London based would probably be best. Ta.
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    This is the band I live with. I hope you all enjoy.
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    New ' Face of Human Error video. Two more videos before I put this album to bed

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    @Oddcult I have chosen to blame your colleague for everything fatuous that's come crawling out of the media for the last decade , so wouldn't be putting myself forward to help him fill a book chapter even if I was younger , more ambitious and lived in London.... I'm sure there's enough fame-hungry young credulous tykes out there.
    Don't quite understand he doing it himself or finding someone to "manage " ?

    A friend of a friend followed Bill Drummond's guide to getting a successful single and it worked so well that he managed to buy himself a lovely studio and lots of synths.
    The single was "Roobarb and Custard " , but I know it was worth it to him.
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    @Oddcult Read the link the charity idea. Could he not just punch Perez Hilton or something ?
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    He was a Big Breakfast and Brother producer and if you want, you can blame him for people like Kelly Brock, Russell Brand, Jade Goody

    Can we not just have the cunt executed and then donate his organs to medical science?