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    For any of you that have wandered the abandoned NYC streets of the I Am Legend sims (created by many of those responsible for the Wastelands sim), shooting at bloodthirsty darkseekers or tearing to shreds some puny human (okay not so puny when they have one of those nasty shotguns), tomorrow January 14th is the last day that the sims will be open.

    So Warren and any of you others...go eat some brains while you still can, before they officially announce it and the place becomes bogged down with traffic.

    Also, i finally found all 3 "easter egg"/hidden freebie boxes in Chinatown of Darkseeker Skin and Eye alternates made by Spider Mandala. Sometimes, they are always there. Sometimes you have to wait for them to appear. I wouldn't explain the following if i didn't think it was worth it because they're really well done and gruesome skin variations. :) And free if you're willing to explore. (not sure if you need to keep the HUD on or not though to touch them).
    Tip: Since that pesky drunk Darkseeker animation (and lag) may make the controls groggy, use spacebar to pause your jump in mid air.

    1: Pestilence: Easy to get. East side of the Chinatown sim, find the gap in the tall chainlink/boarded fence near the wall to get in the small lot behind that fence, look in the second shadowy alcove. Cardboard box is in the corner.

    2: Famine: This one is a pain. Under billboard on south-central street in Chinatown. Look on the opposite side of the street. There's a low bent metal awning. Jump on that. Jump over the sign and on top of the green newstand(?). From there jump up onto the shallow ledge of the building and walk down to the next platform towards the southern oriental gate spanning the end of the steet. Jump your way on top of the gate and cross over the street. Now carefully jump to the next building ledge. Walk down and either jump onto the billboard walkway or jump behind the billboard (and get stuck like i did for a while) in order to get at the box in touching distance.

    3. War AND Death: Not as difficult as number 2. Just remember to walk, not run to do the jumps. At the barricaded structure on the western edge of Chinatown. Go inside, and jump up to the southern balcony facing the street via trashbarrels, trashbins, boxs. Jump up on to the balcony's awning. Jump up onto the roof of the building. On the back of the far west wall, there's another billboard. The box is under it.

    Good luck!
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    Awwwww. I don't have time tonight. What a bloody shame. I'll miss that place.
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2008
    Ooh, they put War and Death in? nice!! I haven't been Egg hunting since the first 4 were there, so I don't know if there are more human ones too, and if they are worth it. any Idea? :)
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    Hmm...i'm afraid i don't know about any of the Human freebie skins and such.
    I always played as a darkseeker to sate my bloodlust. :)
    Felt like I spent enough gameplaying time in SL scavenging for goods and supplies already as a human in the Wastelands (when i actually took the time to play that wasn't a Fight Night), so i wanted to be a ghoulish beastie instead at IAL.
    From what i've heard we may wind up getting some IAL refugees in the Wastes after IAL shuts down.
    Some may not have the patience for our post-apocalpyse, because ammo doesn't fall out of the sky (or unlimited) like it does in IAL.
    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2008
    Yeah, I figured there may be a litle transfer like that.
    I played human for only a short while and loved DarkSeekers far more, but it was just incase there was a nice tshirt or some such besides the 'I [biohazard] NY' one :)
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    One of the IAL Darkseeker groups has already sent around a notice telling everyone to go to the Wastelands when the new combat system's up.