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    A short, short story with a valuable lesson:

    Sometime ago, I was on the Warren Ellis Forum--I made a post in response to someone. I thought I was being funny, clever, not annoying whatsoever. One of Warren's wonderful mods politely and graciously informed me of how wrong I was in my assumptions, and gave me the chance to self-edit or remove my post, so I did.

    Later, on The Engine, I said something in a post that Warren objected to, and IP-banned me. Closed me out of the forum. I apologised and politely asked if he might reconsider. He didn't so much as respond--fair enough, since i already crapped in his house once, I didn't expect anything different.

    I certainly didn't expect to miss the forum as much as I did. You know the countless times someone on here has said something akin to "only here can we find something like this?" Warren, bless his grace and patience, erects these places on the internet, knowing full well after years of doing this sorta thing, just what to expect.

    A lot of crap, little thanks, and enough rabble to drive any 10 people insane. Moderating a forum is hard enough as it is, being an unknown person--being famous? Brutal. Warren is like the sharp-shooting cowboy who has to deal with all sorts of drifters coming in to challenge him to a shoot-out. Ariana has to try and calm him with booze and Red Bull and smokes.

    Until you get closed out, until you see that one forum thread that you really, really wish you could respond to/add to, you really have no idea what you had 'til it's gone.

    Don't push their buttons, because they have their fingers hovering above the only button that really matters: the BIG, red button marked "BAN" or "OFF" depending on their mood.

    And when you think Warren is joking about the measures he'll take? He isn't. He's not known for his bluffing.
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    I wasn’t picking at you specifically Shane or trying to be self-righteous, I know I’ve been slapped once or twice by the boss here. I like you and your sick sense of humor man. That’s why I enjoy hanging out with you and the rest of the gang in the back of the “I Did Not Need To See That” alley, shooting craps and talking shit. It’s just that Warren has closed other forums and banned people before. There are places here to be silly and places where we should behave properly. I don’t want to see this place shut down because Warren got pissed.
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    • CommentTimeJul 9th 2009
    <blockquote>I wasn’t picking at you specifically...</blockquote>Oh yeah, I know. I was pointing that out for general reference, not you personally.
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    I've tested the waters a bit here to see what's allowed in terms of frivolity, and I've found Mr. Ellis & Co. to be pretty supremely tolerant. So far it seems that I've found the following to be true:

    1. Before posting a thread or comment, stop and think, "Is this 4chan? Am I just posting this for teh lulz?"
    1a. Even if I have the best of intentions, is the thread likely to devolve into lulz really fast if I do this?

    And on the other extreme:

    2. Before posting a thread or comment, stop and think, "Am I about to engage the CAPSLOCKS OF RAGE because SOMEBODY IS *WRONG* ON THE INTERNET?"
    2a. Even if I have the best of intentions, is this thread likely to devolve into otaku of whatever stripe (comics, scifi, politics, embroidery) getting nerdjuice all over the place?

    It really is those corollary rules that are a bitch to get right.
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    Yeah. Been nice knowing you guys.
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    What the hell is that from, Lord Stalin?
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    hi, this is a request. Is it posible to Re-reopen the Remake/Remodel thread, the one about HOKU TAMANOCHI, THE GHOST EXTERMINATOR? please
    I´m asking this because this thread leaded me to a six pages comic story (now i got TWELVE) & i would like to post it there (are SEVEN pages posted allready)...
    It would be a great help for finishing this comic that i´ve started because of the thread. Thanks.
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    Gomez--There's nothing that says you can't post the rest of your pages up on any pic-site (flickr, photobucket, etc.) or if you want the people here to see them, the Artists thread should work for you as well.

    Glad to hear you got yourself all sorts of inspired!
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    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009

    Take a look at the Cyberspace thread (; close it before the idiocy spreads?
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    shining lion, Thanks for the information, i didn´t knew that thread... seems fine for me.
    question: How is it works? Is it closed every end of the month? Thanks
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    Gomez: Yes--it tends to get closed every month, to make way for a new one for the current month. Perhaps, if you want it to be around for awhile, wait until the August one. Keep up the awesome art!
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    No threads for bitchin', huh?
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    So did the I did not need to see that Image thread get closed because it's July 30th, or because that type of thread is done now?
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    Because it's the 30th.
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    Must scrawl tangent of minimal relevance on the Eels thread... then can has braaaaains.

    Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling (Peter Cook) vs. Chris Morris:
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    So, I'm not sure who to politely question...
    Warren mentioned that the SINK tags was for threads that bore him, and thus they would slowly fade away.
    When Ariana put the SINK tag on the DRAW EACH OTHER thread, she said it wasn't to get rid of it, just to make room for newer threads.
    Now it's gone. I'm a little confused, and a little disappointed. Also, on the bottom it mentions "this thread has been inactive for 5 days and doesn't want to be ressurected," with the last comment one day ago...
    Is it really gone, or is this a mistake? I really liked that thread, and clearly a lot of other people did, too.
    I know there are other Artist Threads, but this one had a specific purpose, and was personally a real draw (no pun intended) to this forum. Also, I would imagine, a real source of pride for GREASEMONKEY for starting such a successful thread. So, politely, WTF?
    Not sure how else to communicate to Those That Make Decisions.
    Not angry, just sad and confused.
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    I guess people didn't like it enough to bookmark it or find it in their "With Me" tabs, so, as it's a London Zoo thread, it goes dead after five days of inactivity.

    However, if the last comment really is "one day ago," I'll take a look.