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    Right. We're a month away from launch now, and I want to warm the message board up a bit.

    So. If you create an indie comic, introduce your work.

    Indie comic? Anything that isn't published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, a book publisher or an Image studio (but I think Image Central counts). "Indie comic" includes webcomics, minicomics, phonecomics, whatever. You get the idea, right?

    Show off. Whitechapel is built on HTML, not BBCode -- use the reply interface to post images, links, etc. Don't swamp it with eight full pages of art or anything, but, you know, show people what you've got.

    There are currently 1700 people on Whitechapel. Many of them have money. And since I'm also posting this on my website, LiveJournal, MySpace and Bad Signal, there will probably be a few more people than usual taking a look.

    Incidentally, if you're starting out as a creator and/or looking for a place to talk about making comics, you should really visit Panel & Pixel as soon as possible.

    And, obviously, those of you who don't make comics, but like reading them, should watch to see what interesting stuff turns up. I'm hoping for a few nice surprises myself.

    -- W
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    My real name is David Wynne and I do a vaguley competent webcomic called Damnation, which can be found here, or you can also follow it at my livejournal. It's a science fiction/crime graphic novel, about a third of the way complete right now.

    Go to for more
    I'm at work right now, and it's bloody crap
    I wish someone would pay me to draw comics for a living
    No, actually, I wish someone would pay me to eat cake all day and drink whiskey at night
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    I'm Howard Shum. I write and ink a comic called Gun Fu. It's an action-comedy set in 1936 about a Hong Kong cop who gets recruited by England to help fight the Nazis. He also speaks hip-hop which none of the other characters seem to notice. You can check out more stuff about the book and me at my website
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    Wow a new place to call home! I'm Mac and my web comics are a cry for help. A cry for a decent artist to help me create amazing comics! As you'll see by my strips Ted & Zed and DEATH BY BUNNY, I can really use some talent.

    Ted & Zed
    Meet Ted and his zombie buddy Zed. They go way back. When Zed isn't trying to eat Ted they enjoy normal bachelor activities: Hanging out, playing video games, and doing a horrible job of picking up chicks. Follow our odd-couple as they do what they do.
    Ted & Zed #001: Boundaries
    Ted & Zed #002: Priorities
    Ted & Zed #002: Distractions
    Ted & Zed #002: Special Delivery

    They're cute. They're fluffy. They're pissed. The bunnies of the world have banded together to seek revenge on man for unjustly depicting them as Nature's bitches.
    DEATH BY BUNNY #006: Electrotub
    DEATH BY BUNNY #009: A Little to the Left...
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    Hi, I'm Rob Schamberger. My current graphic novel is called 'Too Late' and it's serializing on ACT-I-VATE. Here's a few pages from it:

    It's the story of a deceased man tasked with speaking for the dead. The story revolves around jazz, Kansas City, politics, and love affairs. It will be 113 pages, all of which are done, so you'll get regular updates on ACT-I-VATE every Wednesday. I'm really proud of this book and am already at work on the sequel.

    My first book at AIV was 'The Black Chamber'. You can download all of it from Wowio in a handy PDF, or I've got it available on my site.
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    Ok, so, it says indie comics, and includes webcomics. I hope I haven't misunderstood the "book publisher" bit, but I suppose a small indie operation in Reading doesn't fall into the category. I suppose this post will simply disappear if it is... so... anyway...

    While I wish I was doing something different, Bunny - The Book of Random. would be my doing. It's been running seven-days-a-week since 2004. Dropping down to five days-a-week recently because seven days a week is just silly.

    I think it's been mentioned somewhere around here already...

    the continuing war against automated phone systems

    orange bunny technical briefing
    It is a comic that does not know exactly what it wants to be. There's lots of references to other things. There might even be the occasional original thought in there somewhere.

    I find it very hard to describe, it's sometimes funny but often not. If you had to stifle even a small smile produced from the above, you stand a small-to-decent chance of being amused by at least something in the archives. Just hitting Random until you get bored I'm told works sometimes.
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    THE HOLIDAY MEN, by me (Andrew Foley, that is), artist Nick Johnson, and letterer/designer Tiina Andreakos, just started on The Chemistry Set.

    PIssed off and heavily armed, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and a guy with a pumpkin for a head take on a department store chain that is inspired in absolutely no way by Wal-Mart.

    Episode #1, "The Massacre Memorial Day Sale Massacre", will update Tuesdays in two page installments. The first can be found here.

    Andrew Foley
      CommentAuthorSean Demory
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    Hey, all. I'm Sean Demory, and I wrote a fun bit of dieselpunk chase-porn for GoComics called Thunder Road. The lovely and talented Steven Sanders let me take entirely too much advantage of him for his own good, and the end result's pretty hip.






    Cover art
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    It's a sick world. Literally. The universe is a living thing, and it's ill, infested with parasitic invaders -- the supernatural. The creatures of myth and folklore prey on our world's native species, and their very presence disrupts the ordered systems of our universe.

    It's a sick world, and Dr. Morrow's here to treat it.

    Vincent Morrow's fall from grace in the medical world was swift, total, and his own damn fault. He would've ended things that same night if he hadn't been headhunted into an exciting new career -- in the black arts. Then there was the matter of pulling a certain sword out of a certain stone and being declared earth's destined protector, but he'd rather you didn't mention that. The obedient path of mystical tradition isn't the one for Morrow. The Holy Grail made a great sink -- it just needed a hole for the plumbing and a rubber stopper in the bottom -- and earth's vampires, zombies and other superfauna are just patients to him, victims of unknown illnesses waiting to be treated.

    Dr. Morrow serves the world with both hands -- one in magic, one in medicine -- as earth's Sorcerer General. Earth's Witch Doctor. Coming in spring 2008 from Brandon Seifert and Lukas Ketner.

    Witch Doctor is a supernatural medical drama ("Hellboy meets House, M.D."), splicing horror archetypes and folklore with the sick side of real-world medicine and zoology.

    There's very little at the website right now (and the site is still pretty ugly). But that'll change soon as Lukas and I build towards the release of Witch Doctor: First Incision, a 16-page comic designed to be the equivalent of a musician's demo (somewhat inspired by The Chemical Brothers' Electronic Battle Weapons series -- thanks for that Warren). Witch Doctor: First Incision will be released for free online through the website, and then we'll be printing copies -- hopefully in time for Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con in May -- and shopping the series to publishers.

    Check out the website, and if you want to see more, bookmark the site, subscribe to the RSS feed, subscribe to the announcement list, or join our Ning community.
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    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2008
    Hello. I'm Sandy, and most of my stuff is at And this is the first page of an 8 page story that I'm told will be in Negative Burn 17:

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    Hello, my name is Paul Maybury. You might know me from Aqua Leung. I write draw and color Party Bear over on

    Here's a few pages of it.


    Party Bear sample

    Another find sample

    I was also a loser on Zuda with the comic, Maxy J. Millionaire, so I guess that still makes me indy!
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    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2008
    My name is Josh Dahl.
    I write a superhero comic book called "Rapid City"

    It is inspired by my real life experiences in the music scene of a Michigan college town, but told through a superhero lens.

    Piledriver goes nuts!

    "Rapid City" features art by Jason Krause and Micah Faulkner.

    We are having a great time creating it and are planning to make a wide debut at this year's NYCC. Come see us there or look us up on Myspace, comicspace, here, or just about anywhere else they will let us talk about our comics.


    Josh Dahl
    Rapid City Signature Banner
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    I'm Adi Tantimedh.

    When not in my day-job as a screenwriter and working development for a Hong Kong-based production, I write the occasional bit of comics journalism for Comic Book Resources and comics. Past works include JLA: AGE OF WONDER (DC Comics) and BLACKSHIRT (Moonstone Books).

    My current graphic novel is LA MUSE, being serialised for free at

    Art is by talented Spaniard Hugo Petrus, and new pages are uploaded every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of the story, after which the printed edition will hit stores later this year.

    It's a comedy about fame, political activism, celebrity shenanigans, dirty tricks and saving the world, whether people like it or not.

    Joe Gordon at the Forbidden Planet blog has said nice things about it:

    "Aided by Hugo Petrus’ fine artwork, Adi has taken one of the most clichéd genres in comics – the almost godlike superhero – and then twisted and exploited the stereotypes and clichés we’re all familiar with into new directions, with plot turns that have frequently taken me by surprise, which is incredibly refreshing to me – when you read a lot you often develop a sixth sense for a tale and can predict where it will go next, so to have one where I really don’t know how it will turn out is immensely welcome. As is the wonderful layering Adi puts into La Muse, with finger-on-the-pulse observations of popular culture, celebrity, political machinations, political activism, celebrity, the media – he even manages to get sex in there in an adult way and not the cringe-worthy, exploitative way some mainstream comics use sex (which frequently leaves us apologising about it and trying to defend the medium as not all being like that, honest)."
    Newcomers can read the story from the start at:
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    Whoops. Proper links:

    Hooray for Hollywood
      CommentAuthorrev'd '76
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    (It's like walking into a really cheerful AA meeting where nobody talks about anything but beer!)

    Lonny Air: Two

    Real name's David Patty. Laura Nichols and I are in the process of making a glorious mess. No proper name for the project as yet, but the general plan seems to be to get together as many flickr players willing to agree to a CC license as possible and whoop it up together, creating a consensus world. We've got one long-form jam running now, and we're both also doing side-stories nested in the main tale.

    More details as they develop. For right now, fun.
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    I'm Nicholas Ivan Ladendorf. I bounce between political

    and seemingly crude


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    my name's ben peek. i'm the author of the novels black sheep and twenty-six lies and, the reason for posting here, the weekly comic, nowhere near savannah, an autibiographical comic that is illustrated by anna brown.


    it's a comedy, of sorts.
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    My name is Michael Alan Nelson and I'm a writer for BOOM! Studios. My main ongoing title is fall of Cthulhu. I also have a mini out now called Dominion and will be writing stories for the upcoming ongoing series Zombie Tales and Cthulhu Tales. If you've read anything from BOOM!, chances are you've read something of mine.

    I'm currently writing the third arc of Fall of Cthulhu and the last issue of the second arc will be available in a couple of weeks. The trade paperback of the first arc will be available February 6th. I even made a nifty little trailer for it (though I show the incorrect release date). You can watch it here.

    Here is a cover from Fall of Cthulhu by Patrick MacEvoy and another cover for Dominion by Tim Hamilton.

    Cover for Fall of Cthulhu #9

    Dominion cover #4
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    • CommentTimeJan 13th 2008
    Fate Cover

    Pg. 1

    Pg. 2

    Pg. 3

    Pg. 4

    Hi my name is Tosh Delaney and I run a small comic company called Stump Comix. The comic above is one I do called Fate. You can find the rest of this comic and others such as Los Amazing Superhero Guys at and Come check them out!!! We also have some awesome artists with stuff for sale there too!
      CommentAuthorDirk Manning
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    My name's Dirk Manning and I host a few comics of my own creation at including...

    The cerebral and spooky NIGHTMARE WORLD anthology series that tells both small and personal stories like this one...


    While also slowly letting the "uber-story" about Lucifer's plan to use Cthulhu to kick-start the Rapture unfold at various intervals, such as in our latest story...


    Each story in the series is written by me and illustrated by artists or art teams from across the world...


    Although we sometimes have the asma artists (and characters) come back for repeat performances, of course...


    If EC Comics/Twilight Zone-style horror isn't your thing, though, fear not, for also features two more comic series, starting with the arcane (and oftentimes tragic) adventures explored by the namesake character of TALES OF MR. RHEE...

    TALES OF MR.RHEE -- Chapter Four --

    TALES OF MR. RHEE -- Chapter One --
    (All written by me and illustrated by Josh Ross with colors by Austin McKinley and lettering Jim Reddington)

    If you want something totally non-horror, though, I'd suggest that you turn your attention to the soon-to-be continuing fantasy/sci-fi epic titled FARSEEKER by myslef and uber-artist Len O'Grady...

    FARSEEKER -- Chapter One --

    FARSEEKER -- Chapter One --

    Again, the link is and we update the site every Thursday... so swing by, check it all out, and make it a point to visit us weekly if you like what you see.

    As it stand we currently have OVER 400 PAGES OF FREE COMICS on the site to date... and we're in this for the long haul, folks.

    Best wishes,
    Dirk Manning
    (Click HERE for Dirk Manning on MySpace)