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      CommentAuthorRik Sunn
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    I found an ancient comic that I had written in college sitting around my house, and posted it on my LiveJournal. I'll fix it up to make a better presentation for it soon, but for now: Captain Internet (Doesn't Wear Undershirts)

    I had a lot of fun with this stuff when I was a kid, and at the time I had done several small-print-run comics that my friends and I had self-published and circulated around Syracuse. Hence the "editor's notes."
    Cap'n Internet
    • CommentAuthoriareslice
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008 edited
    I'm kind of new to the art of comics. I started up a few weeks ago and it's been pretty successful recently and almost paid its hosting bill in 2 weeks. Here's a sample one...
    Comic Number Seven
    I really dislike the font the more I read it, I've been switching between set fonts and writing myself and I can't find anything I really like. I'm still pretty new to making text bubbles look nice but I've been getting better to make them more legible.

    The art is all stick and block figures but I like showing expressions with eyebrows more than body motions, which is why the eyebrows are as long as the arms on most characters.

    There isn't a constant storyline or goal in the comic, it's just stuff that happens and is incidentally really amusing.
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    Hello. My name is Sasha Perich. I live in Bosnia.
    This is a short story Mind Wide Shut.

    Mind Wide Shut pg1

    Mind Wide Shut pg2

    Mind Wide Shut pg3

    Other samples of my comics on
    • CommentAuthorhodapprp
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2008
    Hi. My name is Ryan Hodapp. I'm a rookie writer. I've written a 100+ page script that I'm initially rolling out in a 5 part miniseries and eventually turning into a graphic novel. Andy Dawe-Collins is the artist on the book. We're down to the lettering stage of the first book, so hope to get it out there soon! Here is a preview as well as a couple pages of art that Andy has done:

    "Project J"

    Three young boys go through an extremely difficult Catholic upbringing, leading to a lifetime of angst and mental anguish. As they reach adulthood, the three make a decision to do something about it - rewrite history. What ultimately ensues is an intense adventure involving time travel, religion, love, and friendship. Readers will experience shocking moments involving Jesus Christ himself in images that may shake the comic book industry to its core. As the story progresses, our protagonist, Matthew Wheaton, will be faced with a series of significant moral decisions. When push comes to shove, Matthew will be forced to decide what is most important to him in his life. Look forward to reading the first issue of the Project J miniseries in 2008 to begin the ride!

    Artwork from Project J

    More artwork from
    • CommentAuthorIergoth
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2008
    Hi, My name is Marc Borstel, I'm glad to show you the cover for Ork Lycantrophis Issue #2, soon to be released by I hope you like it.
    Keep in touch.


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    my name is AMEZIANE.
    i did a comics in France in 2003 titled "G.A.T." which means GOLGOTH AQUA TEK.
    my mate CORENTIN aka SHTL and i did a bold mix of LINE ART and CG 3D GRAPHICS in an anticipation FIGHTING ROBOT story.
    we did the part 1, worked enough to publish TWO books but the editor got bankrupt.

    i did reworked the stuff and let sleep the gigas of pictures on my hardrive still the day i decide to put them on COMICSPACE

    here's some samples.
    GAT RMX page 03/04

    GAT RMX page 05/06

    GAT RMX page 11/12

    ah yes there are in french.
    the "good" version will come soon.