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    Yeah, I've had the cough medicine type before. And some that I swear was the regurgitated mouthwash of a week dead hippo.

    Bad Absinthe is REALLY bad.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2008
    Ok i know real Absinthe lovers are going to hate me for this, but....
    La fee's absinthe and 7up is georgeous. if you can't get 7up try sprite. The bartender in Prague looked as if he was going to throttle me when I mixed it but I love the way it tastes and you can drink it easier.
    I always get a nice little buzz off it, but then I dont drink much and the only spirit i drink is, well, Absinthe. (worst case scenario I do drink vodka at a push, but dont force me, its not pretty sight after a few)
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2008
    I'm always looking for new absinthe cocktails! thanks.
    • CommentAuthorMashBaby
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2008
    Here's a recipe for you:

    The Independent Liquorist: OR, The Art of Manufacturing and Preparing All Kinds Of Cordials, Syrups, Bitters, Wines, Champagne, Beer, Punches, Tinctures, Extracts, Essences, Flavorings, Colorings, Worcestershire Sauce, Club Sauce, Catsups, Pickles, Preserves, Jams, Jellies, Etc, Etc. by L. Monzert, Practical Liquorist and Chemist, Published by Dick & Fitzgerald, 18 Ann Street, New York, 1866:

    151.- Absinthe

    Take 26 ounces of fennel seed.
    5 ounces anise-seed.
    13 ounces liquorice root.
    8 gallons alcohol 95 per cent.
    6 do. water
    4 ounces peppermint.
    12 ounces wormwood.

    Let the whole infuse ten days. Press it in a fruit-press, and filter through a paper pre-pared filter. (See filter No. 1.)

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    Absinthe with a shot of Jager in it is known as a "Black and Joe". Tastes decent and the dark Jager looks pretty while as it mixes with the absinthe. I drank three then had to go to bed.
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    The Green Fairy hates me. She must. She's like that woman who is out to ruin you, and comes around all the time to do so...
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    Absinthe with a shot of Jager

    That sounds fantastic... before the resulting blindness, leprosy and elephantisis of the testes kicks in of course...
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    But really, is the elephantisis of the testes, blindness, and leprosy so bad when compared to the ability to journey to distant stars and rediscover words that were long thought lost thus allowing one to write and create as one never has before...that is, as long as you can keep your attention away from the gigantly swollen testes and the lack of visual input...
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    where in the usa can i find absinthe that doesnt taste like batery acid and wont run me 100 bucks a pint please?
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    @tylermayhem: Unfortunately, for real, honest-to-God absinthe, you'll have to pay out the ass. There's an American brand called Lucid that unfortunately has almost no thujone, and it runs $60 a bottle. For that kind of money, though, I'd recommend importing the real stuff from Europe. My favored site is . You'll have to pay courier shipping, but when divided up amongst 4 or 5 bottles, it's really not that bad. I can definitely recommend the Kubler. That stuff is absolute bliss in a bottle.

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    I've found that drinking most hard alchohols with absinthe ends badly. I drank it with Jim Beam and ended up asleep in a friend's laundry basket. For some reason, I thought Scotch might work out better and ended the evening alseep on the sidewalk in front of the bar in the rain. I took a lesson after that.