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    @Paul - paper's also easier on the eyes - less eyestrain-- than a computer screen.
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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2009
    As far as hard data to support my argument there is none because currently no legal means exist to download either comics, nor most print media and like others said the technology is still a couple years away. Even the music sites are still borderline at best. The most successful (itunes) is burdened with DRM restrictions and unreasonable pricing. Emusic is a better example but lacks any major record lable support due to its fairer pricing structure. Until the playing fieild is leveled somewhat you won't have any good data. Unfortuately the pirate sites currently have a better product.But the trend in the printing industry is decline, ask anyone who works for a newspaper.
    Think about this, how many comics would you read for $1.50 (a guess at a fair digital price) knowing that most of that money goes directly to the creators. Hell at that price I might even read a Marvel comic. Please Avatar, sell us your PDFs. There's alot of people like me who don't want a closet full of longboxes.
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    Thanks for admitting it, also if Avatar sold you their PDF's would you share them with your friends? be honest? or would you tell them they have to buy their own PDF? I know what i think.

    @ Warren, Happy V-Day!
    Before i forget and head to the nearby grocery store to sloppily arrange by myself something resembling a flower arrangement for the wife, thank you for allowing this thread to continue.

    Love, ain't it grand!
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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2009
    None of my friends read comics but occassionaly i have lent out my books to try to introduce them to something i think they might like.I even let my wife read some of mine. Same thing with music, I give friends mp3s to introduce them to a band in hopes they might go out to a show with me. I have zero intrest in putting things on the internet for piracy. I want to support the creators.
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    I think comics need to go in new and original directions for the medium to evolve. Online is just one way of doing that. Personally, I think we're still waiting for the 'killer app' that will look exactly like paper, be about 1cm-5mm thick and wireless. Just imagine being able to upload comics via the net, or through a oyster card reader system in a comic book shop. For non Brits, that's kind of like a remote card reader that works instantly by holding the card to a sensor panel.

    Same too with newspapers. And books. We've become so hugely accustomed to paper - and yes, I appreciate that the technology to perfectly (or near enough) replace paper isn't there, but surely it can't be too far on the horizon? I'm not talking about ebook readers, btw, which as I understand it are still in their infancy (like 1st generation anything they're pretty cack), but something much more advanced.

    It's a pretty exciting time to be a writer or an illustrator or a journalist; that much is the only certainty.