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    dresden dolls-yes virginia (piano/drums two piece radness)
    satans monk-cdr demo (one man industrial grindcore, all based on the masters of horror series)
    neil perry-s/t 7" (emoviolence/metalcore)
    atari teeneage riot-60 second wipeout cd (digital hardcore)
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    This week I discovered Cardiacs, and have been eating up as much of their stuff as I can. Fuck me they're good. My new favourite band.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008
    I'm listening to Reverend Horton Heat's Holy Roller.
    Great music for when you're feeling really hyper and insane and not very thinky.
    Plus, it reminds me of the fun, sexy red-headed robotics researcher I was seeing ages and ages ago, who introduced me to their music (and took me to see them live).

    Wiggle Stick (via yousendit)
    400 Bucks (via yousendit)
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008
    Monday night Kasabian took over the lame Zane Lowe's radio 1 slot for tow hours and played the following:

    Black Sabbath - 'Paranoid' (vertigo)
    Kanye West - 'Gold Digger' (Roc A Fella)
    Jimi Hendrix Experience - 'All Along The Watchtower' (MCA)
    Babe Ruth - 'The Mexican' (Harvest)
    The Animals - 'The House of The Rising Sun' (Columbia)
    Paul McCartney - 'Temporary Secretary' (Capitol)
    Blackalicious - 'Alphabet Aerobics' (Quannumprojects)

    Elvis Presley - 'Mystery Train' (Sun)
    Pop Levi - 'Blue Honey' (Counter)
    Skinnyman - 'I'll be Surprised' (Low Life)
    Nirvana - 'Aneurysm' (DGC)


    Can - 'Don't Leave The Light On, Leave Me Alone' (Mute)
    Gogol Bordello - 'Start Wearing Purple' (Side One Dummy)
    Rage Against The Machine - 'Renegades Of Funk' (Tommy Boy)
    Dave, Dee, Bozey, Beaky, Mick and Titch - 'Hold Tight' (Spectrum)
    Pretty Things - 'Baron Saturday' (Columbia)
    Oasis - 'Listen Up' (Creation)
    Prefuse 73 - 'Choking You' (Warp)
    Cream - 'Wrapping Paper' (Polydor)
    The Rolling Stones - 'We Love You' (Decca)
    Wu Tang Clan - 'Gravel Pit' (Sony)
    Suicide - 'Ghost Rider' (Bronze)

    (Sorry about the times and record labels, I copied this straight from the radio 1 website.)

    Not only did I sit listening to the entire thing, but I was at work and did NOTHING for the whole two hours. Kasabian (actually, only Tom and Serge) only added the occasional 'Wow' so they weren't entirely annoying.

    I compiled a play list of those tracks that I had this morning, and am searching for the others... This will be what I listen to on the train all week.

    I really liked the Pop Levi track. Any one have any recommendations for any of their stuff?
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    5ive's CRP - Bicycle Rider

    Art of Burning Water - Does your cock know your Hand is not a Minge.

    fucking love that song.
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    I really liked the Pop Levi track. Any one have any recommendations for any of their stuff?

    "Sugar Assault Me Now."
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    Daft Punk's - Alive

    and ...

    Sadly that's it. Haven't really found anything new and interesting. Will peruse suggestions here.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008 edited
    Warren, since you posted "Sugar Assault Me Now" on your LJ it's made its way into permanent rotation on my player. meant to thank you for that.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2008
    I'm going through a guilty pleasure English pop phase:

    Kate Nash - Made of Bricks
    Help She Can't Swim - The Death of Night Life
    Black Box Recorder - The Worst of...
    Elastica - Elastica
    Sleeper - It Girl
    Bis - Return To Central (which I used to hate and OK, they're Scottish)

    I would probably throw in The Wombats, but I don't have a UK billing address, so they won't sell me downloads yet.
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    Monday was a deep-90's retrospective, lot of Garbage, Pearl Jam, Alive in Chains, Toadies, capped off by some Arctic Monkeys around midnight.

    Today I've been listening to Cory Doctorw read "The Hacker Crackdown" which he's been reading in installments on his podcast and which someone collected into a single file
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    nine inch nails - with teeth
    bappi lahiri - namak halaal soundtrack
    mank - cephalization
    winter family - winter family
    the robin guthrie piano tracks off billy mackenzie - beyond the sun (the rest of the album hasn't travelled well)
    dustin o'halloran - piano solos 2
    new bauhaus album (so far it's meh)
    and some stuff on random play
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    Lots of Focus Group yesterday evening.

    Today, lots of Subtle, mostly from A New White, and a handful of Ted Leo songs.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    Umphry's McGee podcasts, which are excellent.
    Listening to some Street Dogs right now before I shower and head to class...
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    The same few songs over and over at the moment...

    Meeting Paris Hilton by CSS
    Emily Kane by Art Brut
    Sarah by Bat For Lashes
    Fidelity by Regina Spektor
    Perhaps Perhaps by Maple Bee
    Au Port by Camille
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    Back on Whitechapel Radio 'cause I'm getting a kick out of CocoRosie's - Japan, have decided that I'm adding Raver to the list of songs I want to strip to one day and really just need to get the song Be My Baby out of my head even though I am going to do a recording of myself singing it because I have a vague notion that it might actually sound okay...then again, I might be fooling myself and need to have my ears replaced...bionic far have they gotten on that development?
    • CommentAuthorlbishop
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    Just got the new Magnetic Fields, which I like so far. That new Nick Cave music video for Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! isn't doing much for me, but the only Nick Cave album that bores me is Nocturama. A friend who'd heard it has given me hope for the next Kills album. Lately, for some reason, I can't stop listening to Built to Spill's Keep it Like a Secret.
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008
    the mars volta - amputecture
    clutch - pure rock fury
    isis - panopticon
    jack johnson - upside down
    the radio play of dirk gentlys holistic detective agency

    many many more
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2008 edited
    Ta, Warren.

    I've just annoyed my wife by telling her that Mr Ellis is now presonally recommending tracks to me. She thinks I'm delusional.

    I probably am...

    (Sorry thats off topic)
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    LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum
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    Dave, Dee, Dozy , Beaky , Mick and Titch: " Zabadak " ...Animal collective 40 years ahead of their time. Honest. It's on YouTube somewhere. But I have been drinking.