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    I need an 'anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead" shirt.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Pure Genius.

    @Rootfireember hell yeah the shirt of the year!
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Second/third/forth/nth the hug line being genius.

    all nice and good, but we still don't exactly know why these desperate people attacked whitechapel.... dropping mortar shells seems like a strange way of asking for some aid... *the maggot bunny image still haunts me*

    I'm guessing after being in an almost tribal environment for that long, they thought the only way they could get food is to attack the other village. From what we've seen so far, Whitechapel is the only place that has a still fairly civilized society.
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    no hugs
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    Coo, yeah! Missed that! Doesn't look overly dead tree to me.....

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    I also think it looks like a tentacle out to get us. Or waving Goodbye to the people.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Are you talking about that object that looks a little like a tentacle in the "northwest" section of the last panel? Or is the "monster" somewhere else?
    • CommentAuthorC.K. Walsh
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    I'm loving, "Anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead."
    I still don't like Kait very much, but have a certain respect for her... weird.
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    I need an 'anyone who tries to hug me will be shot dead" shirt.

    Fuck yes. But please stop making me want things whilst I remain unemployed.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Normally, I wouldn't have expected a "swamp monster" to be in Freakangels, but that picture, along with the "we punched a hole in the world" line, makes it more possible. Maybe they punched a hole in the world that led to (and from) someplace else? Perhaps someplace Bad...
  6.  (5091.11) lead to my computer room. Which I need to clean.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009 edited

    freakangels logo on the back, of course

    There are many tshirt moments... I think there should be more :)
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    @diello - HELL YEAHHHH I want that shirt!

    edit: the tentacle thing looks like a tree or a pipe or something in Issue 0043/pg 4.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    I agree with Rootfireember shirt is necessary!

    Kait is quickly stealing all my freakangel loving from Kirk and Karl.

    Thanks Warren and Paul, amazing as always.

    Wallpaper is making lappy camouflage with blanket!

    I was only halfhoping for some Swampthing, but ya know, beggars can't be choosers. Also... must remember ear plugs at concerts... the muffledness of it all is terribly annoying.
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    It feels redundant to tell you how great it was, Warren and Paul, but it was. I am consistantly pleased with FreakAngels and that is a wonderful new experience in comic/graphic novel reading. I can't wait for the second volume to come out so I'll have more "Staff Recommendations" to give to people. Anyone browsing graphic novels gets told they need to check out volume one... Thank you, and keep up the great work!
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009

    I love your tshirt brain. Lets make it real
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    another great week and thanks for the kick ass wallpaper :)
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    Haha! The 'swamp monster' is a piece of lame modern art that you can find in shoreditch park. I thought it would be amusing to make it survive the end of the world.

    EDIT: PS that t-shirt is indeed an awesome idea :D
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009 edited
    Hahahahaha! Brilliant. Have you had any other little details like that in the comic?

    Well shit :)
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Crap! I was hoping for Cthulu!