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    I've been kicking around a website, so now's as good a time as any. Also, I plan to start work on my book about the films of Jason Statham.

    • CommentAuthorWakefield
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009 edited
    We'll be mid-way through setting up the Apathy issue of Fawlt, which is this online literary mag I co-edit.

    April 26, we're hosting a reading at KGB bar in the East Village.
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    Well, one of my projects is actually homework, but it's a project nonetheless. I'm going through my photos and putting together a portfolio. However I've got lots of unfinished projects that I really should finish on top of that.

    Like: making sketchbooks for some people I'm working on stuff with (too poor, good paper isn't cheap), finishing that hourly comic I was supposed to do on valentines (I just have the notes and the book I'm going to draw them in), filling up my newest sketchbook in a fast obsessive manner, finishing carving linoleum from my 2d design class, and I'm sure there's so much more. I'm quite talented at coming up with ideas that I never manage to get around to actually finishing. Well... I did finish the new sketchbook. Points for me?

    And this turned into a rant about how I struggle with getting things done. Ugh. Total Fail.
    • CommentAuthorpoor_boy
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    I've been working on a novel about a christian fundamentalist terrorist.
    There's more to it than that, but I don't want to say too much about it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    1) update website with new content and fix some code I don't like
    2) do NaNoEdMo and see if my NaNoWriMo novel is complete shite or worth polishing
    3) get webcomic idea fleshed out and some scripts written
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    After three years in school learning the ways of Industrial Design, I have found myself in my very last studio.

    Project Uno: To develop a paint scheme for a Fat Bob Harley Davidson to be raffled off to fund a year's salary of a visiting industry professor (v.i.p.) in the department of Building Science (only 2 weeks left on this one).

    Project Dos: To develop a character and make a small toy. I chose a robot as the main focus. This character will be replicated 4 times to show 4 different emotions such as happy, angry, sad, excited. No more than a few inches tall and hopefully a packaging system for the characters.

    Project Tres: I need to do major work on my portfolio, resume, and other job finding elements.

    Project Cuatro: Job Search, Job Search, Job Search.

    Project Cinco: This is my main focus and main project of my last studio. I am developing a nightstand with attention to cord management. I am focusing on the simple stylings of the Arts & Crafts movement with hopes of some beautiful joinery. With the cord management, I hope to create a system that can be easily replicated to be used in other furniture such as desks and entertainment systems.
    • CommentAuthorlooneynerd
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2009
    Working on a scholarly book about Buddhists within the Middle Ottoman Empire...

    When I say "scholarly" i'm talking about the kind of thing printed by a University Press and not sold at Barnes and Noble. The kind of book that will sell maybe 20 copies, all to people in the field I've met. And my mom. :D
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    hey welcome to the game! got my latest royalty cheque for a 'scholarly' book I wrote a few years ago - twenty bucks. woo hoo! Less than what it'd cost for a UK bank to turn it into pizza-buying poonds.
    And on that depressing note ... I remain hopeful that this spring I will not take the sniper rifle to any of my colleagues or conduct a mass cull of the higher administrative echelons of my institution (and I use that word advisedly). And I have wildly optimistic plans to start laying the foundations for my next scholarly work (on the ultimate nature of reality - wah ha ha ha) which will undoubtedly bring me similar riches in the future ...
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    On the internet, no one can hear you scream.

    A supernatural procedural comedy series. Part one is posted, soon to be followed by 3 more parts of the first investigation, each released in the coming three weeks. Have another episode written, another in draft form, and three outlines. Now I just need a working Wordpress video site...

    If you check it out, let us know if/how you like it!

    Bumps in the Night Home Page (temporary)
    BitN on Strike.TV
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    finishing the illustrations and building the maze for the sequel to book by fellow whitechapler Mardoek.

    Doing final inking on a nine-page comicbook surrealist story.

    Writing and casting for a 45 min 'end of the world' you-tube released movie. Casting as making a list of: 'who do i know is good and available and will work for the fame and no money?'
    Then follows the worrying about budget&logistics. Movie won't get done until x-mas next year, to be realistic.
    Yess the skinnyly-clad heroine (functional nudism does it exist? :P) will hate my macho-guts.

    Hereby: if any whitechaplers are in the netherlands @ shooting time -will anounce- you are welcome to join the cast/staff as long as i have unfulfilled jobs :) or just for the heck; come watch us make a little mindhumpingfilmmonster. :D
    Warren: we'll give you the directors seat and a bottle of whiskey. You will also have a pass that says: 'I have the power to legally hit you with the chairleg of truth'. or another of your choice, implying that it is legal for you to hit irritants with impunity and have consulate-immunity.
    Let the haggeling commence.
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    A friend of mine who's an actual professional regularly-working comics artist wants me to write scripts for him.

    I wrote a short fantasy piece which we want to submit to Heavy Metal - yes we know it's a long shot.

    Next I'm writing a one-shot comic to introduce a concept which we then hope to expand into a miniseries.

    I'm also working on a miniseries with another artist which has been progressing with glacial slowness. We're getting the whole thing finished before releasing it - currently the first issue is complete; the second issue is fully penciled and lettered and being inked; I'm halfway through the script for for three and hope to have the whole thing finished in the next month or so.

    A third artist has also asked me to write for him - this guy is a professional artist from outside the comics field who hasn't really done much professional comics work but has appeared in numerous small-press and semi-pro venues. he's very good and a real dynamo. I don't know if i'll have anything for him by May but i'm sure hoping I will.

    After years of trying to break into comics i'm now in an extremely fortunate position - and I'm determined not to fuck it up.

    Outside of comics, I'm hoping to get the accounts of the non-profit where I volunteer up to date and audits - they're currently three years behind.

    At the day job, I'm looking at relocating a shop to new premises and possibly buying another store.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    1. Trying to evolve myself into a Project Manager. My responsibilities have changed at work, I've been kicked upstairs and currently am enacting the bad-boy McNulty "You'll never put me behind a desk! I gotta be out on the street!" character arc.

    2. Trying to develop some side projects outside of my job. Maybe getting that shared world notion off the ground.

    3. Trying to keep up on human maintenance. I just went through a long slide where I just Couldn't Be Arsed about my car, for example, and have now cleaned it and fixed it up and am trying to keep it if not well-maintained, at least functional. Same with the kitchen and media stuff in the apartment.
      CommentAuthormister hex
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    First draft of screenplay by April. Outline roughly completed ; writing partner dragging his feet. Going to do it on my own and we'll shake down any changes afterwards. Shooting for eight-ninety pages which is do-able. Since it's only a first draft, I can blue-sky it all I want, it'll all change anyway.
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    I will be halfway through my MA this spring and will have enough credits to teach dual-enrollment (classes for which the students get college credit) classes at our high school. I am lobbying hard to get the school to allow me to teach a World Religions class next year. It has been submitted to the school board for approval. If I get the class, I will be working on curriculum this spring and most of the summer too before I start up classes again.
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    Looking for an artist for a graphic novella after losing the person who was going to do it.

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    Getting my photography gallery online - Has been in progress for a while but many things have conspired against me. We are getting closer though and it shouldn't be too much longer unless moving house gets in the way.
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I'll still be working on this comic project. And building a webpage for it so it has a home to go to when I finally get around to inking it.

    I'm also going to take sewing classes and cake-decorating classes.

    The Death Ray project will be a summer thing.
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    I'll be going to the UK Web and Mini-Comix Thing in London at the end of March, and hope to have a few books to sell at it. The first issue of The Cattle Raid of Cooley, my Iron Age Irish adventure webcomic, should be ready by then if I can get my finger out and get the cover and endnotes done. Maybe bring some of my old minicomics back into print while I'm at it.
    • CommentAuthorwebmaven
    • CommentTimeFeb 21st 2009
    I've been working on a weekly series of web applications I call Web App Wednesday. I've released six so far, counting the WAW site itself as the first one. I expect to continue with the weekly releases for several months at least.
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    the magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy with a twist

    My wife and I started Crossed Genres last year, technically (in October), and we've released 3 issues (monthly) with the fourth coming out on March 1. But this year we're looking to build it beyond a hobby. Also we'd like to not be losing money on it.

    We recently switched to being a paid market (which didn't really help with the whole "not losing money" thing), and we''re expanding into e-books, subscriptions, offering on Amazon, etc. Working with a shoestring budget is holding us back a bit but that's part of the project, right? *beats head against wall*